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Comments on song "Man Re Hari Gun Gaa"
Bharat Gul on December 04, 2011
Lataji singing for the beloved actress Suchitra Sen is a welcome treat in
itself. It's doubled in its pleasure giving effect because of the presence
of two highly admired character actors, Bipin Gupta and Durga Khote, in the
clip. Thank you.
rumahale on February 10, 2012
To be frank, I was not familiar with this song. It sounds beautiful -
rendered with all devotion by Lata Mangeshkar on Suchitra Sen. Now, I look
forward for your 100th upload. Thanks for excellent post.
Dee Thakore on February 24, 2012
The looks of Suchitra Sen Vs her granddaughters ... she wins hands down :)
Her versatility and her ability to play any role comes very natural to her.
She is part Meena kumari & part Madhubala :) In this bhajan the use of
pakhawaj / tanpura...with reduce tempo and then taking to the high makes your heart sink into the stomach.
rumahale on October 02, 2012
Hearing it after seven months and same soothing effect experienced, thanks
to Shailendra, Salil Chowdhary, Lata Mangeshkar and Suchitra Sen combined
effect. Thanks again.
crazyoldsongs on October 02, 2012
this song was very rarely heard on the radio ! may be i heard it once or
twice only . it was so nice to see this beloved bhajan at last and i just
adore this natural picturisation with the lovely and innocent looking
suchitra sen enacting the song ! and thank you for bringing to notice the
character actor bipin gupta . . i was not familiar with his name and he
seems as natural as the popular durga khote i this scene ! thank you so
much !
crazyoldsongs on October 02, 2012
a lovely rendition by lata ji ! as always of course . she can sing anything
! low or high notes seem to come easily without effort from her . suchitra
sen is really beautiful but i never thought her as part meena kumari and
part madhubala ! that is a wonderful way to describe her :) you have given
me something to think about too ! thank you dee !
crazyoldsongs on October 02, 2012
thank you ! i adore this bhajan ! it is so simple and yet so sweet ! you
are right , it is very soothing indeed ! thank you !
Mani Menon on October 03, 2012
Goodness! I'm listening to this lovely song after decades and decades! As a
college student in Bombay, I had seen 'Musafir' as a morning show in a
theatre. And I had simply loved it! The story is so unique! The protagonist
is a house for rent! It's a three part movie showing different people
staying at different times in this house. This song and the playful "Munna
bada pyara, ammi ka dulara..." are songs in a song book that successive
tenants leave behind on a shelf! sung by the characters
crazyoldsongs on October 03, 2012
you are so right ! i had wanted to see this movie for a long time due to
ths rarely heard bhajan ! and at last when i saw it after buying the vcd ,
i was in tears ! i think it is the best movie by hrishikesh mukherji
although his first attempt as a director . it is sad that it was not a box
office hit . the unique , simple movie with three different stories
portraying birth , life and death was really heart wrenching . i still can
watch it any number of times . !
crazyoldsongs on October 03, 2012
thank you so much for a nice obsevation of this clip !
Mani Menon on October 03, 2012
It was not a box office hit. Not because it was a bad movie. But because of
the poor taste of the Hindi moviegoer. So sad!
crazyoldsongs on October 03, 2012
absolutely right . ! i could give it the highest reaward if it was in my
hands , even after so many years :)
gopal sinha on January 18, 2014
Beautiful bhajan for a beautiful actress-- one of the best gifts of Bangal
gopal sinha on January 18, 2014
Beautiful bhajan for a beautiful actress-- one of the best gifts of Bangal
Suresh Maloo on June 22, 2014
This upload is truly rare and precious, This devotional song is so
touching, and new for me.
Every morning I get up and search to find a new song, hitting upon no less
than 20-30, Incidentally, I already have a big lot of good songs.
Sincere thanks and regards.
Jagjit Singh Ishar on September 18, 2014
Very sweet & melodious devotional song. An excellent composition by Salil
Choudhary & very well picturized.
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