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Comments on song "Chal Pyar Karegi Ha Ji Ha Ji"
SugarPlum112 on July 30, 2012
damn! the days when salman khan was actually good looking
syas13 on August 17, 2012
I have heard he stopped drinking.
Arun Saini on August 18, 2012
hez far more goodlooking and hot than a 24 year old guy evn now
alichamp24 on August 23, 2012
She dances very well great.and salman aha always fabioulous...
tanya buzz on August 23, 2012
i liked salman's old role. today he only plays the role of fearless people.
Tree4078 on September 02, 2012
i really miss those old days
Tree4078 on September 02, 2012
i jus luv salmaan khan
DarkprinX2500 on September 05, 2012
bollywood what has happened to you ... how you've changed ;(
DarkprinX2500 on September 05, 2012
i miss this bollywood ... not americanized bollywood
nona ahmed on September 13, 2012
for me salman doesnt aged but now with very big muscles
nona ahmed on September 13, 2012
i love him with asmall muscles but now he is becoming more charming
Rawhide on October 01, 2012
not one comment on how hot twinkle looks? damn!
lovebarun on October 04, 2012
Twinkle is soooo pretty and i really miss the old Bollywood the new one is
all ruined urgg absolutely hate it now and I remember i used to love salman
since the age of 3 and dance to his songs and now he's just changed and has
waayyy too much muscle :'(
Tanya Paul on October 05, 2012
yees..i know ..i feel the same..i am still watching it and it is 2012 !
MsHPManic on October 14, 2012
Who else is here after watching Pankhudi and Aditya dancing to it?! ;D
liverpoolisbest1001 on October 16, 2012
Could you please post the link of that dance?
Nimisha Rao on October 17, 2012
1 of my fv salmans song...
Lavender Novella on October 19, 2012
throughtout his career, i really smitten to this type of salman, only in
this song.
yoyo anna on October 26, 2012
very nice song
1987shoki on November 02, 2012
Ny 1 knw dis film song ?
liverpoolisbest1001 on November 06, 2012
What? The song name is "Chal Pyar Karegi" from Jab Pyaar Kisise Hota Hai.
Its also stated on the title.
Amanda Xiong on November 06, 2012
great song
uxama awan on December 06, 2012
jab jana nahi to pyar khu kar
bodrilla7 on December 24, 2012
Oh man I love this song nd I'm so gonna hve this song on my wedding day
Yas Ny on January 04, 2013
sallu bhai all da way...if u cant beat him den join him...4
dem haters
faithmeanshope on January 16, 2013
ant55 on January 16, 2013
bollywood today thinks it's americanized. there is nothing american about
today's wacky industry.
akhyar rizqi on January 21, 2013
salman khan you're the best
Abdur Rahim Zar on January 22, 2013
No.. i am listening in 2013.. :DD
muneer1328 on January 24, 2013
Nice songs i like all sogs. Chittaranjan
muneer1328 on January 24, 2013
Chittaranjan Barik. I like this type of songs always
sahemdilwale on February 04, 2013
Twinkle Khanna is AMAZING !!!
dori k on February 11, 2013
lol i remember in older movies johnny level would manage to turn up in
nearly every movie
Shiv Singh on February 22, 2013
I like this songs
Shooting star on February 23, 2013
Thumbs up if you're listening it in 2013 :D
Brown Shugga on March 02, 2013
salman's the man. Like the indian clooney. most desirable in our culture
Perunamuusi on March 10, 2013
Listening in 2013...
Celia Mazuera on March 15, 2013
in 2013 !! ;DD
Pri Pri on March 19, 2013
salman was so handsome then
archit khandelwal on March 20, 2013
love it..:)
SarahTariq7 on March 30, 2013
awesome song! twinkle is so cute in this video!
BeingRobinhood on April 03, 2013
totally agree with you :)
BeingRobinhood on April 03, 2013
Tu haa kar ya naa kar teri marzi soniye :) hum tujko utha kar le jaayenge
:) doli mein bitha k le jaayenge :)
Preet Rai on April 08, 2013
awww what a beautiful song!!! why aren't there songs like this anymore?
Ankit Yadav on April 12, 2013
nope, its 2013. but thumbs up anyway :)
Rucha divakar on April 18, 2013
beautifull song
Richa Mishra on May 12, 2013
Salman khan Rocks.Dances very well.. ROCKSTAR..
sahemdilwale on June 07, 2013
good performance by twinkle
esskay on June 09, 2013
Thumbs down. I am listening to it in 2013.
arun saini on June 11, 2013
salman is so handsome,,,,i m a big fan
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