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Comments on song "Go Go Golmaal"
zealotsw on October 27, 2010
every one who hates this movie the i think they dont deserv it becuase it just a chill movie whenever i want to run away from all my worries i watch these kinda movies which atleast make me laugh... i think they are better than my GF it least i smile watching them
zealotsw on October 27, 2010
or movies like scary move 1 2 3 4 hahaha they are amezing
gurjeetsinghlubana on October 29, 2010
music in starting is copied from tiger style-punjabi songs...(sheran de deriyan te)

zeetvdell on October 30, 2010
i like the music
Bilawal Bashir on October 30, 2010
@zeetvdell the story of golmaal will be appreciated but the music will be
appreciated of action replay because the music of action replay is more
sophisticated than golmaal although this one is not bad
nids on October 31, 2010
missing sharman in the mvie agn. :(((.. luv kareena outfit..:)
nids on October 31, 2010
@hiteshgch agree wid u. sharman is much better than shreayas in comedy
Silvia Nikolaus on November 01, 2010
I dont know why, but Ajay Devgn is becoming more handsome with years,
before (at least for me) he was ugly, but now he is really WOW hehe
raxiboy2050 on November 02, 2010
Lady & gentlewoman I give u Golmaal 3eeeeeeeeee
zealotsw on November 04, 2010
@Nikky265 The reason of this is hez getting old and now inorder to get good work he has to look better than others so he is working out on himself as all the oldies like salman, shahruk, amir etc so anty and girl have same diff
nids on November 04, 2010
@1RehmanAbdul yeh ,, but i like sharman as a gud comedian...
mahek8990 on November 04, 2010
great song bt miss shrman..
saff786 on November 05, 2010
Top 1 yet...had me laughing so loud i had tears and stomuch ache... seriously dont miss it
MrKINGofRING on November 05, 2010
Ajeet Singh on November 05, 2010
ajay is always best in golmaal .
Ajeet Singh on November 05, 2010
my fev . ajay
MrKINGofRING on November 06, 2010
kareena is like a tomboy
Mehima Saini on November 06, 2010
dil ko bacha ke rakhna ham ne hi ankon se niden utarin hain hum ne hi kar
dala hi sene mein dil bechain gogogogolmaal
MrJimmy661 on November 07, 2010
alibaberful on November 08, 2010
I am a massive fan of Konal Khemu and I also like Arshad Warsi.I do not like Talpade.Kareena Kapoor is also overrated and not beautiful without makeup.
Sharmand Joshi should have been in Golmaal Returns and Golmaal 3.
crushceleb091a0a3JAN on November 08, 2010
@alibaberful lool yes i agree sharmand joshi shoulldd be in golmaaal returns and 3
so sad .
crushceleb091a0a3JAN on November 08, 2010
looool omg i watched golmaal 3 on friday 5th when it realesed can't stop laughing .great diwali gift :D.x
karishg02 on November 09, 2010
i watched za film in cinema.. ohh its just super.. lovely.. awesome.. Go n
watch it..
alonedestiny2 on November 09, 2010
@alibaberful true bruv,,, :-)
Waqar Ahmed on November 14, 2010
really nice song
Waqar Ahmed on November 14, 2010
SandyraTamyra on November 16, 2010
Gol, Gol, Gol Golmaal!! GOLMAAL IS BACK AGAIN!!! :) <333
shresta09 on November 16, 2010
just saw the movie Golmaal 3 in theaters very hilarious movie "paisa vasool" like it is said , each character has given amazin' performance.. waitin' 4 Golmaal 4 lol..

Vino sitas on November 16, 2010
@atrueindian1 i havent seen it ye
soccerchamp80 on November 17, 2010

I saw this movie it's awesome
Shabbir Qaizar on November 19, 2010
@koek1122 ur lucky dude...u haven't seen it.
Shabbir Qaizar on November 19, 2010
@shresta09 golmaal 1 was the best..2 was ok..but 3 was
Shabbir Qaizar on November 19, 2010
@atrueindian1 dude u knw why golmaal 3 earned 70 crores
becoz.golmaal 1 was the best..2 was people
trusted 3 also but the fact it golmaal 3 was disastrous
wahed .khan on November 19, 2010
cooooooooool go go go go golmaal
wahed .khan on November 19, 2010
cooooooooool go go golmaal
Alex Caddy on November 21, 2010
Lovee ittt xx
Alex Caddy on November 21, 2010
@pakigodfather100 hellloooooo xx
Sham Shami on November 23, 2010
i like this video..
Shabbir Qaizar on November 26, 2010
@atrueindian1 you write so long so long so longgggggggggg.. u have so
much free time??? get a life loser!!!! rather than commenting on someone's
else comment!!!!!
Shabbir Qaizar on November 26, 2010
@atrueindian1 copycat!!!
Sham Shami on November 27, 2010
i like this movie so so so so much
atrueindian1 on November 30, 2010
@BooksSongsFilms its better u stop interfering between us,dont tell me what
i should do or not.
kakali657 on November 30, 2010
i like this movie for this song only.

Qasim ANwar on December 11, 2010
yaar where this beat frm? its seem to good to be made by bollywood music
director.. if its original im proud of us
Harman420 on December 11, 2010
Sampled from Dr Dre. Still Dre
fiddyrupees on December 21, 2010
golmaal 1 was best...ya wat the Dre beat? but i like this song tho ^_^
nida1763 on December 21, 2010
i love golmaal do you hate golmaal
wintershell711 on December 24, 2010
this movie was really good and i like that new guy i wish he was there in all the movies!! anyone know his nammee??
wintershell711 on December 24, 2010
@TheDuskthunder theres a golmaal 4???
kardiacmusicofficial on December 26, 2010
@wintershell711 I think its Kunal Khemu
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