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Comments on song "Bunty Aur Bubbly, In Dono Kee Jodee Shamat"
jim1990upig on January 08, 2009
la peli es buena, con mi amor platonico
Phaythful on February 16, 2009
she looks sooo hot in a suit! but then she looks hot in whatever she wears!
DIna KZ on March 13, 2009
where cn i watch this movie with subs?!! can anyone upload it? pleaseee or
tell me
Roszpuncia on March 22, 2009
Great video:). I love "Bunty & Babli":). Namaste:).
theo44mag on March 26, 2009
he looks like kind of like Anoop from American Idol..
geo müller on April 16, 2009
best dong fron abhi
AmeeraLynn on April 18, 2009
best best best best couple... aww soo cute, best film! love it, thanks for uploading
CandyR0XX on April 29, 2009
looooooove it! i saw the movie its awesome!!!
catherinesteph on February 20, 2010
omg I cannot help but smile . especially when she is crying. this
movie is sooooo cute. It took me like a week to watch it cuz the disk was a
bit scratched . so i heard the theme song on the menu soooo many times
:) I'm dancing to it right now
catherinesteph on February 20, 2010
she kinda reminds of the girl on "That 70's show". but Indian :)
Ankur Gautam on May 13, 2010
love the song and movie :P
15darshan on July 04, 2010
can anyone tell tht where can i watch this movie...pls...anyways they r the best...
sabbirsa on October 14, 2010
What a magnificent screen couple, never to be seen again. what a shame.
astrya02 on October 17, 2010
@sabbirsa Yeah, such a shame. They were so amazing in this movie!! Such
acting chemistry! Gahhh... it's really sad :(
sabbirsa on October 17, 2010
@astrya02 yes absolutely. if you notice most of AB's films after this have crashed down badly and they were big budget movies. This period was his golden period. he was giving hits after hits like BB and Yuva.
astrya02 on October 17, 2010
@sabbirsa yeah, i'm pretty sure that after this movie (the movie that made
me start watching ones with AB) he kinda... well... as you said: crashed
down badly! Rani on the other hand still spouts out great movies, I'm a
huge fan of hers!
sabbirsa on October 17, 2010
I love rani as well. but she has become quite the recluse lately. She has gone completely inside her shell. you rarely see her anymore.
astrya02 on October 17, 2010
@sabbirsa yeah I kinda noticed that she hasn't been in many movies lately.
I don't keep up with Bollywood movies as much as I should, but even so I
did notice that.
MrEmoloneliness on November 03, 2010
when the movie was released every thought they were really going to get married!!
MrEmoloneliness on November 03, 2010
they have the same chemistry SRK and kajol share..maybe a little less!! :P
manomogul on December 16, 2010
@CandyR0XX I watched in the cinema and fell asleep, lol :)
manomogul on December 16, 2010
Reminds me of someone from a long time ago, lol :)
Alka Singal on December 25, 2010
Very good movie, a must watch if someone likes fun. This song is a
favourite of many kids. Rani and Abhishek have very good chemistry, I think
better than even with Aishwarya.
shah1224 on January 12, 2011
Excellent! Thanks for uploading. My fave movie of all time. The kids love it too. I can watch it again and again and again.
Beautiful chemistry between the stars.
lafleurquicache on February 20, 2011
Thanks for posting this song. The only thing that would have made it better
=English subtitles. I expected to hate this movie but really liked it.
Pleasant surprise :)
popinette on March 28, 2011
the best movy ever;::::!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
michelle0021able on February 02, 2012
I have to see this movie
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