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Comments on song "Dekha Hain Aise Bhi"
MAIRA MALIK on June 07, 2014
Nitin Gupta on July 23, 2014
Inke liye ab tak chale, hazaron mein hum bhi mile... It Feels So Fresh As
Yet... More Than A Decade Old Song...
Vedant Kumar on July 27, 2014
One of the best singer
Jagesh Tamboli on August 30, 2014
thoda sa garaj ... hai thodi si samajh hai...awesome lines .and
suddenly i feel heavenly.listening to my adoloscent gem... :)
kusz1000 on August 30, 2014
Feel so Nostalgic...I was a kid when this song had released..:)
Sachin Behare on September 08, 2014
Dia hard fan of lucky ali...missing ur album songs.i know all songs
Sriram Jaldu on September 28, 2014
This was the 1st pop song in my life where i felt to start listening to
HINDI pop era and turned as big fan to Lucky ali.
Ashish Koul on October 04, 2014
ankush sohal on October 07, 2014
lucky ali you are my greatest inspiration
sambat pandey on October 19, 2014
I want to see your live concert in my country NEPAL. Please sir accept if u
r proposed to sing in my country. 
vins abr on October 28, 2014
Amazing song..

Meer abul hasan al-murad on November 08, 2014
Nice song. Love it. Afridi on November 08, 2014
Just screaming... yaaa yaaaa . Waste
Prasad Jachak on November 09, 2014
Such artistic way video is choreographed..And nice lyrics and obviously
superb voice...I dont understand why such type of authentic creations dont
get publicity in india? Its mystery to me..
Rajarshi Ray on November 13, 2014
Brings back memories of old days.. childhood days were so special.. we who
born in late 80's and early 90's were so lucky to get you lucky ali.. and
could also experience d whole indipop scene of 90's.. god knows why such
beautiful songs are not made today. Whole indipop scene has died..
bollywood music has engulfed everything. .:(
Shubham Raj on November 22, 2014
lucky ali is simply the
if only he wud spend some more time in india, he wud bcome the baap
Shubham Raj on November 22, 2014
lucky, plz come back in the scene... this country desperately needs u
Shubham Raj on November 22, 2014
pllllzzzzzzzz lucky bhaii come backkk nd save us... </p>
atiq-ur Rehman on December 16, 2014
Wonderful song lucky bhai awesome no words for your voice, and great lyrics
dekha hai ese bhi kisi ko ese hi, dilke jharokon me ab bhi mohabbat ke
saaye hain... reh jaye jo baad me bhi hamare jo paaye hain. 
Viraj Chaudhary on December 19, 2014
i always felt your songs music.lyrics..and everything.great job..sir
Viraj Chaudhary on December 19, 2014
all videos are suprebb and heart touchy...
Vasav Chawla on December 31, 2014
nilesh wani on January 30, 2015
lucky ali open my feelings threw his voice
Archit Singh on February 12, 2015
Best Road Trip Song Ever!!!!
hitesh bisht on February 27, 2015
28/02/2015 still listening you my man..
Arvind K. B. on March 16, 2015
Timeless melodies from one of the best Indian pop has ever seen. God! I
feel nostalgic listening to this gem of a song.
Arunava Malo on March 31, 2015
Bought his cassettes when I was in school... still remember the feel when I
had "Sifar" for the first time in my hands.. :) This is the one I loved a
lot. And days passed... things changed. From a hidden loner part from my
inside, this song is a bliss :) Mostly when I'm on road... by myself :)
Ravi Kumar on April 07, 2015
My favorite one of Lucky Ali ji's.
Dinesh Shetti on April 27, 2015
Don't know what is the magic in this song...the words 'Dekha Hai Aise Bhi'
randomly start playing in my mind... Fantastic Song of Lucky.. God Bless
Fizz0999 on April 29, 2015
Lucky meri jaan! Where are you now?! Cherish these songs from the golden
era of 90s IndiPop
manas chakraborty on June 13, 2015
Oh how I miss driving in these highways of the south west, the
roadside native American art/jewelry stores in completely secluded places,
we often stopped after a good long drive only to smoke a cigarette and pea
in the free air.
Nilim Das on July 17, 2015
getting nostalgic... back in the school days... stage pe gaya tha yeh
Prashant Kumar Sharma on August 05, 2015
There is a reason I like this song...
ishan malhotra on August 07, 2015
Makes me emotional everytime I hear
like crying while I remember old memories
Rahul P R on August 13, 2015
amazing composition, something special in his voice
abhik sil on August 20, 2015
what a song..this guy was definitely ahead of his time
vishal shukla on August 23, 2015
23/08/2015 still favourite.
Rohan Bansal on August 24, 2015
Takes you deep in memory lane everytime you hear this song. Nostalgic
karan Bhansali on September 03, 2015
haste hasate yuh sab ko manate hum jayenge..
Nitheesh Bhaskar on September 06, 2015
youtube thank u for helping us to see those 90,s videos again and again
Surendra Holambe on September 18, 2015
I used to listen to these songs many times :) Love those 90 and early 2010s
pop songs
antony paul on October 07, 2015
This song brings back memories of old days.. childhood days were so
special.. we who born in late 80's and early 90's were so lucky to get you
lucky ali, lovE uuU.. :)
Sunny Nexxt on October 28, 2015
When you listen to Lucky Ali, you get goosebumps throughout the song ;)
sarthak jain on October 31, 2015
loving this in 2015. :)
Vinod Ksaik on November 02, 2015
well ..we all miss you brother and your voice...!!! Want to see you in
coke studio one day..:(
Ashish Somkuor on November 18, 2015
The Nostalgic 90s days !!!! Wish there was time machine. :)
prince sahni on November 24, 2015
I am big fan of lucky Ali.. his voice like speaks something can not
describe in word.. always I listen this song they memories my childhood
memories.. which was left in past..
Vikas Singh on November 28, 2015
these songs are time machine, takes you right back in time.
Arvind Prajapat on November 29, 2015
गाना सुनो और अपने समय में खो जाओ
Amit Gupta on November 30, 2015
Lucky ali .your songs is inspired me .when I listen your song I have the
energy .lot of energy
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