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Comments on song "Chalke Teri Aankho Se Sharab Aur Jyada"
6548557 on August 14, 2008
i like this song very this is fantastic song

thankyou (ciqyou) for uploading this songs
plz upload some songs like this means with gaza songs by mohammad rafi
hobgoblin707 on November 07, 2008
Rafi Sahab is the king of romance!
buttegowda on January 02, 2009
Arzoo: One of the best musical ever made. Class songs by Rafi saab and Lath
for Hasrat and Shailendra's lyrics ... needless to say ... exception score
by the greatest Duo Shankar - Jaikishan.
superpower555 on January 28, 2009
Only Rafi can beat Rafi!!!!!!
ajit3130 on February 22, 2009
This song looking like a directly coming from heart..
forparag on March 05, 2009
Dear yuanyuanyuanyin,
I am really moved by your music sense. Could you please tell about ur fav singer ?
kuskut on March 09, 2009
My Grandma use to tuck me in at night with this song - now I sing it for my wife and 9 kids.

Thanks for posting
virrgodoll on March 11, 2009
I've loved this track since I was 5 years old
FSAYED04 on April 25, 2009
Mashallaha, 9 kids... god bless you my friend. This is such a beautiful song.
dboy0189 on May 18, 2009
tu ishq k toofaan ko bahoon mein jaked le... wah g wah speechless masmerizing
Inatsikap on August 03, 2009
Poetry of the highest order brought to you upon the wings of Rafi Saabs
golden voice. Superb!!
anuppune007 on August 11, 2009
i realy love dis song hv no words 2 say abt d song
cooldude2k6 on August 13, 2009
Those who love Urdu poetry will relish this song. It is like an anthem for the romantic. Listening to this song makes you forget all your sorrows.
9fairytales on September 15, 2009
Un zamano'n ke andaaz bhi khoob thy. Kya ishq hota tha...kya Mohabat
jata ty thy mehboob se. Try in these times.. n u will be branded crazy
and living in dreams.. they said the same to Qais ( majnu ) Thank u for
this gem... and Rafi saheb as usual.. never ceases to amaze and accolades
galore !!!
sahebg1 on September 18, 2009
kia pgana hi rafi sab ka or utni hi achi performence hi ever green rajinder kumar ki or sadhana bhut achi actress k ilawa bhut good looking khas is film mai
MrMh1234 on October 10, 2009
Awsome voice and awsome song.
Devashri Singh on November 25, 2009
Great song, noone can beat rafi!!!! He's the best!
pikluable on December 29, 2009
i am completely agreed with the opinion of Inatsikap.
bjlse94 on March 21, 2010
Rajendra Kumar was one of the GREATS !
deboika on April 23, 2010
Memories last forever.How can I ever forget that evening with my mom.She was doing some kind of fasting and it's called 'MOUN BRATTA" something like that.She will fast all day and will not talk too.I was may be 7/8 and we were listening this song. Dad asked me to make her talk and I tried but failed. She is in heaven but her sweet memory left in my heart. Thank you for this amazing video. Very good,exellence collection. Keep up the good work.
aafaak on May 14, 2010
the expressions of M Rafi r it
Zed Axis on June 06, 2010
Love the acting in voice of Muhammed Rafi ..
Shukor Rahman on July 29, 2010
Most relaxing songs and i won't forget for my most of my life...May Allah bless Rafi Saab and your 30th anniversary will coming soon..Amiinnn.
muzl on August 06, 2010
Great song!!!! Mohd. Rafi is the greatest singer!
hmuqyer on September 09, 2010
I agree with your sentiments. I just wanted to correct you that its "Roop Ki Katri" As in "Dagger of Beauty". The meaning of this
Sher would be that the poet has been a victim of the object's beauty (the object of his love) but he is not yet satisfied and wants to be stabbed repeatedly by the dagger of his love's beauty"...
aafaak on October 01, 2010
i cam listen to this song as many time till the end of my life...great voice with stupendous emotions...& expressions.
Harold Narrie on October 17, 2010
one of if not the best performances by Mr.Rajendra Kumar.oh how
enchanting...the voice of Rafi saab.
Joydeep Acharya on December 08, 2010
All hail and bow before Rafi-sahab... his voice intoxicates the listener
and transforms him/her to a state of dreamy bliss
Deval Yagnik on December 10, 2010
great voice, most decent actress and one of the greatest actor... pretty
much a perfect combination!!
masood bin daood masood on January 27, 2011
very lovly beautifull lyrices great voice of Muhammad Rafe sb,
gogi Singh on March 15, 2011
Wah, what a song! I remember having missed my college class in 1966 for this film. It brings nostalgic moments. Thank you for uploading.
Mr Yuan. Visited your channel. Not able to send message. Wonderful collection. I have decided to enjoy them all. Expect my comments now and then. Have you picked up Hindi and Urdu?
Vijay Singh on July 24, 2011
Hi Hi I get so emotional with this song. Shahansaye rafi sahab ki zaadu.
Too good yaar. Its apity we dont have this quality of music and singers now.
badri narayanthakur on November 24, 2011
My first film at Patna Elphinstan hall was made well for Jublee star Rajendra Kumar excellent acting not to forget
alfalfaanp on January 16, 2012
@hmuqyer Just correcting you both for the sake of readers, since that line is a particularly playful one.

"Abroo ki kataari ko do aab aur ziyaada"

abroo (not aabroo) means eyebrow.

Also watch Rajendra Kumar's action at 2:35.where he points to brow.

The meaning of the line is-
"let the dagger of your brow be sharpened further with more water (aab)".
Nilanjan Nandy on May 04, 2012
Subhaan Allah!
gulabh on June 11, 2012
Research shows it is written by hasrat jaipuri. Superb lyrics sung by maestro ravi.
Good team work.
gulabh on June 11, 2012
My favorite line
Iss dil men abhi aur bi zakhmo ki jagga he.
rameshthakrar on September 25, 2012
The film was also entertaining
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