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Comments on song "Bekas Pe Karam Kijiye, Sarkaar-E-Madinaa"
pran jalali on July 23, 2011
great song and greatest actor of the world at the time
MsABDULLAH24 on September 01, 2011
grreat lyrics and voice..
Atif Khan on October 18, 2011
great song...indeed
Akmal111 on November 04, 2011
most beautiful NAAT (praise of the Prophet Muhammad PBUH) by lata ji. what
a touching melody and what emotion in her singing.
Mohammed Ajmal Siddique on March 11, 2012
anindita93 on June 22, 2012
Her performance seemed so real as she was involved with Dilip Kumar those days. It was almost like what she was going through in real life. Unrequited love.
nayanmalig on July 08, 2012
fantastic. normally they mess up trying to jazz up old hits with new
technology.this a rare exception. I like Naushad' s music so much that I
watched this film thrice in one day at a cinema . (purely for the music). I
like Dilip & Madhubala too. I have watched some other films like madhumati
thrice the same day.
qzhussain on July 15, 2012
Iendorse your views.Naushads music is unparalled,which has not been reproduced until this day.moreover lyrics were meaningful and heart touching those days.Now it is "chalta"attitude which leaves bad taste and reveals the bad taste of both filmmakers and viewers.something should be done to bring back the good old approach.
qzhussain on July 15, 2012
yes it is true that their involvment brought the life in charachter and perfomance.I wish they had more performances together.
qzhussain on July 16, 2012
yes her and Dilip kumars real love for each other brought life to the characters and every bit of their performance was natural
sjnddn on August 05, 2012
dilip kumar did'nt refused love of madhubalaji. infact de engaged and seperated in 1956. the reason for separation of this couple are B.R Chopra movie and othr facts. Madhubalaji's father is so protective abt his doter cos of her illness(she got hole in her heart).B.R chopra's movie shuting was scheduled in "Gwalior".madhuji's fathr askd to chng d loc but prodcr dint, so madhubala quit the movie, then BR chopra seek the help of dilip to cnvnce but her father dint agree, thn all okays till 1956
sjnddn on August 05, 2012
in 1956 dilip kumar proposed madhuballaji for marriage, madhubala agreed but on a condition dilip kumar shld apologies to her father but dilip kumar refused, this small incident seperated them and sourced says that they both heart vry badly and all the scence in the movi come so real cos of love b/w them. wen dilip kumar married sahera banu in 1962 madhubala got so dipressed and her heart effected more cos of dipression, in that stubbornness n dipression she married Kishor Kumar legry singr
sjnddn on August 05, 2012
bt dis marriage throws madhuballa into more dipression. Madhu Bhushan syster of madubala sed in intrview that "Kishor Kumar" was'nt good husband as he maried to madhubala's fem, reportly madhu bhushan said that he iritated with illed madhuballa so much that he slapped her many times to get rid off her due to dis madhubala pushed more nearer to her death n she alwys mised her true love dilip kumar, in her last breathing she sed that "EK BAR YOUSUF SAHAB Ke DIDAR HOJAYE":'( n passed away in 1968.
kash musique on September 10, 2012
"aapke hote .. dunia meri barbaad hai... " she says.. my goodness..
Hassan Siddiqui on October 01, 2012
kedara used as it is made for this song <3
Gopi Sampath on June 11, 2013
Ee raagam Hameer Kalyani anukuntaanu sir. Saranga raagam kaadu.
Surender Bhutani on June 23, 2013
It is based on Raag kedar. Lata used to regard this piece one of her top 10
wizarddon on June 24, 2013
Beqas pey karam kijiye Sarkar E Madina :)
Charulatha Mani on September 14, 2013
Set in raag Kedar, one of Lata Mangeshkar’s finest songs from
Mughal-e-Azam. The string section interludes are heartwarming, conveying
the poignancy of the situation in every phrase.
Meera Saksena on September 16, 2013
natural actress, expressions, wat to say..
Vinod Kapoor on September 21, 2013
Wah ! A complete rendition ... it engulfs you.
AVTAR SINGH BATHAM on May 26, 2014
Baishali Kanjilal on June 10, 2014
The song! The word, the music, lata's lilting voice and the devotion in it!
Simply Divine!
Sunita Fowler on June 28, 2014
Beekas pe karam kejiyeh Sarkar -e-Madina.! One gem to hold tight to!
Faiz Askari on August 28, 2014
mushkil kusha madad
Shruti Shankar Srivastava on November 30, 2014
ऐ मेरे मुश्किलकुशा, फ़रियाद है, फ़रियाद है
आपके होते हुए दुनिया मेरी बरबाद है

ai mere mushkil-kushaa.n fariyaad hai
Oh, my savior! Please heed this complaint.
aap ke hote hue duniyaa merii barbaad hai
(Although I remain devoted to you)even when you are there, my world is
being destroyed.

बेकस पे करम कीजिये, सरकार-ए-मदीना
गर्दिश में है तक़दीर, भँवर में है सफ़ीना
बेकस पे करम कीजिये

bekas pe karam kiijiye, sarkaar-e-madiinaa
have mercy upon this wretched soul, oh leader of the holy city.
gardish me.n hai taqdiir, bha.nvar me.n safiinaa
My fate revolves in a vicious cycle, while my ark is stranded in a whirlpool

है वक़्त-ए-मदद आइये बिगड़ी को बनाने
गोशीदा नहीं आपसे कुछ दिल के फ़साने
ज़ख़्मों से भरा है किसी मजबूर का सीना
बेकस पे करम कीजिये…

hai vaqt-e-madad, aaiye bigaDii ko banaane
As the time for aid has arrived, please come and resolve my troubles.
poshiidaa nahii.n aap se kuchh dil ke fasaane
no tales of my heart are hidden from you.
zakhmo.n se bharaa hai kisii majbuur kaa siinaa
some helpless devotee’s chest is marked by many wounds.

छाई है मुसीबत की घटा गेसुओं वाले, गेसुओं वाले
लिल्लाह मेरी डूबती कश्ती को बचाले
तूफ़ान के आसार हैं, दुश्वार है जीना

बेकस पे करम कीजिये, सरकार-ए-मदीना
गर्दिश में है तक़दीर, भँवर में है सफ़ीना
बेकस पे करम कीजिये

chhaayii hai musiibat kii ghaTaa gesuuo.n vaale
The dark lock-like clouds of misfortune have cast upon me.
lilaah merii Duubtii kashtii ko bachaa le.n
May the Lord rescue my sinking boat.
tuufaan ke aasaar hai.n, dushvaar hai jiinaa
With signs of an impending storm, my life is in danger.
bekas pe karam kiijiye, sarkaar-e-madiinaa
have mercy upon this wretched soul, oh leader of the holy city.

mohammed hanif khan on December 07, 2014
Again and again heart wants to listen it
Amarjit Madan on January 09, 2015
Zakhmo se bhara hai kisi majboor ka seena Shakeel Naushad and Lata as
usual at their Best presentation.
Brajesh Sahay on March 03, 2015
Masterpiece song.
Singh Siddhu on March 11, 2015
Raag kedar!!
Hasmukh Jhaveri on March 25, 2015
invocatory song by naushad and lata.kedar raaga.
nasreen shaik on April 22, 2015
Love this song to the top...meaning is so extra ordinary and painfully
Zeeshan Ali Asghar on April 27, 2015
Subhaan Allah. This is superb tribute to Prophet Mohammad (pbuh). Zeeshan
Ali Asghar. (27 April 2015)
kalim nasir on May 09, 2015
Beautiful song 
Kartik V on June 05, 2015
If only Mumtaz Jehan could display some acting skills to go with her
undoubted beauty.
Akmal on June 06, 2015
most beautiful Naat e Rasool e Muhammad e Madani. beautifully sung by a
heavenly voice and artist Lata Mageshkar! she has sung with all her heart!
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