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Comments on song "Mujhe Kuch Kehnaa Hai"
Idono Stuff on June 14, 2010
Omfgh this is some sick things
Idono Stuff on June 14, 2010
@321321kf True dat br0
hira1ft on August 06, 2011
The moment i heard this song, i was enchanted by its lyrics and voices, never saw the picture till now, its a terribly addictive to see the moves and touches by Dimple Kapadia, did she made other cute movies?.i must NOT miss those, Plz tell me...!
Carolyne on September 17, 2011
This song is so cute! I loved that star-tree ;P
Carolyne on September 17, 2011
Dimple was too young in this movie and this is weird, but I forget
everything when Rishi appears. Sorry, I'm terribly silly.
Chiman Jagani on October 17, 2011
Album: Bobby
Year: 1973
Track: Mujhe Kuchh Kahna Hai
Singer: Shailendra Lata
Album Star Cast: RishiKapoor DimpleKapadia Pran PremNath
Track Star Cast: RishiKapoor DimpleKapadia
Wasif Bashir on November 29, 2011
great great great song...
bazlur on January 06, 2012
@carolyne4 She was not so young, but dressed as young girl. She was best
looking in this film I think and rishi was not so beautiful as his dad or
uncles, but he was young at that time and dressed and painted nicely even
that time. I liked this song a lot than other ones
TheDhoomP on February 06, 2012
@bazlur Dimple was 16 when this was filmed.
Caroline Duliat on February 08, 2012
Regardless of what other might say, I say two thumbs up for all old school
hindi movies :P even it's to romantic so to speak, or some might find the
dance routines as nuts, too many good old memories linked to the movies,
honestly, I'm a fan. :)
ikmal yop on February 09, 2012
@bazlur Couldn't agree with you more!
genie121 on February 09, 2012
Was Dimple married to a 32 year old at 16?
Carolyne on February 22, 2012
@bazlur Wasn't she 16, or something like that? Ooooh, I'm such a huge Rishi
fan! To me, he's the most beautiful Kapoor ever...and I think he is
handsome till date! He's almost 60 and as good-looking as ever...
Starr16Starr on February 25, 2012
@blu3baby24 I totally agree!!
Starr16Starr on February 25, 2012
Love this song, love this movie, love the old days, even though I wasn't
around then.
m34254 on March 11, 2012
ma kasam rishi kapoor itna handsome tha apne jawani main rishi jaisa kohi bhi nahi hain kapoor family main woh itna handsome
justicepartyuk on April 28, 2012
great song, click justice party UK, videos are out of this world
ninobella7 on June 08, 2012
me too, old is just always something different, It's true that everything
new is only well forgotten old(or like this). IT'S MOVIE LEGEND!
ninobella7 on June 08, 2012
But after 12 years(if i'm not mistaken) Dimple and Rajesh Khanna were
divorced and Dimple came back in movie with a little even too much hot
movie"Saagar" and she was acting again with Rishi! I LOVE DIMPLE!
ninobella7 on June 08, 2012
viktorkumar2 on July 28, 2012
यह युवाओं की और पाठ्यक्रम के सबसे खूबसूरत गाने मेरी पसंदीदा फिल्म है. एक
रूसी आदमी की इस मणि कभी नहीं भूल जाओ! भारत मेरा दूसरा देश है!
mv venkataraman on August 03, 2012
This song I often hear with glee The male voice is loved by me Really very,
very thrilling to hear Greatly pleased is my each ear Dimple became very
famous As she thrilled truly all of us This was seen by every Indian
Proving love's power is Herculean.
Khyrull Adeni on October 19, 2012
They are so young and really in love.
bilal hussain on November 05, 2012
Old is gold.
Lumbu4u on December 15, 2012
Mujhe Kuch Kehna Hai !!
mv venkataraman on January 03, 2013
Old faces were dominating in Tamil movie field An idea to bring young faces
at last emerged The need was due to this movie acknowledged Great name to
Raj Kapoor, this movie did yield A fine song that moves my heart beyond the
limit The pity is that I do not at all understand the lyrics Not knowing
Hindi is a real loss, I must truly admit Music and the sound of words do
here fine tricks.
Anuradha Ramesh Sharma on February 12, 2013
i love dis song
PREM KUMAR MUNIANDY on March 02, 2013
wonderful to hear this song again
Mufeed Abdul Majeed on April 25, 2013
Ranjhanaa has a song compared to this song
ritvik jaiswal on May 28, 2013
First teen age romantic movie that revived dept ridden thrashed RK Banner
after Mera naam Joker, that know down Rajkapoor into
many of you did know this fact
htgajjar on August 10, 2013
Great song film Bobby !!! Bring back good memories of early 70s
Lusine Grigoryan on September 16, 2013
My all time fav couple from movies!!!
Tariq Mughal on September 28, 2013
beautiful song
sudarsh pillai on December 13, 2013
Laxmikanth-Pyarelalji have weaved magic with music notes so much so that
for another 1000 years this song will be unique. How many moments of
happiness we had listening to this song it will be difficult to find ways
of thanking the music directors and writer.
mv venkataraman on January 01, 2014
The male voice gives me enormous bliss
For hearing that only, I often hear this
Even in my heart, I had a secret miss
Due to fate, she, in my life, I did miss

Those wounds are totally now healed
They are by pure maturity concealed
A strange joy, recollection does yield
Love is a holy crop on this world-field.
khan sahib on April 13, 2014
amit kumar was selected for boby by late raj kapor. unluckily he could not
reached there and missed this film. 
Raju Kulkarni on June 18, 2014
this song my fav and this song close to my heart
Aminuddin Ghazali on October 09, 2014
Good n nice nostalgia song
gurdarshan singh on November 21, 2014
stll listening in 2014
roma romashishkin on December 06, 2014
любимые фильмы. 
mv venkataraman on February 04, 2015
Superb song that soothes
My soul peacefully breathes

Certain Hindi lines truly stun
My attention is easily won

This one is surely my favorite
Its eternal charm is definite

Thanks for the musical crew
This is one of the best in my view.

Anil Kumar on February 05, 2015
Beautiful song
In lyrics, In music and smart picturisation
Jaison john on June 22, 2015
mv venkataraman on June 25, 2015
Recently Gitanjali of Tagore I read
Simply superb, it must be said
By a simple language we are led
It gives feast to the reader's head

Poetry has the power to captivate
Our soul and mind, it can levitate
Through poetry we can finely state
To make listeners' ideas great

Superb prose is indeed a beauty
Poetry adds to that that Almighty
It makes our mood soundly pretty
It melts the soul if it has real quality

Hindi is indeed a charming language
If we can to learn that one manage
We surely get new-ideas advantage
Any language is helpful at every stage

Her voice is never by me heard
Pure love, her eyes only delivered
By fate, our love was sadly severed
An Angel is my one and only word

Now I get remembrance of her
She left me due to fate my sir
In my mind, one thing is clear
God only decides and He is fair.

ANAND GHARIA on October 28, 2015
Sarah Johns on October 29, 2015
They are so handsome here, I love Dimples expression at 2:24 - unbelievable
that she is only 16 years old in this movie,
she was already so talented and professional.
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