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Shashi Kapoor

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Comments on song "Chale The Saath Milke"
shahid saeed on January 08, 2010
thanks very much for uploading this beautful video.
Abdus Salam on February 01, 2010
Great singning of Rafi Shahab.
Fuad Khwaja on February 14, 2010
gr8 song, wonderful rendition by the one & only Rafi Saheb
SamSami100 on April 16, 2010
1 of the Best of Rafi Sahib (y)
MrRagbag on June 05, 2010
Rafi Saheb's voice is truely heavenly
ROHAN KASHYAP on August 22, 2010
its tooo good song
chandrashekharjain on October 01, 2010
Haseena ( beauty/ joyful lady) will agree.
But she is more than agreed already! Pretending 'not agreeing' is their style only.
Entertaining song by Rafi Saab. Thanks.
khushy100 on November 14, 2010
My compliment, the sound and quality of this song is perfect, Mohammed Rafi Sahib is unforgettable legend, he still lives in our hearts although he has left this univers for many decades and still his voice and his songs give us so much joy, and many good old memories from our childhood when we listened to this great legend. God bless, Khushy100
missperfect2010ful on January 20, 2011
Rafi saab sang it so well. I heard and watched this song countless times. Thanks dear yuan for this sweet song.
ashudhar2002 on April 07, 2011
Haunting Melody <3
archanas46 on May 10, 2011
no discrimination in music ,because voice is gift by god ,so rafi voice is sweet than all singers .king of voice and axcent .he can sing any language .
missperfect2010ful on August 27, 2011
Yuan i love this song so much. i always feel no actor can truly act out the emotions Rafi Sahab portraits in his voice. But here Shashi kapoor's acting on screen totally matches Rafi Sahab's play back spontaneity. I have heard and watched this song countless times but every time the song seems fresh and breath taking.
Thanks yuan for posting this gem.♥
Jamie Kaur on September 01, 2011
Dear Spsyed ji this is my all time favorite song. Rafi sahab put his soul
in every word. I always think no actor can brilliantly expose the emotions
Rafi Sahab put in the song but Shashi kapoor magnificently expressed each
emotion on screen. He was indeed the most handsome actor in Kapoor's family
who maintained his youth and boyish look for a long time. Thanks Sir for
posting this gem.
rohansudan21 on September 27, 2011
rafi sahab is the best singer of hindi film industry.
Chiman Jagani on September 30, 2011
Album: Haseena Maan Jayegi
Year: 1968
Track: Chale The Saath Milke
Singer: Rafi
Album Star Cast: ShashiKapoor Babita
Track Star Cast: ShashiKapoor Babita
supersynch on November 13, 2011
Actually, it is Rafi Sahab who is singing like he is Shashi Kapoor.
missperfect2010ful on November 13, 2011
I know he is Rafi Sahab who sings like Shashi Kapoor. Rafi ji can sing like any actor but it is rare to see any actor matches with Rafi sahab's emotions on screen. Many of Rafi ji's great songs are destroyed by picturising on undeserving heroes, But Shashi kapoor is incredible.
Raj01ization on March 29, 2012
Yuan,you uploads so sweet songs we do not know hoew to thank u.i think u have to come to Mauritius to meet ur subscribers.It will be a pleasure for us.
juneg1964 on March 31, 2012
Super song by Rafi Saab. Thanks Yuan
Mahagedara2 on March 31, 2012
OMG, you came this way after so many months!
Hope you are doing fine.
May God bless you, my dear friend DR. Arjun.
Aziee4u3 on May 22, 2012
Muhammad Rafi Sahab was a complete singer, maintaining his voice quality and control right till the end. One of my favorites from Rafi sahab. One can listen to such songs at any time any age and still feel the romance. Beautiful composition and Shashi Kapoor looks a charmer.Thanks Dear Jamie for this wonderful melodious sharing. regards
77vindiesel on June 03, 2012
Shashi Kapoor, Vinod Khanna, Rishi and Amitabh are truly Stars... The actors of today are piece of garbage in comparison
Miami 808 on June 26, 2015
oye hoy hoy hoy
Jagdish Jagpati on September 30, 2015
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