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Comments on song "Kora Kagaz Tha Yeh Man Mera"
magarboi on July 04, 2009
how can RnB and hiphop or anything compare to this song... ??? its like comparing coal n a diamond. This is a masterpiece.. will never be made again.. but i wish someone could.
chal1mere2bhai3 on July 06, 2009
are rajesh babu ka wo palko ke sath sir ko jhukana jaanleva hai
graceisin on July 06, 2009
whoa chill magarboi dude! even a dimbrain knows u cant compare indian n western music(which i doubt u ever heard)-its an altogether different genre! i just said i like oldies as much as i like R&B ,Hip hop,rock, country music- varied taste as simple as dat.u dnt hv to start a catfight here by comparing dem to coal n diamond for Gods sake!
Star2000s on July 11, 2009
beautiful song..
vish2254 on July 13, 2009
music like this can be made only once and lata and kishore were at their
antoajay on July 14, 2009
best song ever its live long long
insanewithrani on July 14, 2009
one of my favorite songs ever
sam7748 on July 15, 2009
Sharmila's nose belongs on Lord Ganesh! LOL
insanewithrani on July 17, 2009
there was a bangla version of this song does anyone know the name of the
bangla one
Sasikala sasi on July 18, 2009
anyway your english stinks so we couldn't grab your joke
Seth Ramesh on August 01, 2009
Superb Music
Ravi Panjwani on August 02, 2009
salute to kishore Da n Lata,,,,,,
sanyasisanyasi on August 04, 2009
aaj hridoye bhalobeshe...
487dude on August 06, 2009
best song sweet n touching direct to heart. usman
TheSuperbrains on August 12, 2009
guys this song touches my heart every time I hear it
adrimayo on August 13, 2009
mafia24able on August 13, 2009
awesome song. Rajesh Khanna just won a achement aword in IIFA.
monactc85 on August 15, 2009
Just loving the song.nice ,superrrrrr...
Manu Nagra on August 15, 2009
Perfect song, feel relaxed whenever I hear it.
MultiRedwan on August 16, 2009
one of the best song in the world.
Nagesh Shukla on August 28, 2009
I love this song . reminds me of India ... simply love the lyrics
..Kaka u are great ..
znpower on August 28, 2009
thanks for uploading such a nice song
avinashketha on August 28, 2009
all time favourite song of mine..i just love this song
Vellaipura on September 01, 2009
The new movie directors should learn from this kind of movies.. so flirty items...its just a romantic acting as real.. i love Rajesh & Sharmila...
malik6140 on September 07, 2009
its al about me realy friends
03129662345 on September 07, 2009
Name to likha,,per likha he reh jata hay,,bad main usi name k saharay jeena perta hay
Vellaipura on September 09, 2009
i keep watching this v clip.i feel like wanna fall in romantic these guys..but i don't feel it with current movies...
kxtone on September 10, 2009
I know what you mean. You know the now movie focus on the look more and not
the emotional side of it. Just look at the actors, most are muscle bound
steriod user seems like. It just doesn't realistic anymore. This video is
like your everyday person and not hollywood like people. That is what I
like about the old movie. Or it could just be that I'm old
kxtone on September 10, 2009
use real player
vamseYoTu on September 10, 2009
this is for my sweets..! she loves it..! luv u ammu..-che..!
kunaljug on September 11, 2009
a melodious song...i love zis song!!!
impexman on September 13, 2009
wow Absolutely amazing sound and picturisation . Tagore looks are breathataking.
Manoj Kureel on September 14, 2009
kxtone im absolutly agree with u...
amitpandeypandey on September 15, 2009
very mast song i just love it
Ravi Panjwani on September 15, 2009
very touching song..
vivedsen on September 18, 2009
This song has a unique record. In 1969, when an EP and 78 RPM records were
Rs. 4-8 per piece, the records of this movie pre-release were sold for a
value of around Rs. 8 lacs.
Dhananjaya Warunasinghe on September 19, 2009
One of my favorites..i love this song and movie both
khush491987 on September 20, 2009
God has stopped making women like sharmila tagore
purushottamdk on September 24, 2009
westernization has stopped it and not god.
randika100100 on September 26, 2009
so pure man! so pure! wonderful! no words.. I don't find this in new
indian music :( . Not only music but also the video. It shows pure love.
Not like new lustful stuff.
vaibhav371 on September 29, 2009
crystal clear voice..but from the heart.. i love Mohd. Rafi..kishore's
voice can b copied but not Mohd. Rafi
myonlineid on September 29, 2009
One of my most favorite songs since childhood!
Henali Patel on October 04, 2009
haha my dad's fav song loll
maverick21121 on October 05, 2009
lol. my dad's too. for some reason i like it too. awesome song
Radhisai1 on October 06, 2009
fantastic song...CAn listen to it any number of times..
Diana Enache on October 06, 2009
verry beatiful this song :X se faceau melodii frumoase pe timpuri mult mai
frumoase ;):)
ajay maken on October 10, 2009
with the bun that size how does she manage to keep her head straight? lol..
randika100100 on October 13, 2009
Dude either u r very cheap or u have a psychotic problem.
ali a on October 23, 2009
great indie song from paki
demona6 on October 24, 2009
..lust is basic, love is an ideology we aspire to ...
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