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Comments on song "Jiile Le Jile Le Aayo Aayo Jile Le"
jeansplash on March 19, 2009
sung by Bappi Lahri. Movie Tarzan.
Kimi Katkar (not sure of her name)
John Naveen on March 19, 2009
sung by Bappi Lahri. Movie Tarzan.
Kimi Katkar (not sure of her name)
sabbir mahmood on May 04, 2009
old memories
udtahathi on May 18, 2009
Thanks for uploading. Pappida pays tribute to Osibisa :D Cheers! ~uh~
tulsi32 on July 01, 2009
the song bring back some past memoies
rahulesquire on October 02, 2009
excellent song thanks for uploading
znkp on October 09, 2009
Depends. It could be Kilele (if you ask Osibisa, who made the original
version) or Ji le le (if you ask our Bappi da, or Bappi Lahiri).
kriss664 on December 21, 2009
i so luv this it stuck in my head. i also luv hemant(tarzan). he was so hot and cute in this movie!!!
inaayapathan on January 31, 2010
searching for this song forever. thanks for the upload!!
nileshshirgaonkar on June 01, 2010
very refreshing song. Millions of thanks to the uploader
kanujbhatnagar on June 20, 2010
lol... intensely retarted song...
lover1234u on July 03, 2010
hey thx 2 th uploader,its recollects me of my schools days as we friends use to sing this song in our own words
kanujbhatnagar on July 20, 2010
@lover1234u dude i pity your existence if *this* is the song you used to
listen to... please stop being a weight on this planet, and shoot yourself
now :P
kriss664 on July 21, 2010
you seriously want to hurt ppl?!?!? Hey, my head aint empty.i guess at the time I wrote that comment, this was the song stuck in my head...not anymore! (-_-)

~Mrs. Bhandari~
Mota Baby on August 25, 2010
@kanujbhatnagar May GOD bless you to get rid of this hatred and show the
way of love.
kanujbhatnagar on August 25, 2010
@motashotababy I think we can clearly rule out the existence of god,
*since* videos and movies like these exist... if there was a god, he'd
smite anyone even remotely involved with this idiocity... again this is the
worst thing i've seen ever
Mota Baby on August 25, 2010
@kanujbhatnagar Thats great. You have started saying what you think. I
understand that you dislike this song. What does not seem proper is the
prejudice that is driving you mad to such extent, that you don't hesitate
to hurt people. The problem of getting mad is - it brings you to exactly at
the level of the entity to which you are mad at. Hope you will understand
my point (provided your mind is calm enough).
ratheeshkv on September 12, 2010
Thanks lot for uploading this.
rsg82 on October 02, 2010
i am just looking at kimi's sweater and i remember my mom having a sweater
of that same white material with those blue flowers and that dark trim. it
was popular in the early 80's.
pavan palande on May 15, 2011
booba booba booba booba mehbooba !! hahahaha..
roshni sujeebun on July 20, 2011
typical sega song, from my country... i remember my dad saying this is a
copy of mauritian sega... when bappi lahiri was here for whatever
concert... but that's typical of bollywood to copy songs from anywhere!
nnshanya on August 09, 2011
moi osii mne pense saem :D :D lol sega net ;)
zaretskyxOxO on August 16, 2011
Pas degrad nu sega dow.. Li plutot African type song laa.. Lol xP hahahaha..
krstamit on October 11, 2011
Nobody does it better than Gullu hai!
Lalhruaitluangi Colney on August 15, 2012
oh!!!bohot2 sundar hai...ji le le
mrwisem4n on December 08, 2012
I came here coz of Gullu Dada
Sandeep Chatterjee on February 21, 2013
Just like this song ! Jile le jile le..aayo aayo jile le 8)
edwin kongor on May 15, 2013
bollywood has no talent but everybody likes bollywood..Lollllll.u cannot
compete with bollywood..the largets film industry in the world
edwin kongor on May 15, 2013
Bollywood has got no talents..But many like Bollywood.Lollll..u dont
like dont watch...
Priyanka Sutari on September 22, 2013
Love the beats... Cn just put ur head dwn nd dance like crazy.. Full
junglee style..
vaishnavi kamble on August 16, 2014
jine ka le lo maza, so true, very good old time picnic song.
monimala dutta on November 16, 2014
Jelala aio aio jelala
Styze on June 25, 2015
suseela510 naidu on November 15, 2015
Om Shivpuri and Deleep Tahil are good dancers, given a chance.
Roger Fernandes on December 08, 2015
Very healthy Tarzan
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