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Comments on song "Kitane Bhi Tu Kar Le Sitam, Sanam Teri Qasam"
Rakesh Nayak on April 29, 2007
A cool tribute to Kishore kumar!!
mvimran on May 21, 2007
Kishore da is simply gr8...I love this song...thanks for posting...Great Actor Kamal Hassan..
miahtariq on June 15, 2007
excellent choice of video, lovely dayz those were, magnificent singer, super actors which made u look at a film from start to finish,,,,,long live kishhor legacy
deepika12 on July 08, 2007
this song is really cool,.
deepika12 on July 08, 2007
she is cute
Steve Austin on July 28, 2007
Kishore's voice complements R.D.Burman's Music so well memorable song
someone true on March 27, 2008
can someone upload the same sung by asha bhosley
98jdhfk on July 13, 2008
can some body pls make video mix of this song
vedas plummer on September 13, 2008
i love this song and movie
exmafiagroup on November 16, 2008
wow fantastic song reena roy is the best
falakboxinglegend on February 15, 2009
she looks like my mum i just noticed lol anywayz luvin da song man
naila79 on March 03, 2009
wat an old song but its nice.
moffelpier on March 04, 2009
Then your mom is very pretty.
Greetings from Holland
nayaghoda on April 07, 2009
kishore kumar aur r.d.burmanji vapas aa jaaiye pls.
ZingZangZoh on June 27, 2009
loveeee this song so much. the tune's quite '' hat ke'' hainaa
firishta on June 28, 2009
hahaha this guy is crazy lol
lovelyyy song!!!
Swadesh Gaurav Singh on July 10, 2009
hmm lovely songs,,,,,,,thats y they say,,gold will always be gold.i wish
if they could ever make these kind of songs,,
ShiyamiCe SivaganasundaramKiLLaH on August 02, 2009
kAML AND reena
kashwaz on November 13, 2009
very nice song thx for uploading upload some more ols classic thx
madhumsr on December 18, 2009
remainds me of someone. hmmm.
namalpiya on February 17, 2010
im from sri lanka, love these old classics
Tiny Popy on February 17, 2010
these songs are immatchable kishore is the best
shahbaztherock on April 25, 2010
yeh pyar na hoga kam, sanam teri kasam
mihankhah on April 27, 2010
I'd would have loved to be on that bus, going through the Indian
Gul7577 on May 01, 2010
A real classic song...if i'm correct reena roy named her daughter SANAM after this movie.
Jamal Nasir on May 11, 2010
An Eternal R.D Classic..
gori489 on June 17, 2010
thts a niceeeeeeeeeeeeeeee song bu kishor da
Ali Raza on March 04, 2011
kishore is u kishore da.
yas17051984 on July 26, 2011
OMG What IS she wearing??? hahahaha good old days when loud was in!! ;PPP
TIGERZY2K on July 26, 2011
The bong pair of Kishore Kumar & RD Burman modernised the music of
bollywood cinemas
rajnonit on August 15, 2011
kamal hussan could had killed himself doing the do those video director come up with such an ideas??
stonehearted100 on January 04, 2012
too gud song kitne bhi tu kar le sitam has haske sahenge hum ...wah wah
roopashu on May 05, 2012
the one person who dislikes this song doesn't have a brain
MrSunny9271 on May 29, 2012
missing my childhood...i am 40 now but heart is still a lovely days of childhood .
Greatjak Jimmy on August 18, 2012
Some of kishore Da's Last Songs,, O my God Kishore Da Where R U Dear, I am
missing you very much
Akash Verma on March 05, 2013
best of d best
viek rai on April 06, 2013
zabbardsatt song.. rd burman in his best
Prakash S on May 31, 2013
do girls really like such back running guys !! ?? i wonder. becoz im afraid
if i go behind a girl she might think im a road romeo ..! any solutions ?
Mantis on August 21, 2013
old but fresh music
Because I'm Batman! on August 21, 2014
Wow! Still sounds so fresh. The music, melodious voice, the beautiful
lyrics.. Amazing!!
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