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Comments on song "Abhi To Haath Me Jaam Hai, Tauba Kitna Kaam Hai"
armitastic on March 20, 2009
If there is ever a man who so wonderfully mixes the two aspects of manhood (conviction and masculinity) in such a superb manner, as a result winning the hearts of the ladies and the respect from the men, then it is assuredly only one man in the world: Dharam Singh Deol - or, as his die-hard fans like to refer to him as: Garam Dharam!!!!!!!! A man's attractiveness and appeal doesn't necessarily lie in his physical beauty, as many unknowingly derange, rather from his kind-heartiness as well!!!!!!!
armitastic on March 20, 2009
As a hero, he was able to dismiss the boundaries set by the industry, in turn setting his own rules and abiding by them. In a time where Rajesh Khanna and Amitabh Bachchan were the alleged top heroes of Hindi cinema, winning awards and recognitions from left to right, he was able to hold his own with his string of films - without being neglected, forgotten, or pushed to the back of the list. He wooed the ladies with his dashing demeanor, staying cool in the books of men with his superb acts.
armitastic on March 20, 2009
As a husband - and more importantly a father - he was able to balance work and home without neglecting the necessities of his loved ones. Lost in a battle between his first wife and the one he truly loved - Hema -, he fought the numerous life-changing obstacles, in return striving for what he truly deemed acceptable: a wife and a life in Hema:) As a courageous, assured, and valiant man, he was able to write the "script" to his life, the way he seemed correct and fair, taking his own at the end!!
armitastic on March 20, 2009
The real beauty of Dharam as a man is that he fully and completely embraces the notion that "What you see, IS what you get!!!"; in other words, he doesn't find the need to put on an act, different "masks" during different events of life, because he is one, and ONLY ONE man in front of everybody: a sweet, caring, and generous individual with a heart of a huge rhinestone!!!!! His off-screen persona could EASILY trace to his character as Raka in "Seeta aur Geeta": combative, YET caring!!!! :)
armitastic on March 20, 2009
Raka is the type of a man who, despite his aggressive nature and demeanor, is really a sweet and thoughtful person inside:) As it takes Seeta to figure it all out and bring out his inner peace, we observe a "changed" man by the end of this classic fim:)

My favorite film, my childhood, my everything!!! Geeta rocks everybody's socks, as does Raka - THE hottest and delightful Dharam has EVER looked IN ANY FILM!!!!!!
armitastic on March 20, 2009
FABULOUS UPLOAD OF THIS MANNA DEY JEWEL!!!! Thank you sooo much!!!! I appreciate everything!!!!
Ram Wable on October 07, 2010
luv it thanx
Partha Kumar Karmakar on November 30, 2011
Great Song... Great Actor... Great Singer... Great Movie too.
writercritic on December 25, 2011
This is what you call a great song. Everything is so perrfect, the melody,
the rhythm, the voice, and Dharam Ji's acting skills. Note how Dharam Ji
hugs the dog, doing away with the stereotypes. thanks for sharing!
Butch10653 on February 15, 2012
Kya bat hai. One of the best song" Jeene se pehle kaun mare- Gam ki raat se
kaun dare, abhi suhani sham hai. Kabhi mili fursat tau bai dekha jayega"
kya philosphy hai zindagi ko jeene ki. Manna De Sahab ne khoob hi gaa hai
aur Dharam Ji ne badi natural acting ki hai. "Kul milakar ek Masterpiece"
Butch Lodhi Road
patlawa123 on April 28, 2012
wicked track!!! mera yaar raggy!!
amitphillaur on July 16, 2012

dskalra1 on July 28, 2012
My fav Dharam ji...a complete package of all traits of acting- Action, Comedy, Emotions and drama...superb...and this gem from Manna De marvelous...God Bless both the living legends...
Nur Jiwani on November 23, 2012
One of the best songs.
bollyBob1980 on March 27, 2013
This is a superlative Manna Dey song; aye bhai zara dekh ke chalo is in my
opinion the only one that supersedes it; Dharam was superb, for even when
his characters were tainted with negativity they were morally upright. Hema
was simultaneously sublime; she was divinely devoid of depravity and yet
was ethereally sultry. Jemal have a Happy Easter & warmest regards to your
family, especially Jack & Sam. :-)))
Shaam44 on March 27, 2013
Thanks dear Bobby :) Have Happy Easter as well
harishkainth on June 13, 2013
Loved this song,, One of best Manna dey sahab,, Thanks Jemal sahab for
upload & so much info of Dharam ji,, Aapki videos ki Quality ka jawaab
nahi,, Thanks ji,,
Shaam44 on June 13, 2013
Thanks a lot dear Harish for posting so lovely comment as always.
Emiliya Khanna on June 20, 2013
I am drinking I am alone
tete aqamirzayev on June 08, 2015
The best indian song i have ever listened. Just AMAZING!
I dont know the meaning :/
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