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Comments on song "I Hate You Like I Llove Youu"
Karan Bhatia on June 09, 2011
Me first!!!
trooper00900 on June 13, 2011
3:42 what is chakka? LOL
libra92810 on June 20, 2011
amir khans voice in beginning
Nitesh Khilwani on June 21, 2011
haai.. current maarti hai
mann sharma on June 23, 2011
aamir is really a bussniss person can do anything for sucess
mann sharma on June 23, 2011
aamir is really 2anhalf foot mouch k saath wierd lagta hai
mann sharma on June 23, 2011
aamir wife so ugly man yaha perfection ki bati gool ho gayi
mann sharma on June 23, 2011
aamir its mithun da songs essi ki tassi
mann sharma on June 23, 2011
big b says right ammir doesn,t have style
mann sharma on June 23, 2011
aamir ko dekhney mein ab mazza nahi aata ab to srk and sallu ka zzamana hai
zaazi123 on June 26, 2011
i hate people who discuss SRK aamir and salman khan in the same breath,
they are all unique and have their own standing and style so how can they
even be compared?
TheRajTV on June 28, 2011
@zaazi123 Thanks for your nice comment...
ibranat on June 29, 2011
Very entertaining
syas13 on June 29, 2011
@rubenthomaspaul He HAS,IS & WILL[I am a fan of all 3 khans]
AnAlakazam on June 29, 2011
It's funny but, it has really poor replay value :/
bossyboots55 on July 02, 2011
rightly said. they are all in a class of their own. otherwis ethey wont have legions of fans. someone must like them.:)
Bammy Rahman on July 03, 2011
*Shake That Biscuit Baby!! Shake it for me !! YA!! Hai!! Current Maar Di!!*
Sana Abdullah on July 04, 2011
@deepto99 well all are equal but if God started giving all the qualities to
all the mammal one wouldn't be unique so Salman is a unique mammal in his
own way that's why fans love him from core of their heart...SRK & Aamir try
hard to get it, Salman doesn't need to he is determined one blessed, Aamir
is the intellectual one & SRK is the gifted & talented one.
Sana Abdullah on July 04, 2011
Awesome song :)
kurt05051987 on July 05, 2011
Shake that Biscuit Baby...!!!..
Sana Abdullah on July 06, 2011
@cinnamonianpalona How sad you need to ask these questions when you already
know the answers that Aamir-SRK-Salman riding high on success still when
they are 45 & people whom you are talking about are asking Guzarish from
people to watch their movie, trying to become Rockstar, Mahakshay has a hit
not Akshay!!! John oh is he even getting movies i doubt... no offence just
answered to ur how abt????
cinnamonianpalona on July 07, 2011
Indians like shorties like the Khans. Why? Most Indian males are less than 5'4! I guess there's a huge population of 45-50 yr olds who like Salman and SRK getting it off with girls young enough to be their daughters.
napour on July 11, 2011
@vjfern arey yaar yaha kya mein akhbar likhney bethaa hu...hai to saari
aamir ki movie... ki faraq pendaa hai
Shrenjal Chaure on July 11, 2011
nyc lyrics.
Shrenjal Chaure on July 11, 2011
i luv d grl'z voyc!!!
monswat on July 12, 2011
is this song in the movie or not?
Nishwal Kantariya on July 17, 2011
Dil todu haddi bhi kungfu khelu kabbadi bhi
Lakhan Arya on July 20, 2011
@TheMrbammy shouldn't be buiscuits be butt?
kajal das on July 23, 2011
tere jaisa jalim milta h naseeb se,,dil h tera khanjal,,ghayel kar de
kareeb se
TheYodadrunk on July 23, 2011
HAi.!! current maar di!!! LOL :D
5161065 on July 26, 2011
ayaaanle zaameer on July 28, 2011
i agree thy r all different nd have unique acting skills shake tht bisciut
baby , shake it 4 me lol
rsethiful on July 28, 2011
Actor Rajendra Sethi in Delhi Belly /watch?v=LlkoN_5z88g
Buddha Gurung on July 30, 2011
Jo chhakka gudti huyee jaye use chauka kahete hai... hehe
rohit ranjan on August 02, 2011
@dibyadipankarroy why are you so bothered!!!
rohit ranjan on August 15, 2011
shut up shut up!!!! don't screw my inbox with your comments mitie23
suhaib9964580003 on August 25, 2011
TheBlackCatFromHell on August 25, 2011
I wish they made a seperate song out of the "saiyan tere pyar mai, tere
pyar nai kar diya dewana". its beautiful :'(
Raj Jogi on August 28, 2011
@TheMrbammy lolZz
Varun Cool on September 15, 2011
I hate you like i love love love you
Rauf Uqaili on September 23, 2011
nyc song..!
scumz06 on November 09, 2011
Song starts from 3:50
rohit ranjan on November 26, 2011
thankx devdude but dude i don't give a damn
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