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Comments on song "Mu Kaalaa Mukaabalaa Hogaa O Lailaa"
darkrevelation on July 19, 2006
the trannies in this video excite me!
priya777 on August 12, 2006
OMG they crack me up this a remake of a tamil movie or vice versa with prabhu deva in it?
unkleji on September 18, 2006
i think this is remake. funny video though
doka510 on November 16, 2006
does anyone know the name of the movie of the original song?
asil4825 on December 14, 2006
Origial movie was in Tamil " Kadhalan" and they dubbed it into Telugu and Hindi as "Gentlemen". I think this song is just a spoof taken from that movie :-)
sairamesh on January 13, 2007
Sanu's version is far far better than the original!!!
coolreptile on March 26, 2007
Wow, this brings back memories, I use to idolize Akshay back then and still do. I admit this song has it's own uniquesness but I like the original from "Humse Hai Muqabla" with Prabhu Deva. I remember watching Akshay dance to that song at a concert in Toronto in 1995 and man was he amazing, he performed atleast 3 times to that song because of the people's request!
Nameless2k6 on April 27, 2007
Actually, I don't think it was called Gentlemen. The songs in Gentlemen are different. That was a seperate movie that came out in 93. In the Hindi dubbed version...Its called Humse Hai Muqabala.
M3JStile on July 30, 2007
Kumar Sanu's voice suits Akshay Kumar, at least Akshay Kumar back then. :D
namithamelwin on November 28, 2007
she is very rosy color and glamorous the most in bollywood.
chof0319 on November 29, 2007
Akki was also funny back then.
nickname2121 on January 09, 2008
i dun really like
burhanur on February 05, 2008
Big rip off of Humse hai muqabla
afsarny on February 12, 2008
good songs remind of old times back in bangladesh
MadzBest on February 23, 2008
love this song!.brings back memories
nafeeshoque on February 26, 2008
never seen this video.

but does bring back memories of bangladesh...
MusicGiver2 on May 30, 2008
the tamil one is sooo much better
GuyaneseAnime on May 30, 2008
they just used this song in hindi for this movie as a remake.Prabhu deva the guy that did the tamil also did on translated in hindi(audio)
nassima06 on July 01, 2008
respect to that comment!!!
Qam001 on July 07, 2008
lol this brings back memories of when i was in first school lol. i was about 6 or 7 lol.
Prownis on September 29, 2008
these were thy funny movies

know thr is no funny movies tht u can laught on

hope it would be diffrent

lily4emerald on November 02, 2008
this movie seems to have loads of good songs..isnt it?
ghazal786nyc on November 06, 2008
yoo his dance is damnn funy
Suh4n4 on November 08, 2008
reali nyce song
old songz r just da best
Manjeet16 on November 30, 2008
This song makes me miss your joker-ness hehe
Car rides to school hehe!
Love Youu <3
MJ <3
chof0319 on December 04, 2008
Akki makes a hilarious facial expression.
fashion0900 on February 26, 2009
the song is catchy. akshay is amazing as always. :)
pklover83 on March 22, 2009
good chanachal singing
kumara sanu always best
Wagon0Wheels on March 29, 2009
Hi. There are recent photos of Mamta Kulkarni on the hamara photos website. She is still as gorgeous as she was back in her acting days! I miss Mamta acting in films.
tahmina16 on May 15, 2009
oh my god, i have been looking for this song for a long time. thanks for uploading it.
trips1989 on June 21, 2009
rediculus. i think theres a hindi version of rahman's song!
shakthiman on June 21, 2009
YEs. THere is a HINDI version, and its a BIG HIT!!
The film was dubbed into HIndi as 'HUMSE HAI MUQABLA' and the HINDI version of the song is a MEGAHIT!!
westminister09 on August 09, 2009
Its not as if the music and the whole thing is copied, just the mukabala word.
zer09ravity on September 11, 2009
dont even dare to think you are rahman
akshayekhanna1999fan on September 29, 2009
akshay's funny here,
but great song man
WaqtKate on January 08, 2010
this song isn't even a copy, it's a parody lol

the only hindi copy of the rahman song is Raguveer - O Jaaneman Chehra Tera

Love this songgg tho and the original rahman one is amazing in it's own way of course
funmania79 on February 13, 2010
Super Song, I like songs like this on my way to work on M6/M5 from Birmingham to Coventry. I remind my teenage, which was lovely and truly superb. I thought at that time, that I am the most intelligent and understand everything about life but like "most teenagers" I was wrong.

Love you all.
seemerawrimadinosaur on April 29, 2010
this is a failure to copy A.R. Rahman's Tamil original of Mukkala in the movie Kadhalan.

the whole essence of the song in Tamil has totally vanished here.
40977676 on May 11, 2010
LOL it's just a parody of it (as mentioned by chof0319). Concentrate on the lyrics. Unless of course you can't understand Hindi, then my apologies.
mamtaa on December 05, 2010
@bsamra1124 lol if you think i am wrong then serach for khakeshan patel the smach hits site there are same pics but with khakeshan name...khakeshan patel is a model and actress .she acted as kareena sister in kombaat ishq.why should tell you wrong thing
mamtaa on December 05, 2010
@bsamra1124 you are not mamta fan ...i am sure about it ...dont you ask yourself that how the size of mamta nose enhansed largly .how color of her eys changed ...
mamtaa on December 05, 2010
@bsamra1124lol..wait wait ...opps mean the girl in this clip or the pics in hamara site ?..i thought you said about the recent pics in hamara site ...if you mean the girl in the sabse bada khiladi ..yeh she is mamta
bsamra1124 on December 09, 2010
@mamtaa srry dude i was talking about the girl in the video, i misunderstood u, srry about that dude
mamtaa on December 09, 2010
@bsamra1124 no problem dear friend..i thought that you mean the girl in the photos of hamara site .
Shovelware on May 04, 2012
FAIL to replicate A. R. Rahmans magic. LMAO
Yashi cheri on September 21, 2012
I love this version :) and the regular
Adeel ARSHAD on February 19, 2013
akshay at its worse...
Adeel ARSHAD on February 19, 2013
Akshay has come so far just because of his acting
nsundu123 on April 12, 2013
He is the Best Action Hero in Btown & Does Comedy At His best No Acting Wat
so Ever ???? Ajnabee Aankhen , Aitraaz , namastey London Can A worthless
Actor Survive 21 Yrs in Bollywood ??
mohammed minnar hussain on December 17, 2013
super classic!
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