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Comments on song "Bholi Bhali Ladki Kholu Tere"
sherryberry65 on October 15, 2008
What does "Bholi Bhali Ladki" mean in English? I don't understand any of
it, but it sure is fun to watch.
clarial75 on October 19, 2008
nice song...
lovelykudi on October 30, 2008
thanx so much for uploading this song it
lily4emerald on November 09, 2008
can u upload some other songs from this movie?im dying to listen to zeher hai ke pyaar hai song and maang meri bharo song.nobody's uploaded them as individual u have them by any chance?
FLEXKHAN on January 29, 2009
Oh my daysss bck in the dayss lol hahaha big tune!
RJ does it matter on February 03, 2009
gental, calm person Ladki means women
lal pandey on February 05, 2009
goodie oldie days are HERE nice uploading thnx to whoever done so btw
akshay looked really awesome in this song and mamta HOT akki can befit
nythin he wears like its made for him he got d best physique in whole of d
industry...keep on uploading songs like dis..
taekwondojock on February 28, 2009
awesome song.mamta is so hot.she should have handled her career better.she ruined it with her controversies.
andaaz00 on March 25, 2009
beautiful video! akshay is awesome.
fashion9000 on April 01, 2009
great song and beautiful video. akshay is always amazing. :)
Jose Antony on August 06, 2009
she s saying' mast pavan hey thu khushboo hai mere dil me thu ik thu he"
means nice wind nice smel or in my mind ur alone bye
bollylove00 on August 15, 2009
i like the song! it makes me feel positive. :)
Frough Nejrabi on October 11, 2009
jewish symbol in the backround at the begining on the wall of the building
ranisweet2008 on October 17, 2009
Love mamta kulkarni<3
dkhera on November 10, 2009
no thats a swastika go look it up in wikipedia
Frough Nejrabi on November 10, 2009
well what i meant is has something to do with jewish/nazi/world
war 2/holocaust...! i know the jewish symbol is star of david..i think!
bollylove090 on November 14, 2009
from what i remember, that symbol is related to indian culture. it's mentioned also in "the davinci code" movie, at the beginning. obviously, people tend to indicate it as nazi/world war symbol. at 00:06 is clearly written that the building is a temple, but if it's related in some way to their own culture, i don't know...
Guha10 on December 10, 2009
Closely observe the male junior artist @ 00:55 to 1:00 who is dancing left
to Mamta Kulkarni. Poor guy got confused with the steps :) :)
ananya7ananya on December 27, 2009
i loveeeeeeeeeee Jaipur!!!
chof0319 on January 04, 2010
akkies hairstyle was like hirthiks of today.
mamtakulkarnisnehal on January 12, 2010
it means swee and simple girl..!
MadzBest on January 16, 2010
love this song!! brings back memories!!!
ananya7ananya on February 20, 2010
simkunni on March 03, 2010
Good lord! What's with the choreography? It's ridiculous
sammy89ism on March 18, 2010

I agree, the choreography is horrendous, o well it was the 90's Bollywood.
Jerly Pius on May 06, 2010
@taekwondojock I LOVED HER TOO in Karan Arjun...but then negativity was
revealed about her... such a waste...
deejay217 on September 20, 2010
@simkunni I think the choreography is just great. Plz remember the song is
of 90's and after Govinda Akki was the best dancer then. The Choreography
just suits him
camellia60 on September 28, 2010
mamata is so hot.better than nowadays actresses...they r so fake...
Niranjan Kommu on December 09, 2010
mamtha is hottt
Janithagin on December 09, 2010
wajahat hashmi on December 14, 2010
Its a beautiful song and historical performance of akshay kumar
Devendra Farswan on December 15, 2010
sanu father of melody !!!!!!!!!!!!!
RomanticDude on January 01, 2011
Akshay used to look much better back in the days. What happened to him
these days? Guess they just look and do what the public want. Next
generation have no taste. Classic duet by Kumar Sanu and Alka Yagnik. Male:
O simple and shy girl, open your heart's window of love. Female: No, no.
Not yet, not yet, O beloved. Don't tease me like this, my heart gets scared.
CJ737 on February 11, 2011
gosh, horrible outfits..terrible choreography but still how much i miss
those good old days...
z24ampahar on May 14, 2011
This song is a copy of the song "bothai eri pochu" from the 1994 tamil
movie "Jaihind".
420gotohell on May 31, 2011
Mamta is damm energetic!
Indian citizen on August 19, 2011
mamta has gr8 complexion.
Noveed Official on January 20, 2012
Wierdo dances Probably they booth took drugs before evry dance step lol Or
they wer too energetic/hyper to make permanant places in industry so doin
thier Extra enthusiastic efforts :)) x
AkshayKumarVEVO on February 28, 2012
@sweetandsour5 u need English lessons.
aisha mahmood on February 28, 2012
@AkshayKumarVEVO Lol-ing at your reply!! :D
z24ampahar on April 08, 2012
why why??...this is a good song,but certainly copied from a song in
tamil movie "jai hind".in the 1990's,so many music directors like anu
malik and others always copied something from everywhere.type" bothai
eri pochu" in youtube,listen to the tune of that song,and u will understand
that this song is a copy.if u don't understand that,it is u who
should shut up...
shilpa88888 on June 01, 2012
Mamta left Bollywood industry too early...
Ali Shah on August 22, 2012
Akshay Kumar is an all-rounder
nsundu123 on September 12, 2012
nope both r copied from a Punjabi Song infact all songs from jai Hind were
Copied Mutham thara eta edam song from Gul naro Ishq Mita Punjabi song This
song is also copied from a Punjabi song but not from Bothai eri Pochu
Sunny Man on February 05, 2013
These awesome dance steps can protect us from mosquito bites.
Tejinder Teji on May 07, 2013
Lovely song from 90s, my favorite decade. Kumar Sanu's voice is the most
noticeable among all other aspects.Simply awesome song.
sameer abbas on November 05, 2013
awesom music
aapu das on February 16, 2014
super akshay
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