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Comments on song "Mere Mehboob Na Ja, Aaj Ki Raat Na Ja"
dilij1 on June 28, 2008
Great song, one of best of Suman Kalyanpur and music director Jani Babu
(qawwal). Thanks for sharing.
Pramod Kumar Meena on August 06, 2008
Really Amazing! Melodious & awesome Voice.Great song
Pramod Kumar Meena on August 06, 2008
Really Amazing! Melodious & awesome Voice of Suman Kalyanpur.Great song
snehal doshi on January 16, 2010
till today many believe that this song has been sung by lata. such was
the quality of sumans voice. Again this reminds of love not fulfilled.
nkp777 on February 07, 2010
Since I heard this master piece first time in my life,after 40yrs i have
the same love for this.Thanks to the artist who created this.Also thanks to
the technology .Diamonds Are Forever.
Padam Bhushan on March 26, 2010
Thanks for sharing this rare but great song. This film NOOR MAHAL had some
more great songs like the Qawalli "Rehte ho kis galli mein" and romantic
"Naino mein kahra Masha Allah" sung by the great Mohd. Rafi. Wish we could
find those too.. Noor Mahal - Music: Jani Babu Qawwal Lyrics: Saba Afghani,
Producer: Ratan Kumar, Director: Naushir Engineer.
Devvrat Desai on July 21, 2010
You can't judge on radio is she Lata's or Sman's voice!!!!!!!!is not it?
Devvrat Desai on July 21, 2010
You can't judge on radio is she Latamangeshaar or sumankalyanpur!!!!!!!!!!!
bd gogia on July 30, 2010
While travelling through desert in Kuwait long ago, my local Arab colleague
was hugely impressed - not by this song being broadcast on Radio Kuwait -
but by the alap of this outstanding singer -
bd gogia on July 30, 2010
@dcd23501 You are not the only one to think so - till recently I was also
of the same impression ?
Devvrat Desai on September 12, 2010
@apiluvfather You are absoltely right!!!!
Surjeet Singh on September 29, 2010
u have milestone collection of rare voice suman kalyanpur thanx 4 heartiest
nilaupuli on January 17, 2011
ugly hairstyle she has
lahore2vancouver on May 24, 2011
I h been tinling was sung by LATA Ji .But Summan Kalyanpur Left every
Female in this song Way Back !
Mohan Udiavar on May 25, 2011
Great music and fantastic singing. I always thought it was lataji. Long
Live Sumanji and her songs.
Zenbaba Ali on June 21, 2011
She was a great singer my friends.
Tarun Banerji on July 31, 2011
Jani babu wanted Lata Mangashkar to sing this song but she refused even to
listen the tune as Jani babu was a quual singer and not a top notch music
director. But eventually it was a gain for Suman Kalyanpur who was equally
talented as Mangeskar sisters.
rumahale on September 22, 2011
@mohanudiavar Thanks for liking. Suman ji was also talented but had to be
contented with less opportunities.
mahakavi on October 26, 2011
This is part - 01, not part-02
rumahale on October 27, 2011
@mahakavi Thanks for the clarification. I have posted all three parts -
please spare time to visit other two, so that necessary corrections could
be made.
mahakavi on October 27, 2011
@rumahale Happh New Year and Diwali Mubarak. I think No- 03 is No - 01 02 -
is 02 and 01 - is 03 Thanks, Mirza Jamal
nilaupuli on January 10, 2012
very haunting
rumahale on January 12, 2012
@sbkatara No. Thanks for the interest shown.
luminous787 on February 18, 2012
Suman kalyanpur has done a tremendous job in this and many other
songs...she does sound like lataji at places but on high notes. you can
make out the diffrence...even with that difference I agree that Suman
Kalyanpur sang fabulously...
Tarun Banerji on February 26, 2012
Suman kalyanpur voice had best of Lata ( sweetness) and Asha ( sensuality).
Alas she did not get due recognition in Hindi film music due to dirty
politics.It is great loss of we music lovers.
Akaash Jain on May 08, 2012
can anyone give the movie link to watch online? It is awsome movie would
luv to watch again. or anyone upload pls
Deep Singh on August 02, 2012
I see where Bally Sagoo got his inspiration for his video "Noorie"
Haji Mhmd Umar umar on October 11, 2012
mere m ehboob
naved khan on November 12, 2012
who is poet this gazal (unka talluq RAMPUR U.P se hai)
Arun marwah on November 22, 2012
Haunting voice & great lyrics.
Arun marwah on November 22, 2012
One can listen to this song for hours!!! & Not get bored! What More can be
Arun marwah on November 22, 2012
Suman Kalyanpur Rules myheart
rumahale on November 23, 2012
Thank you for the rich appreciation. I am also her fan.
Gulabchand Tiwari on August 20, 2013
great song
Jagjit Singh Ishar on January 28, 2014
Amazing sweet composition & the honey sweet voice. hats off to Jaani Babu
qawal & Suman Kalyanpur for the melodious gem. Usually mistaken for Lata,
Suman has so sweet voice quality.
Surinder Kaushal on May 10, 2014
best composition

Aruna B Upadhyaya on June 11, 2014
Suman Kalyanpur has excellent voice.Love all her songs 
Samsul Haque on August 17, 2014
What a soulful one. The more I listen, the more I feel deep. 
Naresh Grover on September 03, 2014
Best in haunting melodies.
Comparable if not better than similar songs sung by Lata .
Arun Kaul on December 24, 2014
That is the voice which gave tough competition to lata but lata prevailed
due to her links...
Nazim Ahmed Sayed on March 02, 2015
Iss Naghme ki tareef ke liye woh alfaaz naheen hain jo mein pesh kar sakun
. samajh mein naheen aata hai ke Suman Kalyanpuri ne yeh naghma kitni
mushq ke baad gaya hoga... kitna utaar.. kitna chadhau.. meri zindagi ki
saari dawlat iss gaane par qurbaan. iss sey behtar koi song naheen...
Kaushal K Prasad on April 30, 2015
Nice Song it gives pleasure
Habeeb Haneef Abdul Quadri on May 22, 2015
Late is common singer
Manoj Bhatt on June 20, 2015
Only sumanji beat lataji one side put this song in balance pan one side and
oppose side all songs of lataji. Only this one song balance all songs of
ANIL KUMAR P K on July 10, 2015
Amazing sweet composition & the honey sweet voice. hats off to Jaani Babu
qawal & Suman Kalyanpur for the melodious gem. Usually mistaken for Lata,
Suman has so sweet voice quality.
Chandrika Patel on November 02, 2015
Is it rag Kalawati? Can please some
One clarified that?
Nayanmoni Baruah on December 06, 2015
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