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Comments on song "Hum Se Aaya Na Gaya"
yogaisgoogygoogy on January 02, 2010
Starting withe the beginning sitar music and through out, this is a beauty with Talat's velvety voice , the poetry and the tune !
mahesh1946 on May 07, 2010
Top Talat and Megs Madan. What a combination.
thanks blessings
teentunes on July 29, 2010
amazing song. Whatever you say, today's songs lack the soul. We are too commercialized now. people come to earn not dedicate the soul and here ends all the beauty
007abdus on July 30, 2010
Thanks for uploading this song by Talat Mahmud.Luv it.
Sameer691000 on July 31, 2010
Bsides, watching this golden upload there is an expert write-up about the classical movie of its time "Dekh Kabira Roya". I did not know anything about the movie characters until i read this. Lyrics are very meaninful and very romantic, voice and composition all have made it eternal. Again I feel deeply indebted to this channel which has become sole console for me in the times of discomfort and uneasiness.
zakikhan52 on July 31, 2010
Same here. I am always hearing new songs on this net work.
zakikhan52 on July 31, 2010
I am hearing this for the first time. Many thanks
yuanyuanyuanyin on July 31, 2010
- My dear friend, I am speechless after reading your extremely rare kind words!

When I started this channel 2 years back, I thought of writing such details as much as possible in order to RESPECT those artists, in MY OWN SMALL WAY!

Also I was aware that my friends are very particular about KNOWING the artists and the film details too, so I continued to do so, though it is a time consuming job!

Now I see that my efforts had gone a long way.
I am really glad!
May God bless you.
chamannigam on July 31, 2010
from my college days ihave been agreat admirer of talatmahmood.his voice his diction his style his timing every thing is superb .pathos is exellent .forme he is the best ghazal singer ever born
juneg1964 on August 02, 2010
Good one thanks for posting
shyras1 on August 04, 2010
Such a beautiful song, done to perfection by Talat Sahib. Thanks Yuan.
Geeta Jain on August 05, 2010
This is Anoop kumar(Ashok& kishor kumar brother)and shobha khote.
RealMusicKing on August 05, 2010
Hello Yuan and thank you. What a ghazal! Wah! What a piece of art by Madan Mohan composed in Rageshvari raag!!!! Notice the the entire ghazal is focused on two instruments, Sitar and Tabla Perfectly delivered by Talatsaab.

Sadly, filmed on Anoop Kumar who knew not how to act, let alone lip synch such a masterpiece.

Thank you again Yuan.
RealMusicKing on August 11, 2010
Correction. The raga is "Rageshri" . Sorry.
25311304 on August 22, 2010
very nice song..i love it...
0road on November 11, 2010
An absolutely beautiful song! Thanks a lot for uploading.
ashar139 on November 20, 2010
excellent wordings depicting what happens when two lovers dont communicate , either because of ego or inhibition and the grief and memory remains within. Excellently sung by Talatji
drsmvora65 on December 31, 2010
another his song sung by talatji . though it was medicore movie but all songs were hit and people who loves old they start huming as soon as wherever it is played . on any part of world
BenQasim on March 26, 2011
Kya awaaz hai! SubhanAllah! Itni acchi mausiqui aur gayeki aaj kal kahan sunne milte hai.
abumusa19 on April 05, 2011
romanticistic fantabulous & most soughtafter love song ever. very nice wordings & beautifully sung by Talat Mahmood
hamidfchohan on April 28, 2011
It is an excellent composition by great Madan Mohan and sung remarkably by the King of Ghazal Talat Mahmood. Such tunes, poetry, singing, and the related artists have no match. This is the reason all the stuff of the past still has a great impact. Today's production lacks these qualities.
anestheziologist on May 03, 2011
Talat mehmood Sahab Best song, my favorite most, Can any body can bring any such rendition by Mukesh, is tuis Kishore Kumar?
lakshmigaur on May 12, 2011
"Dekh te2 din dhal gaya aur raat huyi - woh sama aaj talak dil se bhulaaya na gaya"
The lyric is the soul of a song while the singer breathes life into the song. The composer works to bring the soul and life together. Somehow, no one bothers to write the poet's/lyricist's name. This one is penned by Rajinder Kishen for Madan Mohan ji.
geetmegh on May 23, 2011

I believe the raga is Baageshri: The scale is: Sa Ga Ma Dha Ni Sa, Sa Ni Dha Ma Pa Dha Ma Ga Re Sa.

Ragashree, on the other hand is very distinctively different.
KDURRANI on August 15, 2011
thanks for identifying the raag, I thought it was Bageshvari. Beautiful composition sung by a great singer from my home town Lucknow. I met my ideal in Montreal almost 20 years ago.
banff123456 on October 27, 2011
thanks again Yuan for this lovely song
azmat005 on October 31, 2011
Very heart touching Song with very nice poetry.
nandu1f on November 07, 2011
Since I have not seen the movie, I was not aware of the beginning of the song where Shubha Khote recites the lyrics, before Anoop Kumar takes over and sings the song. Very touching poetry. The movie had excellent songs, but this one always made the most impact due to the soulful lyrics. Yaad rah jaati hein, aur waqt guzar jaata hein...sub chale' jaate' hein tab dard-e-jigar jaata hein... Faasla pyar me' dono se' mitaya na gaya. Very touching. Thanks Yuan.
jaizeerao1 on January 13, 2012
.if humbly i may...our spirits are clearly one when it comes to the music you have chosen...even good man 'yuan.yin' who has shared his soul through his choice of music...more than just gratitude to all you special people.
yuanyuanyuanyin on January 13, 2012
- You are most welcome, my dear friend and thank YOU for your extremely kind words.
May God bless you.
Rakesh Sharma on January 14, 2012
Dear All,
This is the Magic of GR8 Rajinder Krishan ji & the Legend of Madan Mohan ji. See the beauty of Lyrics , immortal words and immortal musical notes. Superb, mind blowing. Hats off to these Great Sons of Soil---- Dr. R.K.SHARMA
MyDilnawaz on January 14, 2012
very lovely,looking for this song from long time since got today,thanks every one
asha1053 on January 16, 2012
thanks for uploading this really beautiful song by Talat M
galapadi on February 15, 2012
what a lyric! what a lovely voice! we do not get such songs now. May you live long for posting this lovely song
37bahadur on February 22, 2012
absolutely delighted to hear it again after a long time Bless you friend
rumahale on April 05, 2012
Is she (Shubha Khote) reciting herself or any other playback singer backing? I am hearing these lines at the beginning first time. Regards.
nandu1f on April 07, 2012
Shubha Khote's own voice. She came into movies as supporting actress with her background as Maharashtra State bicyclist champion. A fine actress she was, but didn't get accolades for that as Kumkum, Helen. I just returned from Mumbai trip, for time with family & relatives. Interestingly, due to hectic Bombay life/traffic, our close-knit college friends group gets together only when I visit, which one makes it possible at his place. They/their wife also love old songs & some sing very well.
rumahale on April 07, 2012
Thanks a lot for information. I am glad that you are enjoying holidays; have a nice time.
Mani Menon on July 18, 2012
Thanks a heap, Yuanyuanyuanin! What a fantastic song. Only Tala could have sung it with such pathos and feeling. I also like the beginning where Shubha Khote recites the lines in her own voice.
Umapathy Sharma on August 25, 2012
This song is full of nectar. Salute to Talat saheb
Priyansh Doneparthy on August 27, 2012
wow.i'm out of the reach of words to praise this song
dilip007dalal on September 13, 2012
Who are these (4) F'heads who do not like this song?
syed abdul Razack on September 24, 2012
Yad rahe jati hai aur waqt guzar jata hai phool kiltay hain khilkay bikhar jatay hain
dag jo tu nay dia hum say mittaya na gaya what a heart touching lyrics rajendra kishan
ka jawab nahin aisay gayek aur music director of lyricist kahan hain sub western music
ki bheek mang rahe hain jab yhan sari duniyan kay khazanay hain in bewakoof music directors
ko kaun samjhaye in yeshwar allah achi buddhi day...
martin rashid on October 02, 2012
thank for bu full song my dady days god bless u
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