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Comments on song "Dhanya Dhanya Naari Jeevan"
p1610 on February 26, 2008
wow...excellent song...Lyrics are too we need these kinda songs these SONU!!!three cheers
p1610 on February 26, 2008
wow...another excellent song...excellent we need these kinda songs these days...origin of the music-classical music...gr8...Lyrics+singer+music=excellent package...loved it...bravo SONU..three cheers for Sonu!!
wsnm4 on April 05, 2008
Sir Mohd Rafi and now a Legend In Making Sonu Nigam. What a Singer
TejnoorAnime on April 12, 2008
Wow, of all the songs I've listened in this album so far. This one sounds really nice. Like slow song.
pbpb000 on May 30, 2008
"Dhanye dhanye naari jeevan", what does this mean? Also, what does "arpan" mean?
156Phoebe on June 06, 2008
Soul stirring... someone who thought so nobly... and let the thought flow into melody seamlessly... Sonu putting life in words... I can hear it 100 times back to back...and another 100 times back to back... day on day!
enterprisingwoman on July 11, 2008
I'd applaud these high-sounding sentiments if it didn't strike me as being incredibly sentimental and backward looking. This song negates the possibility of a woman EVER being a person in her own right, not defined solely by her relationship to other people. This song deifies the 'ideal' woman. Poor real woman: who has been trying for so long, and by the sound of it, will continue to try for even longer, in vain, to break out of stereotypes that make a martyr out of her.
HOTDesigirl on September 20, 2008
this sounds like something from saawariya you know the song daras bina nahin chain
nevildadrewalla on October 10, 2008
Yes.. He's very good but needs to practice a bit more . Current performance seems bit forced ...
Sakshi098 on October 19, 2008
that is so sweet of Sonu Bhiaya to sing this song for women. i mean i just love him so much. he respects everyone and he is just great. i wish that i was related to him becasue he loves everyone. may god bless him and give him everything he wants.
homiji2003 on October 21, 2008
that's very interesting; could you explain your reasoning? i don't understand all of the song, and i was wondering if you could translate it also (it'll probably help me understand your opinion). thanks!
enterprisingwoman on October 21, 2008
Okay here goes:
Here is the translation:

Blessed be the womans life, dedicated to others
You dont think of yourself
Sometimes you are a mother sometimes a daughter, sometimes a lover, sometimes a wife or a sister
Why does the world not worship you?

In every season of this life you are the attraction
Your companionship is the mirror of all beauty
When you sparkle the whole world knows
When you wither it is locked in a mind
May this living goddess not be lost.
enterprisingwoman on October 21, 2008
So basically: she is an appendage to a man (i.e. the singer/lyricist/male gaze), to be worshipped (need I point out the billions of uses of the word "goddess"?)and owned (mother/wife/daughter) and stared at (you are the attraction). So yeah, sing this pompous patronising song, and you are perfectly at rights to perpetuate this casual misogyny: or so the song suggests. Why should a human being be worshipped for her "sacrifices"? Does a man face these choices? No!
homiji2003 on October 22, 2008
wow, those are beautiful lyrics! thank you so much for translating! i see where you are coming from, but i took it more as he was trying to pay homage to mothers and woman that dedicate their lives to their children, not necessarily objecting all women to the title of "baby-makers." i also agree that men do not face these choices, obviously; women were physically created for giving birth. this does not mean, however, that all women must have children, it's just a biological fact.
homiji2003 on October 22, 2008
I think he was just paying a tribute and showing his respect for women in a positive light, and not in a discriminating way. interesting point though, and thanks again!
(this is to enterprisingwoman's comments... oops haha)
soniyo233 on February 24, 2009
RESPECT FOR WOMEN.. what a lovely song. plz respect WOMEN PPL
chandravishal2005 on April 03, 2009
I think Madam u missed the point. The lyrics of this song CELEBRATES the Indian Woman who did not / does not have the equality, opportunities, expanse and exposure that the enterprising woman of today does!
adonisadonis76 on October 07, 2009
There is no denial from the fact that every human being should be respected. But before giving such a prejudiced statement have you yourself seen the other part of the world. There the degree is for sure less and things are hidden (better to say controlled). We by our teachings keep them at the highest place (irony is that it is not implemented). You cannot find such songs anywhere else which is potryal of our foundation.
ShaayarAajnabee on November 14, 2010
B-E-A-Utiful. I'm speechless
shrinivas11022 on November 25, 2010
the true about women. at least in INDIA!!
kundan1949 on February 10, 2011
Great respect for these lyrics,exceptionally well written and Sonu has been always the most favourite singer and his voice has given tribute to the life of woman in all phases of her life.
saisharanya on April 04, 2011
its simply SUPERB!!~!!!!!!!!!
WAJIHAHASEEB on June 14, 2011
awesum song!! by awesum sngr!!

Rana Gulraiz Hassan on September 05, 2011
good new concept in a song.
strawberrycup100 on September 21, 2011
yuck photo..
gulabjamunn07 on January 12, 2012
love the part at around 1:45, well i love the song and the others in this album. but yeah, that part is GREAT :)
JCOOL9AVAIL on April 11, 2012
i remember him singing this song in chote ustadd. awesome lyrics
sulochana gopinath on December 15, 2012
bahothi sundar gana .ma ka sundar varnan.
Twinkle Lawrence on January 03, 2013
So true! Dedicated to my mummy! She is amazing with most loving heart on
TheDarrier on March 28, 2013
I'm doing a Kathak piece to this song.
96Tiara on April 16, 2013
if you've not done it yet then please record it when you are doing it and
upload it up here.. it'll be such a pleasure to see a dance on this
song.. :D
sangeeth666 on June 18, 2013
This is what Sonu should be doing. This is what he is best at.
Just gaming on July 02, 2013
Thanks bro :) i was breaking my head to find this song
Rahul Sathu on September 18, 2013
RIP AJAY JINGRAN! Lyrics writer for this amazing album!
Shailender Singh on January 18, 2015
Love the song by my magician sonu ji
Bratati Ghosh on December 09, 2015
i love this song. and whole album.
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