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Comments on song "Ghar Yaad Aata Hai Mujhe"
bikash das on July 05, 2012
how true,ppl like him does nothing but always in the forefront to criticize
when somebody is doing something good..we appreciate what Amir Khan is doing
pankaj sahu on July 05, 2012
beautifully sung by Sona, just love this song
pritesh1611 on July 08, 2012
i love lyrics and sung nicely
RUSHIKESH MADANE on July 14, 2012
rohith reddy on July 16, 2012 words to describe this song...excellent!!!!!that's what I can say..
mostedo209 on July 19, 2012
Ghar yaad aata hai Mujhe!! Love ur voice Sona !!!
sanauthorised on July 26, 2012
Absolutely beaut song.
Mehr Megha on August 01, 2012
the singers have sweet voices
Sona is pretty
Roopa Anchan on August 18, 2012
This is my favorite song. thank you Sona ji and Ram ji...and
special thanks to Amir ji. we are very very lucky to have you
please dont stop this show...
srinivas adepu on September 03, 2012
great song forever !!
Shiven12 on September 07, 2012
and me 4yrs :(( This song keep us alive
dreamibaby11 on September 17, 2012
3years...</3 Every single second kills me... Ghar Yaad Aata Hain Mujhe </3
Anup Bhagawati on September 25, 2012
i just loved this song nd its break my heart... <3 :-(
Shudhir Jethwa on November 17, 2012
i love this songs...
Ajit kumar on December 06, 2012
A song that touches the core of the heart...So real..
SAROJ KUMAR on February 19, 2013
an emotional song. just reminds the wonderful days spent at home.
prashantsah619 on March 07, 2013
It fav one it make me rem mi dad miss u maa n dad
Ubaid Baig on March 17, 2013
Heart touching song. Its make me emotional. GHAR YAD AATA HAI
Sangita Nanda on March 20, 2013
Miss my home.
Mohammad Abu Talha on March 25, 2013
Why doesn't Ram Sampath get work in Indian Film Industry ? Every other film
has music by Pritam.
Gooloo Mehta on March 31, 2013
wonderful song. Full of nostalgia and reminders of childhood days spent
with parents and old friends--voh ghar yaad aata hai mujhe. Gooloo mehta
Uday Bahal on May 17, 2013
song for Indians, abroad, way from home.
shivashukla1988 on May 22, 2013
The saddest part of this song is that a man appeared in this show is dead because of Honor Killing.
Iram Khan on May 27, 2013
I too miss my home stay in abroad
Aqua Seep on June 01, 2013
I always cry while lishening this song i miss my parents and ofcourse ghar
waqi yaad ata hai mujhe y do girls get married and left their parents
SAROJ KUMAR on June 07, 2013
again, you made me to cry.
Basilah Amila on June 09, 2013
I love this song. The lyrics, the voice.. Feelings.. Awesome.
Stoora4ever on June 14, 2013
This song just touches your heart!!!
HEENA shaikh on June 18, 2013
this heart touches my heart
HEENA shaikh on June 18, 2013
i love this feeling, voice
satya kumar on June 19, 2013
A beautiful & sweet song sung by our Golden girl Sona Mahapatra. very
hard to control emotions...
rinald solomon on June 24, 2013
every time i listen to rupaiya and ghar yadh aatha hain mujhe, from satyamev iayate,my mind gets fresh and good.from.rinald solomon.hyd bad...
Tahiti Sibzz on June 26, 2013
Lovely song
mujahidnazir9 on July 02, 2013
Emotional nd heart touching song
dileep koppu on July 02, 2013
you should go home.. i am already feeling bad for 3 years. goin home in
august. excited!
hopeless900 on July 05, 2013
which episode is this? :/ does anyone know?
Adiba Moazzem on July 13, 2013
This song speaks for every people who misses their home. The heartache of
staying away from your home and your loved ones, you can't put it in words.
I'm from Bangladesh and now living in Australia for my studies. This song
brought me into tears. Only those people will understand who is going or
has gone through this.
zakiazakia505 on July 15, 2013
Amazing song !
I shatter in tears every time i listen to it... miss my home
kriti gupta on July 17, 2013
this was the one which were showing the families against love marriages
SubtleNirvana on July 27, 2013
I am also going back after 3 years. Couldn't believe how homesick i was
till i heard this song. Can't wait for September. I keep on listening to
this song every day. I miss my home so much.
ruch2ash on August 16, 2013
We need season 2 :') <3
Abdul Malik Talib on August 22, 2013
Beautiful song. Sona and Ram hats off and Godbless for recalling the 'pani
ka matka, rasoi ki aag' for me. Sona, your voice recalls the fragrance of
the garden on a summer eve and Ram's music, the solace of a winter sunset
over Delhi, the city I miss so much. Thanks.
Anandita Malhotra on August 27, 2013
beautiful song. well written lyrics and a beautiful composition with lovely
music. i miss dehradun everytime i hear this. specially school. :'(
Marv3Lthe1 on August 31, 2013
71 members of khap panchayat disliked this video
Saket Tiwari on September 02, 2013
I beautiful song. well written lyrics and a beautiful composition with
lovely music.
priyanka hangloo on September 07, 2013
Really touching song ...made me cry .pain of staying away from
home is really difficult 2 handle at tyms
Sami Haque on October 01, 2013
eureka shockingly I came across dhoom 3 whole length video. you can see it
paste this\_HASH
Mohammed Ashfaq Kaleem on October 02, 2013
whoa fortunately I have got dhoom 3 whole length dvd. you can view it copy
paste this\4gzbp
Pooja Sreeram on October 16, 2013
heart wrenching..gave me goosebumps!! <3
SANTOSH RAJPUT on October 24, 2013
Hey Poo.How are u ?
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