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Comments on song "Ishq Hua Kaise Hua"
juhichawla1128 on December 05, 2008
omg i absoultly love this songand i absoultly love juhi chawla!
mabelicinta on January 20, 2009
go to channel 'tengkuyena' nd find film name 'ishq'. That's the film.
Suma Islam on May 17, 2009
Love THiiS Sonq.. YA hEar Love Hua.!!
lovehugs andkisses on June 30, 2009
aw 1 of the bets couples ever.
mabelicinta on November 03, 2009
already translate.. on your right.. more info just click it..
Eimal Dorani on February 18, 2010
Ishq Hua :)
omkara011 on May 27, 2010
amir and juhi was the best jodi back than
abdul khan on December 04, 2010
i would like to have aamir and juhi's couple back to bollywood
sarah khan on December 31, 2010
@subnuz000 the movie name is ishq
Faisal T on January 29, 2011
@greatman786 You call this a "polite" song?! It's not the sort of song
you'd want 2 sit down with your parents & feel comfortable watching with
them. It's not a family song or film 4 that matter (like say Saajan or
HAHK). Bit of trivia 4 u all: Ironically Juhi's character seems surprised @
1:50 when Aamir has just kissed her on the lips. But in the scene just b4
this song in the film, they both smooched each other, twice!
rosehunter1 on February 26, 2011
Sweet song thanks for sharing
muhsin609 on April 23, 2011
@subnuz000 ISHQ
Faisal T on May 09, 2011
@Zainab1160 Thank you my aromatic plant! Plse tell me is Mauritius as
beautiful as it seems or looks? I hear Port Louis is a little overcrowded
being the capital but I think Reunion (French), the Seychelles & the
Maldives-(all in the Indian Ocean) gives 1 the truer taste of paradise on
earth. R u taught French in schools there although the official languages r
English & Creole. BTW Sunrise Radio can be picked up in Mauritius right? R
there any Bangladeshi workers in Mauritius? Cut the cane prob
Faisal T on May 10, 2011
@shineyemraan When & where & with what was the prank played on Juhi by
Aamir? Ishq was filmed in 1997, Juhi was born in 1967 which now makes her a
43 middle-aged house wife with 2 sons all washed up has been or more polite
way of stating it is that she's a classic has-been. Sad but true! ;)
Faisal T on May 17, 2011
@Zainab1160 I respect your views as a Mauritian but what I meant was that
Reunion isn't as spoilt, industrialised, tainted, over-crowded &
commercialised by tourism as Port Louis, Mauritius. I realize Reunion is
French but so was Mauritius (when it was known as Île de France) b4 it was
Dutch & then British b4 independence. I didn't just wiki all this in case
your wondering, geog is my forte. BTW r there Bangladeshis in Mauritius???
I hear they now cut the sugar cane now, what Indians used 2 do.
awais qureshi on August 21, 2011
Best movie ever,i watch it 6 time now downloading it again at 1080p.
GorgieM on May 15, 2012
she didnt have kids when she did this. she was working as lead wd other
actors for long after Ishq. they did hav a misunderstanding during this
time n she did not wanna work wd him after that. that's just a well known
incident in Bollywood
Faisal T on May 15, 2012
Tell me something that I don't know. What exactly was the misunderstanding
over? Wasn't it awkward for them to continue to work opposite one another
even after a massive fall-out? Have they since, fully reconciled? Do you
know the answers to these questions?
mabelicinta on May 16, 2012
i've read somewhere he might said something about her husband is older, but
it just a joke but maybe juhi cannot accept the joke
GorgieM on May 16, 2012
only they'd know the answers to those questions my friend. In interviews
Aamir refused to talk abt it saying it's personal.tht was during the
release of Mela. Juhi was all over the place wd her answers as usual but in
a recent interview she said she regret all that time she wasted without
talking to him for a very silly matter and he had thought she didnt care
enough to talk n resolve. tht was b4 th release of jaane tu.later she ws
seen in sm of his events. ther were heaps of stories in tabloids
GorgieM on May 16, 2012
wht this 'silly matter' was but no one knows for sure.
MURALI MURAHARI on August 13, 2012
Loveliest woman ever...I cannot have enough of that beautiful eyes that
cheer and happiness on her face! if you are ever in Canada please let me
know Juhi..i just want to meet you once in my life!!!:):):)
angad raj on August 26, 2012
beautifull song.
sahibaziz swaty on September 01, 2012
i love johe chawla nad and amir khan
Damean R on November 28, 2013
i have no words to tell
mohammed islam on March 06, 2014
Best couple.very nice.
mohammed islam on March 06, 2014
Best couple.very nice.
Ros mary on June 10, 2014
Can somebody tell me. Is Aamir in love with Juhi at that time? 
Mohit Kumar Saini on June 10, 2014
cutest couple ever !!!
Halimah Yasid on January 26, 2015
I like you Amir khan
ANKITA JG PERIS on March 22, 2015
I love my husband
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