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Comments on song "I Am In Mumbai"
saandy034 on August 26, 2008
awesome. :)
saandy034 on August 26, 2008
awesome... :)
HuesofBlack on August 31, 2008
Ya man!! He's just too good, aint he?!
anksphenomenon on January 07, 2009
I have a lil problem with his music. I think he is too loud, on the verge
of shouting in his songs. Although i think it is awesome to have a non
western-influenced musician in india (at last) but i rlly have to reduce
the volume on my system while i play his music... what do u guys think?
thedarkyo on March 19, 2009
Raghu... Respect. Keep doing what you are doing. Music is inexplicably
divine, just immerse yourself in it.
thedarkyo on March 19, 2009
Remember Shubha Mudgal in Ab ke Sawan? Same thing. It's the way he sings.
HuesofBlack on May 06, 2009
being opinionated doesnt mean being correct nor does it mean the same as
being relevant :P Chill man ! Its simple : Listen what appeals to YOU !!
try it once its a lot more fun than criticizing some1 else's work :P
HuesofBlack on January 13, 2010
10k views!!! woohooo thanku guys!! :D
Vinay Ranjit Bhardwaj on April 10, 2010
me and my friend always fight here in sydney about the best city in india..
i ma from delhi and he is from mumbai.. well mumbai looks cool !
njirs on June 11, 2010
awesome song!!
ajbvision on March 29, 2011
really wonderful song. this could be the story of just about any city in
India, Both the music and the lyrics are awesome. Very well sung too. Kudos.
Anudeep Rao on December 26, 2011
aakhon m3!n sapn3 hazaron leke aaya (1000s of dreams in my mind) na koi
ghar hai na jeeb mein rupaiya( i dont hav neither shelter nor money in my
pocket) hazaron chehere par main akela(there are a lot of people around me
but i am alone) dekha hai yaaron maine zindagi ka mela ( i have seen the
carnival of life) well i m in mumbai -2 {raat mein koi jaaga din mein hai
soya( some1 is awake at nite and some1s sleeping in the morning) paise ke
peeche dekho har koi bhaga}-2(some1s running behind money)
Anudeep Rao on December 26, 2011
door nahin haii -2(not very far) insaniyat yahan(is humanity here) door
nahin hai insaniyat yahan kahin na kahin mil jayega insaan(u will find a
human anywer)well i m in mumbai and i m waiting for a miracle -4 {kisiki
chaya hoo ya jeb mein rupaiyah( some1s made a living or money in their
pockets) nahin tho phuti meri kismat bhaiya}-2(or he is out of luck) has
rahin hai .. has rahi hai mauj yaha(the crowd is laughin ) har kahin dekho
bahiya bhook ka mela(and ther is a carnival of hunger around)
Anudeep Rao on December 26, 2011
@ssanchezrivera1214 its about the city of dreams Mumbai. They say here if a
man does not prosper here, he has no chance anywhere. You can hear a lot of
rags to riches story about people who came to Mumbai. The list includes
businessmen,athletes,film stars etc., by the way i have translated the
lyrics, Thanks for the interest Yours, Hardcore Raghu's Fan :)
Anudeep Rao on December 26, 2011
@spotterofgold just translated it :) Please read through :) Yours, Raghu's
Fan :)
bikash269 on February 23, 2012
brilliant song
Abhishek Sharma on November 17, 2012
this vid deserves views more the gangnam sttyle :D
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