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Comments on song "Kabhi Shaam Dhale To Mere Dil Me Aa Jana"
drrajeevsingh on May 18, 2009
Hame to har us sham ka intazaar hai.
menmit12 on May 25, 2009
love the song man thx for uploading it...
anir0106 on June 14, 2009
Listening to this song, is one of the very useful things I have done .
:-) Just too good ..
ninty9notout on June 17, 2009
mahalaxmi iyer... what a great singer!
Jessieboo1991 on July 03, 2009
That was amazing!
ninty9notout on July 03, 2009
and totally under-rated dont you think?
sham sweets on July 06, 2009
this is really nice but too dramatic
amusawer on July 23, 2009
i love this song becoz its always sang by my love as well but is mad @ me now :(
zeeshan farooq on July 23, 2009
Pyaar kamjor dil se kiya nahi ja sakta, Zeher Dushman se liya nahi ja
sakta, Dil mein basi hai ulfat jis pyar ki us ke bina jiya nahi ja sakta.
Saath rehte rehte yuhin waqt guzar jayega Door hone ke baad kaun kise yaad
aayega Jee lo ye pal jab humsath hai kal ka kya pata, waqt kahan le jayega
ranadeegreat on July 25, 2009
one of the best compositions in the world.. and song as well.
ems61316 on July 27, 2009
i didnt used to think the girl was pretty... but i actually think shes
nice... i love this song aswell...
xyzmaya123 on August 11, 2009
Man you got some understanding of this complex phenomenon of Love!!

MsNature123 on August 27, 2009
simply sweet and lovely...rarest vibrant song of modern times !
KoliKidah on September 27, 2009
can someone share to subttle for this movie?
it seems i cant find it..pls
queennikki01 on November 11, 2009
Mesmerising and very Poignant Song. Just dIvineful Lyrics just sink in a person's heart. thanks for sharing...
Hafeez on November 21, 2009
lovely song
ardhendu tripathi on December 14, 2009
excellent music, a nutshell...great song ...thanks for
sharing... :)
jeasbe on December 21, 2009
~ behind the vibgyors of a million rainbows hides a dream called 'you'// every raindrop fetched your whispers, every sunshine, your eyes// lifetimes have you printed inside their calenders, and thats where I steal you from// no matter how many lifetimes I lose, I seek the one that i live with you

[Tu nahin hai magar,
phir bhi tu saath hai...
Baat ho koi bhi, teri hi baat hai..]
Asmita27 on December 24, 2009
Wow those r some very beautifull words strung together... seems like u r
translating the song.. which part?
mohunlll on December 31, 2009
this song is at par with song like awara nagin, but unfortunately the
producer may be do not have the needed fund in this money world to
popularised the song
jamkudi3 on January 10, 2010
dis song realy reminds me of ma jamkudi
jenet2619 on January 12, 2010
i love it...can some1 tel me how can i dwnlod it
jenet2619 on January 12, 2010
wel u r rit
ashmariya on January 23, 2010
This song inspires me a lot... I love this song very much...
kryptobanana on February 04, 2010
watch the saxophone cover of this song (video response)!
0rarediamonds0 on February 07, 2010
Use the freeutube convertor
alina111100 on February 08, 2010
the songs is very very nice its heart touching..i realy like it
toormro on February 14, 2010
Love that song
toormro on February 14, 2010
really heart touching
sadia saher on February 17, 2010
niceee one --- my most fav song
salman794 on February 19, 2010
damm this song do touch heart
romett on February 22, 2010
great contrast between the weak female voice and the powerful orchestra in the background
kryptobanana on February 27, 2010
watch the saxophone cover of this song (video response)!
169mukesh on February 27, 2010
i think this is the best song sung by mahalaxmi.
scorpionthebests on March 09, 2010
lovely song.
saradindu chackroborty on March 19, 2010
who r u to comment about singer?? since u have freedom u say whatever u
feel like. this song is a classic. beautiful voice.
noor729 on March 29, 2010
UNTH SONG... my most most and all time favorite, lyrics and voice...outstanding...
kryptobanana on April 01, 2010
watch the saxophone cover of this song (video response)!
Pankaj Ved on April 08, 2010
Very nice song ..
TheBoggie123 on April 21, 2010
fantastic.absoultely marvousl song sang beautifully
MrShahrush on May 16, 2010
I love this song
mujhe isy sun k ksi ki yad a jati hai
bt jo chala jata hai woh kab ata hai
Sukh Kaur on May 18, 2010
its 2 god.its 100% of heart touching feelings.
masood malik on May 20, 2010
Very nice songs i love that...
00launora18 on May 24, 2010
slm what is this film called plz let me knw many thanks
Safoora Abbasi on May 26, 2010
@00launora18 Sur
happytym8 on June 01, 2010
this songgg is tooo nice!!!
khan kashmiri on June 07, 2010
@00launora18 film name is SUR
Anayat Khan on June 08, 2010
so so so nice
Mingma Sherpa on June 14, 2010
wow... what a voice
fara77777 on June 22, 2010
nice movie and nice song
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