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Comments on song "Can U Tell A Girl (Haan Mai Tumhara Hu)"
Mohammad Khan on January 03, 2007
brett can pass for one of the back street boys
nit78 on January 12, 2007
he has made a joke of himself.. an embarrassment for all us aussies
bringbackthe90s on January 14, 2007
cheesy but lovin it!!!
abhishek3 on January 14, 2007
what a legend!!! Brett Lee is a gun!!! keep it up binga!! great debut!!!
love his work on and off the field!! destorys batting line ups on the field
and records indian songs off field!! his always loved india now his showing
it! i dont understand why some people are saying his made a joke out of
abhishek3 on January 14, 2007
mate look at what the poms did in the ashes!!! xD smashed 5-0!!! well done
the aussies!!!
FuryFighter007 on March 12, 2007
Brett is gorgeous as always Asha so so, so why dont all you jealous male
types give it a rest
FuryFighter007 on March 12, 2007
Doraxeta how dare you call BL a retard? Just tell me what you've done for
the world. I can tell you plenty that he's done for his fellow man.
Hina mo on March 18, 2007
how cheesy!! I must say I saw a clip of brett lee singing muqabala
subhanAllah on simi garewal show which sounded so much cooler!
stormers68 on May 01, 2007
this must be sooo humiliating for the entire aussie nation HAHAHA
firoz85 on May 12, 2007
thepersonwho on May 15, 2007
laila7 on September 01, 2007
beautiful! Brett and Ashaji have got beautiful voices :)
superrated on September 24, 2007
What a great combination..loved every bit of this.
n3ts3cur3 on December 22, 2007
hahhaah i love this.
mactrics on January 09, 2008
that is so bad it makes my head hurt
ramrokta on February 11, 2008
if u indians cant stand that an australian cricket player is rocking the
charts, shut ur ass. Try to appreciate that an Australian dude is
interested in Indian music.
SLClassic on February 24, 2008
I won't say this is one of THE best songs, but it's a fun!! if baby one
more time was a big hit i just cant see why this song can't be. lol Brett
Lee isn't the only australian or non-indian who is interested in indian
music (or the film industry)!! it's pretty nice that he wanted to do a song
in hindi. can't really see what him being a cricketer has to do with the
song but then again his singing IS more ethical than his bowling...
SLClassic on February 24, 2008
Hey Indians, As I see it, it's the Australian who is falling over an indian
girl, he learns hindi and follows the indian traditions..doesnt really
matter where the girl work..the guy takes up everything for an indian
girl..that says a lot I think! Besides, there isn't a single film or music
industry in the west that can compete with your why panic???
also don't forget Brett Lee wanted to do this song...AND he gave a lot of
respect to indians and india which is think is very nice
paurush1 on March 03, 2008
I appreciate. It is really nice to see some one speaking hindi(except
SLClassic on March 10, 2008
RONNIEXYZ - could not have put it better!!!
SLClassic on March 10, 2008
focus on her singing, then you might be able to appreciate her singing
furty786 on May 09, 2008
gromell on May 30, 2008
brett is too lucky to sing with her. im not indian and i kn that very well.
Karan Dhindsa on June 08, 2008
That is so sweet of you. God bless you!
BOB IYER on June 17, 2008
Sounds good actually ! Brett is not a very bad singer at all. Asha,her
usual best!
desibeauty05 on September 19, 2008
wow this is such a good song!
ifte123 on October 28, 2008
the girl is totally mismatched with superstar brett lee. how ever the video is nice with cute acting.
Carissa Bland on December 09, 2008
im an aussie and i think brett's a cutie
Carissa Bland on December 09, 2008
obvusaly im a girl
thamari99 on January 31, 2009
That Achcha part is really cute..
HeavyVerbzz on February 11, 2009
bad acting ...production of the videoo is reely is
alright...this is the real rating...hmm.
6151RichmondStreet on July 14, 2009
So ridiculous but can't help but always watch, lol
TheReniana on June 24, 2010
the gal is yukkkkkk!!!!!they wud hv chosen a bttr model!!for brett lee
Moses Khan on June 29, 2010
@TheReniana sahi hai, but waddyado i guess either the budget was tight with
roping in Ashaji n Bret or the director thought "ya this one fits the bill
" mebbe, n yes, years gone n so no point discussing :-) peace
jumpinkoalaluvsjb on November 17, 2010
omg ni our school we have to perform this and the yr 6's (thats me) has to do a dance were the girls flirt with the boys and the boys had to flirt with the girls and we have to perform this in front of the whole school!
k17rawal on May 20, 2011
not even a great song, but somehow find myself singing it!!!! LOL
Ishraq Muntakim on October 01, 2014
I want to see all international cricketers to be featured in a music video
with singers and bands.
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