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Comments on song "Aye Dilruba"
V. Siddhartha on October 20, 2009
A very sweet melody with Middle Eastern flourishes. Very imaginative
composition in that regard. Listen to Lata's articulation of the very first
line "ae dilrubaaaaa nazrein milaaaaa" and see if you don't feel as if you
are sitting in a Cairo, Beirut , Tehran or Damascus cafe. Fitting to the
story of the film.Thanks, Rajeev.
crazyoldsongs on October 21, 2009
well, this is a very unique composition and even i was going to stress on
the way lataji has sung the first line and the rest of the song too which
is very different but v melodious .our esteemed and knowledgeable chamogaa
ji has said everything required . heard after a long time and seen for the
first time . thanks
Rajendra Oza on September 20, 2011
Another mesmerizing composition by Sajjad sahab from the Film Rustom Sohrab
. What a divine rendition by Lata ji !! Finest orchestration by Sajjad
sahab too. Awesome lyrics by Jaan Nisar Akhtar sahab. Thank you so much,
Uday ji for such a fantastic upload with the best quality audio and video
along with the accurate lyrics and the storyline !! Please keep it up.
mastkalandr on September 22, 2011
@rkoza7.. You aremost welcome..,thanks for Nice comment, Sajjad Hussain did
only 14 films in a career span of 20 years. He was an excellent Mandolin
player. In his teens he mastered himself in Veena, Violin, Flute and
Piano.He had the honor of being the only musician in the world able to play
classical Indian music on the mandolin. Sajjad Hussein was a genius .
However he never witnessed the glory or fame that he deserved because of
his unwillingness to compromise on the smallest of details.
Rajendra Oza on September 23, 2011
@mastkalandr Yes Uday ji, Sajjad Hussain sahab was a genius who died in
poverty !! This , as you rightly said, was due to his arrogant and adamant
nature. But he refused charitable help even in his last days . Yes he never
compromised on anything !! He was a perfectionist. He is reported to have
even told Lata ji in one of his recordings when he was not satisfied by
Lata ji's performance that this was not a particular Music Director's (Name
withheld) easy to sing composition . - Rajendra
superpower555 on November 21, 2012
Lata @ PICK
sadia naseem on April 21, 2013
its not lata`s voice...
Nick Kohri on May 30, 2013
This song and the song "Aye dil-e-nadaan" composed by Khaiyyam in Razia
Sultan are the best companion songs to each other.
manish pancham on July 12, 2013
Mairleen, naam tha iss sah-kalakar ka, jisane Yasmin ke naam se Gurudaat ki
film Mr.and Mrs 55, me bhi kaam kiya tha, Aur Sajjad sahab ke bare me kya
kahe, isi geet ki recording ke vakt Sajjad ne Lata se kaha tha ki jara
dhang se, dil se gaao, yah kisi shad-naushad ki dhun nahi, sajjad ki hai,
Bas yahi geet hi tho sajjad aur Lata ko Amar kar gaya...?
shivaji patil on September 20, 2013
Sajjad shib is the last word in musicy. Non to him is still parraral. After
that Khayyamji gives out standing music but still Sajjadji is Bade miyya
Bajaury on October 31, 2013
Music dominates the singing. It is the haunting music, not Lata's voice
that penetrated the soul. Also, in this film, Suraiyya's melody is much
better than Lata's. Suraiyya certainly had better voice. She was far
superior to Lata. Lata certainly dominated the playback singing world and
produced some phenomenal songs but Suraiyya was queen of hearts.
mastkalandr on November 01, 2013
Wah bahut khoob..waqai dilchasp kissa .. suna hai Sajjad Hussain kisi ko
bhi nahi chhodte the..uske kai kisse sun ne ko milte hai..jaise ve Kishore
Kumar ko shor kumar, aur Talat Mehmmud ko Galat Mehmood.. pta nahi kitne
gayko aur sangeet karon ke unhone naam badal diye the.. Lekin suna hai wo
takariban har saaz baja liya karte the..aur unki dhun dusron se alheda,
original hoti thi.. Thanks for sharing.
mastkalandr on November 01, 2013
Well said.. Thanks for sharing your views .
mastkalandr on November 01, 2013
Thanks for sharing your views..
YTsongs on November 02, 2013
Lataji's voice seems sweeter than ever in this one.. Thanks.
gopal sinha on November 02, 2013
Kuchh alag kism ka ek khoobsurat gana.
mastkalandr on November 04, 2013
Truly.., Thank for sharing the best of Lata and Sajjad Hussain.
mastkalandr on November 04, 2013
Sach, Lata aur Sajjad Hussain ki ek anokhi krati..
YTsongs on November 04, 2013
Very western looking actress!!
mastkalandr on November 04, 2013
She is Lillian.. Yh khoobsurat nagma Lillian namak adakara par filmaya gaya
mastkalandr on November 04, 2013
She is Lillian..
Navin Patel on July 13, 2014

This song and the song "Aye dil-e-nadaan" composed by Khaiyyam in Razia
Sultan are the best companion songs to each other. 
rumahale on July 21, 2014
Lyrics by Jan Nisar Akhtar
Music by Sajjad Hussain

Today, 21st July is the death anniversary day of the legendary music
Radio Ceylon (SLBC) paid tributes in their morning broadcast;
Lata Mangeshkar did pay tributes to the legendary composer; I don't know
the source, but it is shared by some one on Facebook - I have in turn
shared it on my Timeline on Facebook.
Sagarkrishna. K.s. on January 06, 2015
One feels totally lost listening to such an excellent song. I don't think
melodies of the sort would ever be composed in these days.
Sarthak Freez on January 07, 2015
great music great tune superb voice of Lata on different tune - rich song
ramesh passi on May 15, 2015
Ashkun ka dariya bha. I can say that this classical hit song will never die
nd will remain in my heart. Hats off to janisar Akhter sahib.Sajjad
Husain sahib who gave us such a hit song without lata didi it was
Nayyar Kamal on July 18, 2015
Sajjad was a genius n a gr8 stylist no other composer could compose the
type of music he composed in all his films.This song is a masterpiece n
very difficult to sing due to SUR modulations. Only Lataji could render it
so perfectly n Sajjad sahib on a number of occasions praised Lataji
profusely as the greatest female singer he ever worked with.
Mahesh Santani on August 31, 2015
Very good music and picturisation
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