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Comments on song "Lucky Tonight, Aao Na"
Dalton Mcjennson on October 05, 2013
Kanishka Sharma on October 05, 2013
aur kch bhi bol do aunty ..!
7ankss on October 05, 2013
I hate foreign dancers, on Indian songs videos. We are Indian, and we
have much better dancers,,,,,, Bringing foreign dancers, does not make a
song better/good... Next time, try to get some good lyrics, and music
composition, btw this is horrible
Wisdombluetooth on October 05, 2013
The girl is farty
Victoria P on October 05, 2013
lol, I'm sure you're perfect, never do anything or you will be called the
same thing.
lestari yuli on October 05, 2013
its so fulgar video"!!! but nice songs (y) ;)
Saira Murtuza on October 06, 2013
They didn't have enough money to pay her dress
Emran Hussain on October 06, 2013
Shes the singer
Richh08 on October 06, 2013
Good song BUT too many russians, haha.
Rohit Sharma on October 06, 2013
Sanam puri is amazing!
Mohammad Zeeshan Khan on October 06, 2013
Best Song!!! Awesome Music!!!!! Respect Rajeev!!!!
Ahmed Mize on October 06, 2013
Which movie is this plz tall
anounaki on October 06, 2013
very nice tune
alien0312 on October 06, 2013
Who the fack are you to judge?
Vaisakh Rajan on October 06, 2013
nyc song anyway (Y)
Sajal K. Mitra on October 06, 2013
B.A. Pass nahi dekhi kya?
Angkana Rodphet on October 07, 2013
Thai lady ( annmitchai ) very beautiful
Gallino11 on October 07, 2013
Amazing sanam puri
Rishabh Saran on October 07, 2013
Song is bang on
Roselt7 on October 07, 2013
Greets from Lithuania, awesome song :))))
anounaki on October 09, 2013
song is good
Sharmistha Mohajan on October 09, 2013
Rajeev Khandelwal with long hair looks like Jon Snow from Game of Thrones :o
scuzzy2099 on October 11, 2013
How about the full song please!?!
Erinny Prettyland on October 19, 2013
ann mitchai very hot : love U
Dalton Mcjennson on October 19, 2013
india + thailand=best friends.. peace
Milan Aryal on October 21, 2013
really superb song 4 me dis year .. thumbs up ann mitchai
bekind on October 22, 2013
love this modern party song, sounds sooooo KOOOL, love it love it, where;s
the remix ?
xt230 on December 15, 2013
Best song ever! :) Love Thailand foreva!!!
Jaden McFredden on January 12, 2014
Love Ann Mitchai>>> Lucky Girl and I love India sO Much>>>
Ranjini Ravi on July 12, 2015
The only good thing about this song - Sanam Puri!! Just THE BEST!!!!
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