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Comments on song "Laagi Chhute Naa Ab To Sanam"
hooda1970 on October 23, 2009
Beautiful song Thanks for loading
hooda1970 on October 23, 2009
Beautiful song Thanks for loading
Mahesh Arora on November 16, 2009
good song , thanks
Guru Singh on December 26, 2009
Lovely song that descends in your heart
Guru Singh on May 31, 2010
love to hear this song time and again
preeyadev on June 06, 2010
can an angel please translate this song from hindi to english for me .please.
khalid20000 on June 09, 2010
muhammad rafi ap ki kia baat hay
tum awaz ki khubsurti ap per end hay
vng61 on August 18, 2010
What a beautiful duet is this...simple but authentic...truely
authentic...very few contemporary songs can be so powerful... Rafisaab n
Latadidi r absolutely lethal !! vng
Guru Singh on August 18, 2010
@preeyadev the messge sent to you was for this song
sundarraman69 on October 26, 2010
Great song of my younger days. Nice words.
Riaz Ali on December 26, 2010
What a wonderful collection and upload!. Good taste. A matchless duet of
the past.Two pillars of the musii world are confronted. A great composition.
barkha1512 on April 22, 2011
i luv this song really so touchyyyyyy
rafisolanki on May 14, 2011
Dadubadsha sahib,thnks 4 uploading such a sweet n full of frangrace song of my juvenile age song.In those days, i was the fan of Shekhar,shakeela and kumkum.The three deptt.of the songs;lyrics,words of the song and music are the best combination 4 the composition of the best song.Superb,unique and an outstanding poem of the love.The poetry and music are the best medium to reflect the juvenile lyrics of the young hearts.In this song,it is done the same.(14.05.2011).
jeewan804 on May 17, 2011
very romantic and heart touching duet.. dedicate it to all lovers of my age.!!
Milahi1935 on June 01, 2011
Rafi and Lata have sung a great masterpiece. The tune is very gentle and
the voices compliment each other in softness. Full of emotions. This duet
is eternal.
Lalit Sharma on June 21, 2011
Out of the world Rafi Sahab's voice is like ..No words.. sorry.
Anupama Kamath on July 20, 2011
nothing like listening to these melodies
Satyen Sharma on August 28, 2011
A masterpiece sung by eternal voices
Daljit Bhogal on September 13, 2011
Beautiful song.
narinder kahlon on November 29, 2011
One of the best song sung by Eternal match.
Sholay48 on January 29, 2012
Listening to this beautiful song is the same as visiting a museum
containing all beatiful species which have diappeared from the earth
surface never to be re-created. The good thing is that I feel lucky to have
been there when they existed.
asha1053 on March 17, 2012
wonderful song!...wonderful music!.Rafi Saheb and Lata Jee great!
Guru Singh on March 18, 2012
Vijay Nadgir on May 16, 2012
This song will be forever loved. Most endearing melody. Thank you.
Dilip Gupte on June 25, 2012
The power of music! The film was a D grade film but its music was superb.
This is perhaps the first song where mouth organ is used. Chandrashekhar
and Shakila were not great stars but the music of their films was very
sweet. It is disheartening that Chitragupt had to compose music for such
GCMS2010 on July 29, 2012
Subhash Gupta on August 25, 2012
rafi and lata and chitragupt at its peak
Ravindra Ghune on August 31, 2012
super video song
penta15786 on September 11, 2012
As I have often said that Indian film music was at least 200 years ahead of
its movies that Bollywood was producing. The pictures could not do justice
to this kind of melody. If you look at the film it takes away the awesome
quality of this music.
Babu Raj on September 15, 2012
Are the actors, Chandrashekar & Shakila respectively?
alishah Hind on September 16, 2012
An enchanting melody with heart wrenching poetry.Shakila worked in some of
the most melodious movies.TOWER HOUSE is one of them.
Raghunauth udho on February 09, 2013
What soothing melody from the king and queen of melody.Every song is seeped
in its own mood, the background in the movie blends beautifully with the
tune. A very wonderful song.
Chethu Sharma on March 19, 2013
Yes. This is the essence of Romance. The true inner feelings are brought
out, especially in the line "Door hun phir bhi, dhil ke kareeb nishaana hai
tera". Simply moving.
ASHOK DHINGRA on April 24, 2013
Manisha Verma on May 02, 2013
superb everlasting melody eternal song.
Abdul Vahid K on August 09, 2013
yes friend u r absolutely right
satvinder bhalla on August 18, 2013
great song. i could never imagine that i would be able to watch. we used to
listen it on radio vividbharti in our childhood
gopal sinha on August 25, 2013
Very sweet song...immensely popular even today...
Satish Loke on November 26, 2013
nice song
Datturao Kulkarni on December 13, 2013
Chandrshekhar &Shakilas acting superb.
Lalit Kishore Gupta on March 14, 2014
nice duet ! made for each other!
Muzaffar Ali on June 19, 2014
100 years ago, when i was a student of class 10, i fell in love, to listen
this song. since then,, i always love to listen it again and again.
v.welldone. Great Hament an living legend Lata jee.. Ch Muzaffar Ali From
Jagjit Singh Ishar on September 16, 2014
Wonderful melody nice orchestration. One of the best of
Rafi-Lata-Chitragupt creation.
Hashim Khan on November 23, 2014
Tribute To Mohammad Rafi Sahab By Singer Hashim Khan & Anuradha ji
Anura Ratnayake on March 05, 2015
Very popular here in early 60's
Raman Beri on March 06, 2015
Is song ko sun ke chtuti bhuli Sab lag jati hai.what a hear soothing song
laagi choote na
Ashok Gupta on June 18, 2015
Lovely &sweet song
Ashok Gupta on October 04, 2015
Evergreen song
Girish Dave on October 05, 2015
NIRAJ GARG on October 27, 2015
nice song
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