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Comments on song "Chhupkar Meree Aankho Ko"
Maina on December 12, 2008
Lovely song. Thank you Suhanee Ji. Maina
V. Siddhartha on December 13, 2008
Another precious song, especially because it is accompanied by the beams of
Shyama's smile that can help lift anyone up when one is down in spirits .
lovehumanity on August 02, 2010
@chamogaa i just isolated the initial humming of Rafi sahab and made it my
alarm ringtone mp3 in cellphone :-) do try it once in life plz.
Anjamzahoor on May 06, 2011
She is Nimmi, by the way. Isn't she?
Ultra Hindi on May 07, 2011
she is shyama
Anjamzahoor on May 07, 2011
Oh, Shy ama , Wow! Thanks!
Rashmi Yadav on June 04, 2011
such a sweet song! jus cant stop listening!
Rohit Kumar Verma on July 29, 2011
An excellent song. Thanks for uploading. ROHIT
cusoanny on September 04, 2011
We should be proud of having such an amazing Talent Like Shyama is Simply Great Outstanding!!
ray han on February 07, 2012
reminds of me childhood :) thanks for posting..
R Bhatia on April 21, 2012
A really sweet song. I am pushed back 50+ years.
Naseem Jafri on April 27, 2012
I wonder which poet has composed this beautiful lyric in the first place ?
raqib56 on May 01, 2012
chitragupt's signature !! so beautiful
classicmoviehunter on May 29, 2012
Melodious soft song. Nice to listening. Shyama look stunning.
premdeep kannora on May 31, 2012
A classical duet by the grate Chithragupt.
Hansraj Madan on March 31, 2013
A soft, beautiful, classical romantic song. My childhood favourite. Thanx
for uploading...
akash khunti on April 19, 2013
मेरे बहुत पसंद किये जाने वाले गीतों में एक. जिसे बार बार सुनने को जी करता
M.H. Abdullah on June 02, 2013
A childhood favourite Song soft, beautiful, classical romantic Remind me my
Old Days!
M.H. Abdullah on June 02, 2013
A childhood favourite Song soft, beautiful, classical romantic remind me my
old days Thanks guys for loading...!
Vishwaas on October 28, 2013
bahut badhia gaana hai..Chhupa kar meri aankhon ko,vo ooochein,kaun hain
ji ham.
sandeebush on October 29, 2013
wow! rafi and chitragupta...super stuff
Onika Setia on November 23, 2013
omg ! very beautiful ,sweet romantic song by rafi-lata. 
Jagjit Singh Ishar on November 30, 2013
All dimensional wonderful mind blowing song, the composition orchestration
arranging rythm & the honey sweet voice of lata ji. Very well picturised on
gorgeous Shyama & JawaharKaul.
Pushkar singh Rawat on January 01, 2014
Awesm song
Deepak Sharma on March 09, 2014 usual all duets of rafi sahab and lata G. Thanks for
chandra shekar iyer on April 25, 2014
Tender love lyrics
TUFAIL HEERA on September 26, 2014
It is so beautiful song of Madam Shyama. She was so gorgeous lady. She was
also our beloved actress and superb artist of Film World. It is outstanding
song with marvelous music. I like this song very much. Thanks a lot for
very good, admirable and extraordinary upload.
Prch on November 13, 2014
Outstanding!! Thanks to technology, at least we can feel that era from
undivided india. Great composition, feel proud about the richness of indian
culture and the purity of thoughts reflected through its songs. 
Sanjayvasant Kale on December 09, 2014
One can forget all sorrows and difficulties after listining such melodious

ABDUL MAJID SHEIKH on December 20, 2014
The best duet from Lata & Rafi heart touching love song it is fantastic
song for ever.
Datturao Kulkarni on December 31, 2014
good clasic song.
JaiTirath Dahiya on February 09, 2015
most beautiful song and definitely most melodious song .Even modern music
cannot face its melody.
Thanks a lot for uploading.
yagya bhattarai on April 11, 2015
Nice melody. .listen again and again. . So touchy
Natvar Kanani on October 23, 2015
very nice songs evergreen
samuel marak on November 07, 2015
what a nice song i remembered my mother and father
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