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Comments on song "Mohabbat Ki Jhuthi Kahani Pe Roye"
faizakthar irfan on August 02, 2010
this is songs very real story sen
smile4sadik on October 09, 2010
what a classic poetry.lata g only you could sing these songs
Saayo Naara on June 28, 2011
Madhubala lived and died like as she was sung in this song. The lyric goes
some what parallel with her real life as I've learned from the web site.
Every living soul will taste death but the legacy we leave behind will
haunt us even after we gone into grave. I worry about myself and those poor
souls like Mumtaz Jahan Begum Dehlavi. I beg you to pray for her soul (and
for me) for forgiveness. For a loving person (living or not living)
frequent DU'A is THE BEST GIFT one can give.
pran jalali on August 23, 2011
my heart goes out for her. She did not deserve to die so early. May her
soul rest in peace. Amen
Hanna Laakso on August 25, 2011
I would love to see this movie some time!
JAMBULINGAM ARUMUGAM on November 11, 2011
one of the best songs of melody queen Lathaji.
SangeeetJ on December 03, 2011
Great Lyrics...Great Tune.Great Singing.Great Action.. a salute to all
the petite on December 19, 2011
@pobox101 i agree , she was so sad at the 10 last years of her life. i'm
from different country, i don't understand the words of this song, but this
woman was so famous in my country , we also describe a nice woman by saying
: she's beautiful like madhubala. she's just awesome and so talented.
actresses of nowadays don't even come close to this Diva. i pray for her
and ask Allah to give her Rahma (Mercy)
Dinesh Vasudevan on January 01, 2012
Kahaan gaye woh mohabbat. pyaar jo aaj kal ki noujawaanon ke dil mein
khabristhan ban ke rah gaye ho, lata ji aap mohabbat ki paigam ho!
Aishu68 on January 14, 2012
@BollyWoodia You really should,it is outstanding and so deep...im19 yet i
melt so easily with old movies like this one which makes u discover the
tale of TRUE LOVE...
pran jalali on February 27, 2012
I think Madhubala was legend by herself though had a sad and early
departure from this world. I think this world was decieved as a whole with
her sudden and early demise. May God Almighty bestow peace to her soul
pnimmi Chaudhary on March 18, 2012
Madhubala ji to amar ho gainee iss film main yeh role karke, lagta hai real
life main bhi apne marnay se pahlay kishor sahib se bhi kuchh aisa hi kaha
hoga . Main bhi jab kabhi yeh geet gati thi to roney lagti thee.aaj bhi
kaleja ------------------------hai. May she R. I .P in the lap of God ! May
God bless Lata ji long & happy life. May God bless Lata ji long & happy
RandOceans on April 05, 2012
I really think she was an under-appreciated actress. The way she performed
in the scene "Khudha Nigheheban" in Mughal-E-Azam I could see she way
constricting and almost clenching her throat, I read somewhere that is
actually where the body feels sadness. I mean thats a good example how
amazingly instinctive and immersive actor she played Anarkali very well, I
really don't think she's just beauty.
Ghani Braish on June 08, 2012
I think Madhubala was legend by herself though had a sad and early departure from this world. I think this world was decieved as a whole with her sudden and early demise. May God Almighty bestow peace to her soul
pranjalali 3 months ago
nsa89422 on August 01, 2012
Though it is a fact that she is the most beautiful actress bollywood has
ever had, she was always noted for that fact rather than for her acting.
She was an outstanding actress and a very efficient dancer. Look at her
performance in the song "Pyaar kiya toh darna kya". Marvelous! Madhubalaji,
I hope you will be noted for your other rare aspects too. You are and will
always be the Queen in every which way.
lildorilil on August 02, 2012
She died so young r.i.p Madhubala Thumbs up if you love Madhubala !
Jaseeka Rawr on August 17, 2012
If you haven't already(I'm trying to spread the world as I would've loved
to have been told ;)) you can watch it at Desitara(dot)com, Search
Mughal-e-azam part 1/19. A great person has uploaded it there & with
English subtitles as well! It made me cry.. beautiful movie. All around
perfect movie. God Bless! :)
Jaseeka Rawr on August 18, 2012
Now one of my all-time favorites. Lata's voice with Madhubala's acting is
just a superb combination. Such heart in this song, you really feel it.
David Greig on August 18, 2012
Mughal-E-Azam showing on big screen at Bradford Media Museum on Sunday 2
September 2012 at 12pm.
shaikhdishgan1 on August 18, 2012
classic love songs and great ghazal is very high class that need subtitel
maq mohan on October 24, 2012
modhu I love u...May God peace ur soul...
kyrikmk on January 05, 2013
fantastic film with a sad ending.i love the songs in this film eventhough
im greek.
Vishwa Mitter on February 14, 2013
pathotic sad song with touching voice of lata/madhubala best beauty of
Indian film industry
SARDAR KHAYER on March 14, 2013
Heart breaking voice of Lataji
asma pinks on April 23, 2013
Love is true only when it involves ur parents or child .
Kedarnath Kedar on April 26, 2013
Only Naushad is capable of creating such beautiful music with only a
tabla,piano and a guitar for this song,,,a stark contrast of overly using
too many instruments and creating a loud noisy music as some of the
composers(not all) of today do.
Pankaj Bagra on June 07, 2013
she was the only one who can look so beautiful even in prison
anakein on July 23, 2013
got dumped recently? :P how 'bout the love between your parents? :)
asma pinks on July 25, 2013
True love definition ?
Mindmatters101 on August 25, 2013
I know right...
Ashok Gaddam on September 03, 2013
simply superb
rohini pandey on September 28, 2013
nice Lovely Song
Mc Douglas on February 14, 2014
Madhu Bala aur Lata Ji...Kiya kehnay hein ap k
waseem sheikh on September 01, 2014
nice song
Shakil Khan on September 28, 2014
subhaanallah kiya bol shakil sahenb ne likhe amar hainlata ji nai bulandi
ramesh babu on June 04, 2015
Kyu rulathi ye mohabbath
SOULREAVER on July 27, 2015
amazing tuned on Raag Darbaari
Zarin Khan on September 11, 2015
shahzad khan on October 13, 2015
I live these kind of songs because of my uncle even my told me that is 2015
and you are come on buddy
but when I hear I really feeling rest of soul.
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