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Comments on song "Aaye Bhi Akela, Jaye Bhi Akela"
Harchandani on May 22, 2010
one of the first song heard in life
48212592 on July 11, 2010
beautiful cannot those memories jab sab chalege ham rehegeye akele
savitri rambeharry on January 30, 2011
thxz u for this song my father ask my mther whenever he dies this is the
song he want to carry him to the pyar and we honor his last wish
2577626 on March 28, 2011
very thrilling song and is a very warning lesson for all human beings. Hence be very polite and humble to poor and needy people as Allah O Taala Can take aserious revenge from aggressors and they will loose very badly in life hereafter.

may Allah O Tala bless Talat Mahmood' soul for singing such a warning song, ameen.


suroginie on April 12, 2011
this is song we played when my mother died in Guyana 1999 it is now 2011 and it still feels like yesterday the song will always have a special place in my heart thank you for posting it
Mirza Najiullah on July 22, 2011
every one stand alone front of God Alone Al Mighty,the same messege in this
song every one came alone and go alone,every body will be responsible his
account , good deeds or bad deeds= Allah SWT will call every one who trurn
his neck from his messege,This is the true messege Like Talat says or
mansur says, same massege of all prophets . So, think about your life trun
to Islam and meet alone front of your God and get rewards.This is
logical,Truth,this will hapen soon,Again think again ?
deebee0456 on October 01, 2011
Mirzanajib! you are an ass! Why Islam , do u realize that that religon is
filled with violence! And they say death ti the infidels! If Islam is a
religon of peace rell to the people loving in the muslin world and the
sucide bombers who all believe in ISLAM!
jeelaylone1 on November 02, 2011
Mirza sahib has posted so many gems long lost to all of us and all you can do is to attack Islam! There is so much hatred in your words that I am surprised music can appeal to you!I hope you will not bring any children into this world and warp their innocent minds with your bigotry and that too towards Mirza Sahib?
navin12435 on November 15, 2011
One of the songs that was played at my grandmas funeral as we headed to cremate her. RIP My sweet Ajee
badinfluence1985 on March 06, 2012
@mirzanajib You believe in reincarnation? AWESOME!!!!!!!!
savitri rambeharry on July 05, 2013
my fther ask my mther for this song for his last ride to the cremation sit
and she delivered... RIP my father walk now in the gardens of krishna
Mani Menon on July 10, 2013
I'm so touched, savitriji.
Mani Menon on July 10, 2013
Thanks a lot for this info, RealMusicKing!
Rajinder Nayar on September 21, 2013
what awonderful music BANSURI ka istemaal bahut hi umda kiya gaya hai
ishwar kavita on August 04, 2015
beautiful immertal song by TALAT MEHMOOD.
Drwestt on November 14, 2015
aaye bhi akela, jaaye bhi akela
do din ki zindagi hai, do din ka mela
do din ka mela...

teri zindagi mauj hai do ghadi ki
ye baaten hain naadaan, sab jeete ji ki
sab jeete ji ki
ye duniyaan hui hai, na hogi kisi ki
vahi ek manzil hai har aadami ki
har aadami ki
jahaan sab ko jaana padega akela
do din ki zindagi hai, do din ka mela..

ek baar saath deke saath na chhodana
jaan jaaye to jaaye, dosti na todana
dosti na todana
nazaren na pher lena, munh ko na modana
duniyaan ko chhod dena, yaar ko na chhodana
yaar ko na chhodana
dekho manasoor kaise, jaan pe khela
do din ki zindagi hai, do din ka mela...
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