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Comments on song "Aandhi Ki Tarah Wo Khullam Khula Aata Hai"
Mustafa Rashid on January 27, 2010
Great song...
TibOu786 on January 28, 2010
thx a lot it's for me!!!
Mary Jerin on February 06, 2010
this song is soo much better in Tamil :p
lizii24 on February 24, 2010
Sayanora ^^
Mary Jerin on June 20, 2010
@qwerty10113 yes yes.i understand that very well but that's just my
opinion ;)
Emon Das on August 26, 2010
Rajnikanth & A R Rahman always rocks!!!!!!!!!!!!
adityakrishna008 on October 06, 2010
Superstar rules forever.
adityakrishna008 on October 06, 2010
Superstar rules forever
TibOu786 on December 15, 2010
God this actor pass 100000000... time in photoshop for be like this in
really he's so ugly he lokks like a monster he's without hair to kala
ugly!! Shriya Saran is very beauty it's the same location of Golmaal2!
lizii24 on December 15, 2010
@TibOu786 ja the crew of golmaal 2 copyed this clip! and the original by
sivaji is much better!
TibOu786 on December 15, 2010
@lizii24 yes!
GS' Productions on January 20, 2011
Don't know 'bout the set n all dat , but i really like the Music & Lyrics
of this song . A.R. Rahman is gonna spellbound the whole universe via
his music composing and music so soon , watch out..
asis rout on January 28, 2011
@amisarkar Yeah Shivaji The Boss was released on June 2007 and Golmaal 2 on
October 2008.So it is imperative that Rohit Shetty lifted all the
choreography scenes of "Tha Tha karke" from this.
Kugamama on February 15, 2011
Can you please say that again in English?? Do they send you northern monkeys to school or are schools expensive up north?
TibOu786 on February 16, 2011
ask to you to speak in french can you?!!!so son't think you r superior!!!
Mmufrens Mmufrens on February 17, 2011
Good Heart = Real Beauty..not just by make up..anyway.u guys
should know that all the Khansnot near to him..Rajini is King of indian
cinema.i think u also know pls shut that thing...
Kuga Palaniandy on February 20, 2011
@TibOu786 Le film est un film de Shankar typique. Il critique la corruption
qui existe à Inde et il potrays dans les problèmes de détail fait face à
par entreprenuers honnête qui veut contribuer à la société. Arrêter payant
trop d'attention à que les acteurs ont l'air de et a mis un plus
d'importance de peu sur le scénario !
TibOu786 on February 22, 2011
@scoohover Okeii peut etre que le film est bein fait mais faut aussi
regarder comment l'acteur joue.Et etre acteur repose sur plusieurs critère:
beauté & talent! & lui il n'a pas la beauté!!!SURTOUT PAS
Kuga Palaniandy on February 23, 2011
@TibOu786 Certains des acteurs les plus doués dans le monde ne sont pas
attrayants Faire l'attention au talent et à la capacité PAS regards!
Kuga Palaniandy on February 23, 2011
ashishswami22 on March 08, 2011
@TibOu786: just imagine wen you will be of his age at the moment.. how would you look.. n how many people will praise you...
forhad karim on April 06, 2011
@TibOu786 try to respect him
deenuray on June 16, 2011
location of golmal2? hey man wake up , rather it used the same set of sivaji .lol ... and i tel u rajini black or white, bald or hairy ...he is next after jackie chan in asia ...japanese know him , sinaporeans know him , sri lankans know him , malaysians know him , americans know him , french know him ..he is original and true face of indian cinema and upon that our AR rahman is king of music ..Tamilians rock !
Aashique A on September 23, 2011
I don't know who defines the ugly and the beauty. It depend the society and the culture... If your culture educate you that the dark and black people are good looking people then you will she the dark people as the prettiest / handsome people in the world. It depends on how you see it... Don't say any one ugly or pretty god has created everything with some reason...
maxikingston6 on November 18, 2011
you mean is the tamils people there now him in sri lanka:D
teeruvan on June 19, 2012
one of the worst song I've ever heard,,but then u can expect it from ar
rehmaan, so called best music directer in India
YASIR SAHEED on October 26, 2013
How do you edit videos from Photoshop? And you have scolded Rajni sir. If
his fans know your location you will be cut to pieces
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