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Comments on song "Chun Chun Karati Aai Chidiyaa"
salim khalifa on September 13, 2011
i just travelled to my childhood listening this song ,wow so good.
nhrckb on November 13, 2011
it is depend on fun but not so sweet for babies
CoolWints on January 01, 2012
In india people use Monkey and Bears for show (tamasha) and these animals are trained by the humans to perform or dance , it`s just a fun thing for kids to see a dancing monkey and a bear. They do not harm the public. The people do these shows in small towns to earn money. Atleast the animals are safe and get food by the owners and they are not harmed. There is no cruelty here. There is no killing involved.
joshig45 on July 04, 2012
Awsome!!!!! travelled long back to my childhood.:-).
afzal067 on July 09, 2012
I am a musician. Man... this beat is sick!!!
angel ovemusic on July 24, 2012
afzal u may be a musician but in those days & also in these days kids love
to learn this song cause its soo touchy
PrinceOvPersia1 on December 04, 2012
I didnt know this was from a black and white song! This gets plays on my
birthday every year! That is a very scary bear by the way...and the way
that topi wala does the impressions is a bit cringe worthy...anyway, its an
amazing song, makes me laugh every time...and how they stuck an animated
cartoon into the film reel is unbelievable for the time!
PrinceOvPersia1 on December 04, 2012
You have a bad taste in music then...go and take some Antiacid tablets you
PrinceOvPersia1 on December 04, 2012
I dont think it was tied down in one place though, the poor was
free to roam the road..although it did have a muzzle on its face, which I
found a bit inhumane...but i suppose animal laws were not in place at the
time (some places people still ignore them these days)
munnamohib on January 31, 2013
I love this song rafi sahab best song essa & musa comment
humera amatul on March 08, 2013
i love this song when i go up on the terais i sing this song
uma sabarad on May 09, 2013
Lovely song one of my longer we can expect such songs in
films is Jamaane mein. thanks everyone for uploading such golden songd UMA
gopal sinha on May 29, 2013
My childhood favorite of the best of rafi, hasrat, datta ram and
of its kind... enjoyable even today...
Arvind Keshri on June 02, 2013
everybody childhood favorite
ANWAR7579 on June 04, 2013
Lovely song from the golden past of the Indian Cinema.. How nice of you to
have shared it with us. I enjoyed hearing it so much.
Asha Kuldip on June 08, 2013
What a wonderful song; so cute! Love it so much! Thanks to Rafi Sahab,
Dattaram, and Hasrat Jaipuri.
ABAZER SIRAJ BIVIJI on June 21, 2013
anjum khan on August 26, 2013
I salute to musician, singer, poet and specially actor. it was not easy to
perform on that song. thanks for upload.
Tarun Madan on June 02, 2014
my father's best songs ever to me Boss please like this songs dears
Tarun Madan on June 02, 2014
My lill daugther & my son like this because my father's best and best
songs in life after his passas away to boss
Abhinav Chandra on August 11, 2014
Flash back
Vry nyc

Abhinav Chandra on August 11, 2014
Flash back
Vry nyc

Dr.Shafique Pathan on October 10, 2014
lovely. 1956. our sweet school days its impossible to make such beautiful
songs for children. No art left today. ppl in Hindi films r copy cats. no
originality , no art left like this song has got.
Ali bhai jhudo on December 04, 2014
buhat khoob..
gopal sinha on December 19, 2014
ऐसे सरल, सुंदर बाल-गीतों की आज कितनी आवश्यकता है !
Vishwa Mitter on December 19, 2014
What a classical sweet song.reflects simplicity.Salute to Rafi sahib.
Nainy Kaur on December 25, 2014
Vishwa Mitter on February 21, 2015
wonderful sweet song of children ,rafi sahib you are great.
Shujaat Ulla Khan on February 27, 2015
nice, mere papa mujhe raat ko bad per yahi gana suna kar bahlate aur sulate
the sunate the, I Love My Papa Allah unhe lambi umar de
TheDeepakp on June 11, 2015
Film cast: Kamaljeet, Ameeta, Paro, Jagirdar, Nazir Hasain
Singer: Asha Bhosle, Lata Mangeshkar, Mohammed Rafi, S Balbir, Geeta Dutt,
Shamshad Begum, Sudha Malhotra
Lyricist: Hasrat Jaipuri, Shailendra
Music Director: Dattaram Wadkar
Film Director: Arvind Sen
Sunil Vohra on August 21, 2015
i was born in 1957.the film came in 1957.what a song .i am now 58
years old...the song is part of my sweet chilhood
Parveen Bansiwal on September 13, 2015
i like this songs
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