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Comments on song "Aaye Ati Dhoom Dhaam (Raga Megh)"
Anupam Anand on July 09, 2012
Awesome as always :-) . Coincidentally it is raining in DC as i listen to
this song. Thanks for sharing.
omsatya on July 09, 2012
Nirali ji, you are just too good!!! This is a FANTASTIC rendition of Megh
and your singing is so melodious, traditional and pure. Really want to hear
you live in concert!!!
Haclil Kumar on July 12, 2012
A lovely, lovely rendition Nirali. Thrilling in parts. Thank you!
Sudhir Nair on July 15, 2012
Very nice one nirali! Good to have you back after your break..give us
Nirali Kartik on July 29, 2012
thank you kaustubhji, this was the first time i got an opportunity to sing
with her! wish i can perform with her again soon :))
Julia Stuiver Winsser on November 29, 2012
Your voice touches my heart Nirali. The song Banjara brings up tears of
love. May peace be with you Nirali! Greetings from Holland (Julia)
Nipun Jain on December 07, 2012
Hey Nirali...I am in love with your songs...your
genre is very nice and it is quite western as well as Indian just the one I
was looking for..I myself play sarod as a
hobby..Tore Matware Naina is really nice and barse megha
is superb...I do not know how many times have I listened to
it.thanks for making such songs anf posting them on youtube.
sneha ranjan on January 06, 2013
Nirali I have heard all of your songs in maatibaani and let me tell you
that you are a magical singer.your voice takes my senses to a new level.
Ashutosh Mehta on January 14, 2013
i become ur fan..plz tell if ther is any live concert of urs..
Haclil Kumar on January 30, 2013
Nirali, you have the most amazing voice: clear and yet a bit "smoky" at the
same time. Not to mention the way you nail every tone perfectly and convey
so much emotional pathos. All of your renditions are a joy.
Farida Hossain on January 31, 2013
Want to hear her voice in films as playback singer.
pavan kallurkar on February 28, 2013
Wonderful rendition..what can one say about Anuradha Pal ji...her legend is
as great as her Gurus..
studer3500 on March 17, 2013
Wonderful - fantastic teamwork, thank you.
aronyok08 on March 19, 2013
Nirali Kartik ji..u have such a nice and soothing voice.. truly u have
created the essence of a rainy season in this raga... ''nani nani bundan
barse'' ur rendition style and expression just in this part is enough to
make us feel the sound of rain drops...
aronyok08 on March 19, 2013
do u have any plan for a concert in kolkata in near future? will love to
hear u live...
Ananth Sundara-Rajan on March 23, 2013
Great rendering. Thanks.
Gopal Marathe on April 05, 2013
Kyaa baat hai..
Rational mind on June 27, 2013
kis gharane se hai nirali...
Shirajul Islam Mukul on June 29, 2013
yes pleasing
Rajendrakuvarba Jadeja on July 12, 2013
Nirali.. you are going to be an asset ...
akshaan gupta on August 10, 2013
you voice is divine nirali
akshaan gupta on August 10, 2013
Nirali can u sing AAJ JANE KI ZID NA KARO PLS
bansalsn123 on August 17, 2013
beautiful singing, beautiful voice, beautiful personality !!!
Atanu Ghosh on November 25, 2013
I hope you come to Chicago and I get a chance to hear 
Shirajul Islam Mukul on January 24, 2014
Mansingh Jain on May 16, 2014
Too best
Prasanna koirala on May 30, 2014
Just amazing. Wonderful
Tulasidhar V on August 07, 2014
MahakaliSpeaks on August 29, 2014
WOW. Kya gaayki. And got a chance to accompany Anuradha ji... cant get
better. Jiyo. 
Gemeplay on September 03, 2014
Raj T on December 13, 2014
Thank you-abs loved the music.
babji A on December 20, 2014
nirali and anuradha good
Farida Hossain on March 06, 2015
Love it.
Rama Bommaraju on May 13, 2015
great tabla!
Jagu Barot on August 10, 2015
Simply mesmerizing!
Preeti Pathak on August 30, 2015
Absolutely Devine. You are amazing!
Manjit Singh on December 05, 2015
Nirali .. I came across this and loved it .. stay blessed
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