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Comments on song "Dil Hai Ke Manta Nahin (Duet)"
mohammed mohsin on December 14, 2010
is too good dude
Noorullah Seddiqi on January 06, 2011
it tells also my love story
crazylamhay1989 on January 22, 2011
such a sweet nd romantic duet of alka nd kumar sanu
gaurav448 on January 30, 2011
@crazylamhay1989 this is not alka. this is anuradha paudwal
syed usman shah on March 21, 2011
Ever green lyrics + voice of Kumar sanu + composition, You could listen to
it again and again unlike the songs of current era
shazaibbaig on April 23, 2011
nice song ha yaro
isaac moses on May 13, 2011
@drtedyme Mahesh Bhatt Directed the Film ' Dil Hai Ke Manta Nahin ' This
beautiful duet features Kumar Sanu and Anuradha Paudwal The distinguished
Nadeem Shrivan is given credit as The Music Director. Music Directors in
our film productions take full credit for integrating music & lyrics Music
Composers and Lyric Poets deserve the honours, applause and accolades due
to them We are truly fortunate to have such a great film industry, of which
we can be really very proud indeed
Sharad Tiwari on June 01, 2011
This movie like many other super hits in bollywood are a frame by frame
direct copy of english movies - this one being a copy of "It happened One
night". Naive as we were, we considered our movie makers great for making
these movies. Would love to see more original works in Bollywood - more
munna bhai, more RDB et al.
Sameer Tebani on July 25, 2011
From Hyder Jaan Nyc song..
2310naz on August 13, 2011
i absalutly love amir hes the best actor in bollywood n this song is so
beautiful u can listen to it again n again
ali Raza on August 23, 2011
aweeee some romantic song just remind me my sweet heart
Utpal Dutta on August 26, 2011
love song dil hai k manta nahi
Utpal Dutta on August 26, 2011
love song dil hai k manta nahi
prafullapalai on August 27, 2011
So sweet song.
animeboy322 on August 29, 2011
From Hyder Jaan Nyc song..hahahaha..,
Sougata Naskar on September 02, 2011
Really!! our heart disobeys us..:( DIL HEIN KE MAANTA NEHI :(
rishfordforever on September 11, 2011
Can someone form T-series please explain to me the reason for changing the
2nd verse from the soundtrack? I prefer this new second verse actually but
wondering why it was changed? Usually lyrics are changed if there
controversial but there was nothing unusual about the original second.
Also, its nice to see this particular upload cos it has a different mix and
slighlty different ad-libs to the soundtrack and the film. Love this film
and this song! True Classic!
amrit pal on September 12, 2011
kumar sanu.voice for words of heart..
amrit pal on September 12, 2011
kumar sanu.voice for words of heart..
SuperWaqasshah on September 25, 2011
kumar sanu.voice for words of heart..
vinnygator on October 07, 2011
this is a remastered version. i've noticed this too, they do it it with alot of older songs, u'll notice they've placed new drums ontop of the old ones to give it a bit more meat. these songs were originally released on tape and now we have better sound quality so they re-record or remaster if they can. i prefer the older sound of the tablas tho.
rishfordforever on October 08, 2011
@vinnygator I agree with you the tabla's sound better. Wish the version
with this new second verse was available to purchase! Thanks for the info!
vinnygator on October 08, 2011
yh it should be availible, i thought it would be harder to find the older version. if u find like a recent kumar sanu hits or nadeem shravan hits or something like that and this song is on it, it should have the new verse. but yh i have no idea why they change the verse's on some songs, sometimes it's good sometimes it's bad. just look for a compilation CD with this song in it.
Sougata Naskar on October 09, 2011
5.28 dont touch me :)
nawazish23 on October 30, 2011
pooja awesome...fascinating...
ahmed hassn on December 06, 2011
owsum song..
HazratZaman on December 20, 2011
very good song. My favourite
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pridutt80 on December 29, 2011
so beautiful were those days!!!
mussarat786 on January 18, 2012
@HazratZaman tooo farrr.. how much do u charge for deliveryy :P
fej88biju on March 03, 2012
i love this song.**
rockonmayank on March 04, 2012
This song is my heart beat . awsomeeeeeeeee song.. love u ..
worldin1hand on March 07, 2012
Credit for Kumar Sanu's Great Voice. Thanks tseries for uploading. worldin1hand. worthwebway.
vic86m on April 01, 2012
I may be biased coz i grew up listening to 1990's. Honestly, i feel the
90's were better than the 70 or 80's!
Rocky Sridhar on April 04, 2012
i love this movie and as a kid i was crazy about the cap aamir wears in
this movie
zubair4826 on April 16, 2012
yes because we grew up with sort of glamour u know without having sense of vogue.
Amir is so cut and Puja is looking like real doll here
Prashal Goyal on May 16, 2012
pooja bhatt looks like an angel straight from heaven
StormyEyeZ on May 26, 2012
i so much agree with u ! 1990's were better than any other time i guess.
TheXPrisoner on May 30, 2012
My ex girlfriend exactly looked twin sister of pooja bhatt.
I miss her terribly. i loved her so much.
:( this song and watching pooja bhatt always breaks my heart :(
Katherine bridges French on June 12, 2012
ma s0ng.juXt l0vE iT :-D
Muhammad Tanzeel on June 15, 2012
bachi kitni bakwaaas hai yaaar...!! :D
vaishalis972 on July 22, 2012
Kumar sanu is a legend.
avinash dubey on August 10, 2012
Gone is the era of Beautiful songs:)
ajeesh6125 on August 13, 2012
ever green song.
liverpoolisbest1001 on September 24, 2012
To T-Series, please mention music director(s) as well, not only singer(s)
and lyricist(s).
Raghunathan Ramesh on November 15, 2012
why 29 dislike
Raghunathan Ramesh on November 15, 2012
presently there is no melody song like this.
Noor Rasekh on November 22, 2012
i love this song ...and the both actro's theyr really good hope i see her
more movie's
Partha Deb on November 26, 2012
bollywood music had it's best time in 90's and then after 2000 it's dead!!!
Raymal Dawar on November 27, 2012
my favright song
DEEPAK VITHUBONE on December 23, 2012
my best songs.
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