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Comments on song "Dhim Taa Daa Re Daa Ni"
lily4emerald on December 13, 2009
thanks for the song!...tho i dont know y its named so weirdly :-) i really love this song!
sacalante on December 24, 2009
Jai ganaphathi
Kruti Shah on January 29, 2010
ya i was thinking d same coz me too luv dis song :)
SuperBubbbles on April 01, 2010
thats what the song is called

Dheem Ta Dare
4everadidas on May 11, 2010
Not a trained dancer still Tabu gets the nuances and expressions right :)
therapeutics23 on June 03, 2010
i never get tired of this song.
jiah k on June 24, 2010
This song is soo beautiful! the BEST Indian classical music from a film!!
But the dance in the video is too slow for the beat.. poor choreography
Mahesh on August 04, 2010
@shahloverno1 not poor choreography but poor dancing... I can imagine the
choreographers intentionally keeping it simple so Tabu can manage...
ebuddzz on September 24, 2010
it has always been among my favourite
its been after a while listening to this
still volue to 100% on my headphone and lose myself in this and in this one with the payals
haye haye haye

this1wasnttaken on December 14, 2010
beautiful music, horrible choreography
Alka Singal on January 11, 2011
To me this song and dance is superb.Fits the movie style better than
regular Bharathnatyam.
Gautam Ashok on April 21, 2011
@mahesh7337 i don't know, but i actually like the fact that her dancing is
not perfect like madhuri's, which brings some realism to her character.
Gautam Ashok on April 21, 2011
@alkasingal 100% agree with u
MissAnjalyxOx on May 04, 2011
beautiful song but poor choreography..
anugrah37 on June 02, 2011
superb song ..but dance sooooooooooo middle class

mamtatheone on September 03, 2011
is this an excersize video??. either way great SONG.
Ananda Lawkaran on November 18, 2011
Tabu is so exceptional...and graceful for a tall woman...Aishwarya can't
match her grace. I refer you to the foot wiggle thing she tried to do in
Dola Re.
PeanutBuddha on December 17, 2011
Someone like aishwarya would've been perfect.. or try Shobana! Now that
would've been amazing! but tabu's a great actress still.
TheMeenakshi29 on December 17, 2011
madhuri hote tho uski expressions sochke mein yeh gaana sunleti
abshanna on December 31, 2011
One of my fab songs but choreography was average
R4J4N on January 17, 2012
yes the dance seems to be lagging behind
abshanna on February 16, 2012
What a beautiful song but choreography is not up to the standard of the song
musik433789 on May 15, 2012
amazing music !!!!!!!!!!!!! cant imagine how beautiful it wud be if madhuri
dixit dancing to this class ARR music.
Nisha Jeyachanthiran on June 30, 2012
does anyone what the tamil version of this song is called?? or at least
what movie it is from?
Aquarius Dragon on July 20, 2012
where did this awesome song came from who wrote this what is the meaning of
trishabxo on August 06, 2012
thakshak is the name of the movie.
Jiji Vivah on August 08, 2012
super dancer wowwwooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooow
soloMarathiguy on February 01, 2013
Awesome Dance and Song. Hats off Tabu for this wonderful piece. Tabu is
simply outstanding
Zeinab Al-Dahan on April 03, 2013
Nice song, Tabu is an outstanding dancer, like her Indian classical
Tarun Bissa on December 21, 2013
tarana style of indian classical singing
Preeti Gupta on February 16, 2014
Nice song
Preeti Gupta on February 22, 2014
Nice dance on this song
spurti patil on October 26, 2014
awesome music weak choreography
karasunocrows on December 06, 2014
i just love the song..its classical beats even makes me (who has no dancing
bone in me whatsoever) want to try it. :)
Abhishek Roy on December 19, 2014
She's not doing it very well.
Ramz661 on June 24, 2015
She can not dance
Aayushi Patel on July 06, 2015
Dear God... I don't know if the choreographer taught her that or if she's
just bad at execution but it looks really bad. :/
Mumtaz Shareef on August 19, 2015
I love this song and the dance
amrish pandey on September 09, 2015
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