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Comments on song "Dhire Dhire Aa Re Badal"
albela on January 02, 2008
Wah This is real oldie. After so many years. ... Thanks for uploading
salildixit15051967 on January 09, 2008
I was searching,this great song from a long time
thank you
skhan1234 on January 19, 2008
please post any other songs of mumtaz shanti
Sudhir Kodkani on March 02, 2008
My favourite.
Sachin Perinthalakkat on June 09, 2008
I second this. Eagerly waiting for this good patriotic tune :)
Narsingh Agnish on June 10, 2008
The singers are Amir Bai and Arun Kumar (and not Ashok Kumar).
SunahareGeet on June 11, 2008
There are two versions. Record version is by Amirbai and Arun Kumar. Movie
version seen here is by Amirbai and Ashok Kumar.
bobloveny on August 10, 2008
shobs76 on November 19, 2008
thanks so much for this!
registrationannoys on January 22, 2009
I like the simplicity. Shows you don't always need 300 instruments and a
million dollar set piece to make good music.
Eswar Nakka on February 25, 2009
So nice. thanks uma m nakka
araniapparao on March 15, 2009
Arun kumar M
ukharji is singing for Ashok kumar Gangopadhyaya-Arani Apparao-Hyderabad ( AP)
SunahareGeet on March 16, 2009
Arun Kumar with Amirbai was the record version. The movie version had Ashok
Kumar singing for himself.
DivyaPreity4ever on May 30, 2009
beautyfull song
othomas44 on August 21, 2009
Arun Kumar was the ghost singer (termed presently as track singer)
Narayanan Balasubramanian on February 25, 2010
i am unable to save it on my hard disc; every time i get connected to
internet and listen ;it is very expensive n balasubramanian
Zafar Ahsan on April 25, 2010
@SunahareGeet I first heard this song in a BBC interview of Ghaus Buksh
Palejo, a sindhi nationalist leader. Then searched the tube to find the
whole song and replay as many times as desired. While I am grateful for
this upload, also feel a thirst to listen to Arun Kumar version. I
appreciate if you kindly upload it too. Thankfully Yours.
SunahareGeet on April 25, 2010
@zafarahsan100. Arun Kumar version is audio only. I don't know how to just
put audio behind some fake pictures (of course I can try and do it) but I
also resent when I come across just audio with fake pictures. So annoying
and disappointing. If people don't have video just don't do it. AFAIK
Youtube is for video.
gyfre84 on July 04, 2010
Ashok kumar was very handsome in his earlier days was the first-famous lead
actor who topped in Bollywood during 1930's to 40's.
mamboleo46 on July 25, 2010
I discovered bit of family history from this dearest Ahmad uncle introduced me to this adorable song and wow i loved every
thing about the song.I learnt fom Ahmad uncle of Fine Eng,Nbo that my late Nindho uncle loved the song so much that he had watched the film about x10 and used to act the way Ashokumar has.I would have never found that.
Sardul Singh Bajwa on August 18, 2010
Boy Friend,a copy of Kismat,copied this as"Dheere Chal Aye Hava,Soya Hai
Mera Bulbul.Shammi acting alone & had sickly Madhubala's close ups only.
babyrawal on May 02, 2011
Very nice song
jagjitisher on August 06, 2011
the bful gem frm 40s. saw this movie long back on tv. xlnt upload.
Jagjit Singh on August 06, 2011
the bful gem frm 40s. saw this movie long back on tv. xlnt upload.
MrZindalaash on December 11, 2011
this songs is copy of Pashto old song by Sabz Ali Khan recorded in 1939
SunahareGeet on October 26, 2015
Posted audio version of sung by Arun Kumar and Ameerbai Karnataki.
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