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Comments on song "Assalaam-Ae-Ishqum"
Deya Homad on January 01, 2015
I,, love it♥♡♥♡
Mohammad Yousof Barikzai Tanweer on January 03, 2015
Sure PC can move mooooooves yum love you PC 4ever ;-)

Artuhr Parczewdki on January 09, 2015
Ich liebe den Song pryanka chopra
Du bist die geilste ich liebe diesen Song 
zainab rahman on January 10, 2015
Too much hotness in this song ❗️❗️❗️
Emily Elizabeth “Elizabeth” Houston on January 10, 2015
wow nice song but priyanka isn't that pretty
Ειρηνη Ασλανιδου on January 14, 2015
nice song
Souman Ashok Masih on January 17, 2015
euh on se kalme oo ils sont pas alid si tu dis sa ben pourquoi tu regarde
Sharene Akram on January 17, 2015
Love this song 
Ale Vogel on January 20, 2015
Indian version of "Lady Marmade" song? lol, nice song tho x 
BLACKBIRD+ on January 24, 2015
Wow, Irffan Khan completely steals the show by just walking in. What style
Faiza Rumana on January 25, 2015
happy republic day to all my friends of ias
Melek Koca on February 07, 2015
+Selina Bressiere 
KikiKrapfen3 on February 19, 2015
I swear priyanka can pull of any look and any hairstyle! Slaying girl <333 
Yazmien Douet on February 20, 2015
Ilove it...♥
Shreyansh gokhru on February 27, 2015
badhiyaa gaanaa he yaar ... 
Rahul Sikri on March 02, 2015
priyanka is the best
Layla Layla on March 13, 2015
asalami e ishqum -this is full song
ghofrane hajji on March 16, 2015
The most beautiful actresses of Bollywood are deepika padukon karina
kapoor prianka tchopra alia bhatt sonakchi sina shraddha kapoor sunam
ghofrane hajji on March 16, 2015
we are talking about katrina cause ranvire in tha video
TheCancer833 on March 18, 2015
Just enjoy the video and stop wasting time on arguing who dances better. I
just loved her dance and I don't have any complaints. I think other
actress dance well too. Peace..
Sarah Basit on March 20, 2015
I think I was more entertained by the boys' expressions than by Priyanka's
dance lol
Its Ahad on March 23, 2015
It should have been katrina doing this. Prianka is pretty but katrina would
have suited it better.
frozen heart on March 28, 2015
Good job PC .. :)
Navdeep Singh on March 28, 2015
Bappi Da u rock...
frozen heart on March 29, 2015
I didn't like priyanka in beg
Alyan Ibrahim on March 30, 2015
WaaoooW join me ishk wahtsap 9700781670
hind echabouni on March 30, 2015
love nice 
‫هلاليه ياعين ابووي هلاليه‬‎ on March 31, 2015
Aya Madrid on March 31, 2015
Waaw perfection Priyanka<3
Anusha Hegde on March 31, 2015
priyanka chopra-the most gorgeous and multi-talented actress bollywood has
ever seen.pc is simply superb and mind blowing at her work.
Meme Yaseen on April 03, 2015
حلوه والله تجنن ♥☻☺
saeefa on April 05, 2015
The short hair look really suits Priyanka 
adel arsalan on April 06, 2015
wow its a very good song
‫سوسو SOSA‬‎ on April 07, 2015
dimple tvd on April 11, 2015
Vaishnavi Tadikonda on April 21, 2015
are yaar kyoun katrina aur priyanka ko lekar jhagadraheho ? katrina and
priyanka both are very good you have to appreciate both for their hardwork
to entertain us but u people aer scolding katrina and priyanka plz stop it
‫رزان البابليه‬‎ on April 21, 2015
Ana Carolina Camargo on April 23, 2015
Ranveer <3
DANGUIR SALAH on April 28, 2015
Sure PC can move mooooooves yum love you PC 4ever ;-)
Marsha Spooner on April 29, 2015
yes i agree what go away hey says if u hate priyanka don't watch it
Farah Qadra on April 29, 2015
Eng song is good shut up this song
Farah Qadra on April 29, 2015
hey ilove priyanka but katrina its not romantic
Farah Qadra on April 29, 2015
iam whiting your last film dil dhadaqne do hhhhhhh ilov it
PAPERINO on May 02, 2015
is this indian or arab? indian i suppose...
Anna Semyonova on May 02, 2015
Clip horror,song love 
Cristian Ortega on May 04, 2015
BEAUTIFUL Priyanka Chopra
Juboraaz Hydari on May 11, 2015
love u jense..
Dark Rose on May 24, 2015
What means 2:37 i dont understand it ...When they think its hot cause i
think its Not its just strange and mad
Ginia Sinha on May 25, 2015
in comparison of katrina priyanka is nothing
‫اسماء ناصر‬‎ on June 03, 2015
الملابس مش حلو

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