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Comments on song "Chann Chann"
goingplaces11 on December 01, 2008
gracie looks soo cute
areny11 on January 10, 2009
very pretty girl and the song is melodious. who is the singer??
mousemouse89 on January 14, 2009
i watched this with my bf for the first time. everytime i watch this scene, i think of him..:( i miss him
padfootprong on January 14, 2009
why do you miss him?

where is he now?
Rizatv on February 23, 2009
OMG, isnt this the best song ever? Since, I love Shreya ghoshal's songs so much, I definitely love this one.
janijan209 on March 31, 2009
this is my last film watched this with my late wife in cinema and i had very good good memroies with this song.i want to dedecate this song to my wife i really miss her a lot. i think of her all time in my life i miss herRRRRRRR.
areny11 on April 03, 2009
sorry to hear about your loss.
evilsof05 on April 05, 2009
I think she is one of the most underrated actress in bollywood despite blockbusters like lagan,MBmbbs,tum bin.
ambarneela on April 22, 2009
i think its vinod rathod
pukhtunpride on July 11, 2009
the name maybe the same, but the looks are completely the opposite lolol jkjkjk
ankita gupta on August 04, 2009
i feel..because she is decent..she dresses decent..and her roles are decent too..unlike..the 'popular' actresses.. most of them are dressed in short no clothes! lol.. so.. i guess..that cld be a reason..why she isnt so rated..high. :/
muslimah000111 on August 12, 2009
i agree with u bongchica
snyperdoc on August 21, 2009
usman1457 on October 20, 2009
love this song really really lovely & romantic song.. good keep uploading such type of stuff you
purplefringed on November 05, 2009
So many papers flying around, save the paper and save the environment!!!
2822685 on January 08, 2010
very easy XD

she is saying her payal is doing chan chan
And that guys is saying because of walking O_o
zjamuing on January 24, 2010
I don't know whether the beauty lies in my eyes or it's in Gracy.!
kyan808 on January 25, 2010
saw this movie at a indian restaurant and loved it!!! very funny!! thanx for posting!
apa678 on February 20, 2010
bahahahhahahaha good point :P
arup chakraborty on April 09, 2010
awesome music ... gracy is superb
Kelly C on April 16, 2010
Where is she now, I dont see her doing any film
507241 on April 18, 2010
chann chan mon gaye kew????????
barish mey rim jhim hota he kew
life mey eicha hoa he kew
RajKamal002 on June 19, 2010
Gracy has the simplicity and beauty that any man would want in a wife. Very very beautiful song.
RajKamal002 on June 19, 2010
There is nothing more amazing and beautiful then TRUE LOVE. You need to experience to belive that life can be so beautiful. Good luck to all of you.
guyanese4life97 on July 08, 2010
the funny thing is dat my name is gracy singh 2 lmao
hajira2050 on August 28, 2010
shreya voice is awesome
Fida Hussain on September 02, 2010
I have been listening this song since its release and this movie is at the top of my favourite movies and this song is among the songs I loved. She is CUTE
Fida Hussain on September 02, 2010
I have been listening this song since its release and this movie is at the top of my favourite movies and this song is among the songs I loved. She is CUTE
Sahid Ali on October 16, 2010
devilkabaap on November 08, 2010
i love the music..
Joji Joseph on December 08, 2010
beautiful movie beautiful song...this song really touch our heart...
vspurohit on March 18, 2011
You can watch her Deshdrohi starring the great KRK, if you have the stomach for it I guess...:)
Damnitguy on March 18, 2011
I love this song, so beautiful, so calm.
I'm listening this ENDLESSLY!!

Chann, chann!!
Qamilamjj on April 04, 2011
No se que tiene pero me encanta !
psoni6 on May 06, 2011
This song gives me goosebumps ...
Zainab Hussain on July 24, 2011
That's nice of you to say...
Im sure you loved her alott...:)
3130177 on September 06, 2011
gracie singh has truly lived up to her name
Hann Layawan on November 11, 2011
unsa mani uie! hahaha
saqib malik on June 15, 2012
i just love her.OMG...realy love her
cphann856 on June 28, 2012
What does Chann mean?
mschera24 on July 10, 2012
gracy singh is so prettyy!!!
rahulbarman66 on July 19, 2012
I like this too much...
Sushil Badgujar on September 29, 2012
chann chann is sound..made by actress' ornament called "payal" in india
Mehul Gosar on May 19, 2013
movie..gr8, acting.. gr8.. comedy at best of times... this song.. awesome.. i literally fall in love..
zenda40 on May 26, 2013
Present day heroines should learn from her. You can still look amazingly beautiful without showing your skin unnecessarily.
Daniel Pritchard on June 14, 2013
Gracy Singh, the angel of my fantasy joined a new tune to her harp. I'm sure that those who haven't been able to see her have missed one of the most delicately and beautifully made creations of God!
Daniel Pritchard on June 17, 2013
Getting to see Gracy Singh is the luck most of the people don't enjoy. She is the most beautiful person as per Daniel Pritchard
Mounika gattu on August 02, 2013
very lovely song.and I JUST LUV IT
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