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Comments on song "Zara Thahro"
edabrister on January 30, 2008
These is from movie 'Professor' and Dil Tera Dewana, the songs are all very
wonderful and the movie are great.
ravsue on March 25, 2008
this me n my dad favourite song!!!
we love it...
tomandjerry2007 on March 29, 2008
unursing,its called PROFESSOR.1964.
tomandjerry2007 on March 30, 2008
unursing,and second film is DIL TERA DIWANA HAI SANAM.
ghyejias on May 28, 2008
what is this aghhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!
lieberso on September 01, 2008
it's cullllllt
ProfessorNimal on September 02, 2008
Shammi was my favourite in the early 1960s as a kid growing up in Colombo.
He is still No. 1 in my heart, followed closely by Rjesh, Dev and Rajendra.
daljitp9 on September 27, 2008

I grew up in Colombo too. Used to see all these great movies at Ritz cinema hall and Lido Cinema hall.

nauort23 on October 31, 2008
I can't imagine how any woman playing the romantic partner to this queen
could keep a straight face.
lieberso on November 24, 2008
He's a great actor. Enjoy.
srtambe on March 13, 2009
As far as I know this was the only big movie she acted in, otherwise only a second grade actress
Za Qa on May 08, 2009
naurot: It seems u can hardly see real talent even if it bit you in the
face.And Shammi used this so called 'Queen' style as u so blatantly stated
to become a superstar which is prolly more than u can say 4 yourself.
Za Qa on May 08, 2009
Dear if u moved with the times you'd have heard of slang (abbreviated
English by now) but its evident u haven't XD. Actually I find it ironic how
u criticise him having his 'stardom handed 2 him on a silver platter when
the majority of Bollywood stars have had just
Za Qa on May 08, 2009
contd:that! :P .Yet most star children e.g. Abhishek Bachan are flops but
Shammi Kapoor wasn't.You see my point here, mister? And btw this guys
amazing looks and ''effeminate'' charm and persona on screen are what made
him a legend...swallow that Mr I know everything philosophical dude ...
nauort23 on May 08, 2009
You "inferred" nothing. You "blatantly" stated that S.K. "used... to become
a superstar, which is...more than you can say for yourself." Don't lie and
backpedal now. Your words are here in print. You've resorted to
name-calling because someone's opinion differs from yours. I did not
"criticise"; I asked a question. S.K. hardly had the competition that
Abhishek has. Regardless, I stick by my original comment; this guy playing
a hetero lover is laughable, and only Bollywood would even try it!
Za Qa on May 08, 2009
.PS Shammi is the best!no he's not hetro he's metro :D makes sense ennit?I
love you Shammi!You'll always be in our hearts :)
lieberso on May 20, 2009
She commited suicide later.
hcsachin on July 11, 2009
naurot: it seems u just dont know facts.. What kapoor family are you talking about? When he made his debut with Jeevan Jyothi, the family was not what it is fact the first RK banner film he acted in was in Premrog in 80s, 30 years after his debut!!!! He absolutely made it on his own otherwise he would not have had to struggle with 18 flops in a row before he hit big time!! An advise get your facts right before shooting off your mouth..
sundarraman1 on July 21, 2009
A sterling entertainer Shammi kapoor was the youth icon of the 60's with this film getting him a filmfare nomination .
vidhi200 on February 19, 2010
what is the name of the lady in the song ?
gorapup on March 01, 2010
The one in the first song is 'Kalpana' movie name is "Professor" and the
second one is Mala Sinha, movie name is "Dil Tera Deewana"
pinkfairyable on July 22, 2010
@vidhi200: kalpana in Khuli Palakme Jhoota Gussa n mala sinha in dil tera deewana!!
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