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Comments on song "Aaja Sajan Aaja, Aaja Sajan Aaja"
nomiemalik on July 16, 2008
very nice song for very special person.
JaiGanesh20 on August 25, 2008
Yea,this is a great movie too :))
jnawaz on September 26, 2008
love this song! totally awesome :o)
sabbirsa on October 01, 2008
Madhuri is an apsara. She is unique. A beautiful gift from God to Bollywood. There will never be anyone like her. She is a complete monopoly.
taniaaa123 on April 11, 2009
I just love her! Unique smile...!
kripa786 on June 09, 2009
love this song...she is very pretty...bless her
romantickuri88 on June 18, 2009
di sis wat my sis tinks abt all da time abt her n her beloved imy
Moosemeeseproduction on June 20, 2009
is she singing to ballu or ram?
Moosemeeseproduction on June 24, 2009
dangit! she seemed pretty flirtacious with balu, i mean, she broke out into this song after he gave her a gift...
demakhkharab on June 26, 2009
nice song full of emotion hahahhahahahahahahah
Jehanne Lily on June 30, 2009
did you see her in
Jehanne Lily on July 01, 2009
I am actually a huge Aishwarya fan..(.I would llke to look like her in my
next you see her in "Provoked" omg, she breaks your
heart like she did in Devdas (still can't watch the end of that movie)
She's incredibly talented.
kripa786 on July 04, 2009
yes, i love the way she acts out that she cannot understand english even though i bet in the making she kept laughing lolzz
insignia95 on August 17, 2009
ludicris got his beat from here, the song is come n see me
sabbirsa on September 05, 2009
Yes and let me say Madhuri looks so much better than her despite her being older than Aish. Aish now looks horrible.
Jehanne Lily on September 05, 2009
I am American and would someday love to tour India's sacred sites. Could I
ask a question about the courts and military services? Is there a common
language for the police, military and courts since there are so many
different dialects in India. Thanks in advance. Bollywood is the best!
eurasianchica on October 11, 2009
What you see in bollywood is not the real India. My mom used to be
completely penniless when she was young in India, so what you see if you
tour there is not what most of the population lives like. just my two
cents. also if you tour there, they will make you pay like fifty times more
for everything because you're a foreigner.
Jehanne Lily on October 25, 2009
I understand completely what you are saying. Unfortunately corruption is
common to all countries albeit maybe not as bad here in USA as India or
other countries. I do have a contact in Varanasi with whom I could stay
with so that should help I hope!
Blaze6432 on December 05, 2009
English actually. Because of the diversity in India, English is commonly
used first when approached in Goverment facilities. Certain languages might
be used in certain areas but generally Everywhere in India its pretty much
Jaydan Rana on December 22, 2009
Hindi is the Most understood Language in India Its the National Language
English is also some-what understood
420xp on January 17, 2010
@Jehlily just learn "Hindi"
Jehanne Lily on January 17, 2010
I am working on it..I have no Hindi speakers in my area I can learn from as
yet. But I may move down to an area that has an Ashram and I've been given
the acceptance to learn HIndi and Sanskrit there. I am picking up words
more easily and I do try not to rely on subs too much but I have a long way
to go!
420xp on January 17, 2010
@Jehlily You should try "Google Translate". You can just type any word in English and it will translate it in Hindi for you. It's pretty good too :-)
AUSTLAND1 on April 12, 2010
nice song.i like Madhuri and sanjay
SuperHanim29 on May 01, 2010
the old movies were the BEST!!! aja sajam aja.
NoRegretsNot1 on July 08, 2010
What a day when this woman was born. It's like god saying. I'm gonna need a MADHURI DIXIT and she's going to be a great human being. And up top of that. I'll bless her with TALENTS the world has never seen. She'll be one of my brightest and most beautiful stars.
Madhuri Ji on July 08, 2010
this video is of such awesome quality!! thanks so much! where exactly did
the shooting for this song take place? I've seen this castle/temple in so
many movies, its soo beautiful!!
ejazsahib on July 17, 2010
@NoRegretsNot1 I think you have fallen in very true love of Madhuri Dixit.
But Just think that she belongs to someone else now!!!!!!!!
GNgoodnews on October 14, 2010
Sanjy looks so handsome in this song:)
allahrakhee on October 15, 2010
@GNgoodnews O yea :)
Hanna Laakso on November 21, 2010
@nata20092000 You can find it here on Youtube with English subtitles. Just
search with the movie title and "English subtitles part 1" and you will
find it. Though the last time I watched it was couple years ago, so I'm not
sure that is it still there.
victeepoo on January 29, 2011
the subtitles are wrong to the true meaning of the song though, but great
to watch it, love madhuri!!!!!!!!!!
goldisold on April 10, 2011
one of the best songs filmes on her
Sandeep Sharma on May 31, 2011
Madhuri dixit = Epitome of the beauty of all of a goddess -
Ganga/Devi/Lakshmi/Saraswati/Parvati all in one...the ending of this song
is just beyond words, the build up of tension displayed in the sounds of
the sitar is phenomenal, and the way Madhuri coyly awaits for her
"Ram"...beautiful just so beautiful, are we able to get such phenomenal
music these days? Sadly no...And what of the actresses? No, sadly none of
them can even be those aforementioned goddesses personified... :( How sad!!
8Baller1000 on September 14, 2011
@TheKatdaddy3 i feel the same way! haha shes one of the best there ever was
or will be.
the petite on September 29, 2011
Madhuri very beautiful
kaaju1 on November 12, 2011
yup...she is d real beauty.
Hanna Laakso on December 01, 2011
I love this song <3 Go Madhuri!
Umapati Singh on April 08, 2012
need an HD version! awesome song and an awesome movie.
Shahzada Kane on May 01, 2012
song is boring ..
Ravina Sharma on August 16, 2012
at 2:54 isnt it my kaajal instead of my beloved? at 1:30 isnt it name
instead of mame?
Gina Hope on September 11, 2012
Leyla Sousou on October 24, 2012
lol he is so ugly xD
Gina Hope on October 27, 2012
Is this rajasthan...they wearing rajasthani saree..?
Gina Hope on November 05, 2012
yeah its kajal
Jessica Badeaux on December 22, 2012
He's like an Indian Peter Sellers. xD
Zarin Khan on August 15, 2014
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