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Comments on song "Dil Mein Kuchh Hone Laga"
bashir1980 on April 28, 2008
Every time I listen to these 1996 songs, it makes me feel so nostalgic. I
wish I can go back to those days and have fun again. 1996 was the year.
Dubai AlSaleh on April 29, 2008
ye great songs in that year, however movies were crap. i think only Maachis
was the only good movie that came out that year
sairamesh on May 16, 2008
U know what ? Kumar Sanu was ruling the Music Industry then !!! So much of
nazariya16 on May 28, 2008
yeah id like to know what happened to kumar sanu.why did he disappear jus like that?
Vikki003 on June 05, 2008
i love this song, thank you for uploading the movie army!!!
Swades4ever on July 15, 2008
wheres the movie??? hää???
SweetAng14 on August 02, 2008
I don't know where the movie is..u respond to me but I don't know where the movie is..I have no clue.
ahmedrhdia11 on August 10, 2008
i am now 16 years old i was 6 when i saw this film lol indian flirting
veeraverma on August 18, 2008
wts was it wid 1996 guys??? even i feel like going back to that year, those were the most awsome days of my lyf...fab music that year, these songs get me sooooooo emotional yaar
SDSen on August 27, 2008
I know man! Reminds me of my school years when i was in my teens! Life was
so good back then
Swades4ever on September 10, 2008
1996/7 were the best years..
noorah08 on September 20, 2008
from where can i download the mp3 version of this song?
B4UMovieZ on October 08, 2008
guys, i will upload this movie soon with eng subtitles.
Swades4ever on October 09, 2008
Swades4ever on October 09, 2008
but srk was very short in this movie...
sairamesh on October 18, 2008
he ruled whole 90s, and reduced his work in 2000+ , still gave hits till
2005, then suddenly the music scenario changed !!!
Swades4ever on November 18, 2008
u r sooooo right.i like sunidhi chauhan and her voice but there r too
many singers one cannot distinguish anymore..for me the old one remain the
golden ones=) Kumar sanu udit narayan(the best) alka yagnik sadna sargam
LUQY4LYF on November 25, 2008
actually i fnk kumar sanu has a bettr voice in singing dan udit narayan bt
he's gud as well n ur ryt actually the golden tyms have gne!
Roshan Labrooy on March 16, 2009
This movie wasnt all that!!! BUT I LOVED THE SONGS IN IT!!
koolwater786 on March 28, 2009
lolz i was also i guess 8 or 9 yrs old n used to love the songs of this movie...especially mein tu hon pagal munda lolz...! n seriously those were the golden days i miss tht time !
koolwater786 on March 28, 2009
i was also 8 or 9 yrs old.n i used to love the songs if this movie especially mein tu hon pagal munda..wel i miss dat time...golden days !
BusyRiz on May 06, 2009
I am selling the original soundtrack cassette for this film Army (United
Music) for only £1.50. Thanks.
S. on September 14, 2009
Tottaly...They Had the Magic in their Voices...But My Favs Will Alwyz
Remain Sonu Nigam,UditJi and Kishore Kumar!
S. on September 14, 2009
Lovely Song but Lolz...I Think the Monkey Was the Cutest from Any1 In the
Whole Song! Lolz
annie19645 on December 01, 2009
all indians look like monkeys, what do you expect?
ifrahk23 on January 18, 2010
my favour part
i like da way he smiles
Swades4ever on May 24, 2010
scheisse, es ist auf deutsch, GEEEEEEEEIIILLLL!!!! DANKE!!
ravinita1 on June 27, 2010
i used to love dis song wen i ws a kid..still do.. :-)
Enigma1990ad on July 31, 2010
90's Bollywood songs were the best.
babar hussain on September 22, 2010
nice lovely song up load movie plz
babar hussain on September 22, 2010
upload movie
SpankRamen2 on September 27, 2010
I love that cute little monkey.
SALMAN on November 07, 2010
star14031994 on November 16, 2010
der Text...O_o
crravikiran on February 21, 2011
i remember this song. I and my cousin sister used to dance at 8 yrs.
Awaale Ali on June 17, 2011
realy beautyful song
msingh0282 on July 24, 2011
nice song ..thanks for upload :)
Afg Power on January 07, 2012
I miss the 90s!!
waqas ahmed Ahmed on February 21, 2012
very nice song yrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr
Hera X on March 14, 2012
I love this song but hate the ending - its so cringe inducing lol
bollywood22 on August 15, 2012
where did they find these actors...LMAO !
hamim63 on November 12, 2012
Thanks for uploading this reminds me my childhood
memories..what a precious time that tears are coming off.. :,)
Swades4ever on January 15, 2013
ich guck grad der uploader ist auch deutsch ^^
Utkarsh Ganesh on February 23, 2013
Reminds me of childhood. But who was the actress with Harish in the
beginning? I never knew her name. Saw her in a couple of old movies.
Saif Mahmud on January 10, 2014
This should be retitled "Langoor ke moo pe angoor"
MrAyush18 on May 12, 2014
picturised mainly on harish and kanchan.. a teenage favourite
angad raj on February 18, 2015
old memories.
Josh Bee on July 11, 2015
great song with the wrong actor pictured. should have been Sunil Shetty,
Akshay Kumar or Saif Ali Khan.
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