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Comments on song "Musu Musu Hasi Deu Malai Lai"
franky53669 on August 03, 2010
@anatabayak pyaar mein kabhi kabhi
anhsirk100 on August 08, 2010
i donno y ppl keep fighting about religion, language etc etc even on youtube.i think u need to enjoy music here..and if you r not doin that then some problem with you.
shaikhbilal on August 09, 2010
@anatabayak yes its Pyar Mein Kabhi Kabhi

shaikhbilal on August 09, 2010
Pyar Mein Kabhi Kabhi movies name
witchofthewaste1815 on August 09, 2010
@neilbanerjee very well said! I totally agree with you!
ilovefahdkhan on August 20, 2010
such a buffalo like girl is being pampered
himanshuddful on August 21, 2010
nepali song copied even the lyrics musu musu is copied !!!!
labibr on September 13, 2010
I love this song!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1
forU101 on September 15, 2010
love this song !! This song was so popular a couple of years back !!
fasihnator on September 16, 2010
@ DaCostew ... I can see your level of general knowledge ... Urdu is derived from Arabic, Persian and little bit of Turkish. Hindi is actually the daughter of urdu... :P only the difference is of the writing.
Scarface9118 on October 18, 2010
@DaCostew Grow up...Urdu is derived from Persian (Farsi), Arabic and Turkish...if not agree go read it, a language is not a mother of another, it is the other's sensei you can say that.and also, what you call Hindi is 75% Urdu and 15% Sanskrit, and the rest as welll.first read then talk.
Scarface9118 on October 18, 2010 I've thought so, Israel and America are the most victims of evils.specially America they are not even human anymore just lousy slaves of Satanists...
randominitializer on October 22, 2010
@fasihnator you have either no knowledge of linguistics or you are insane.
randominitializer on October 22, 2010
@DaCostew you might have simplified linguistic history but you are still on the money. I understand what you are trying to mean here and can't disagree with you.
Scarface9118 on October 24, 2010
@randominitializer please go and read something perfect, dont go on your own...I am a student of Urdu after studying Japanese, Spanish and French...this Hindi used in Bollywood is not 75% Urdu and 15% Sanskrit...and the remaining is of other languages too.plz plz plz b4 arguing read carefully with eyes and brain both open..
surajgenius on October 26, 2010
Very nice music nice music
ScreenieMyMusic on November 19, 2010

Well done bro, nicely said.
randominitializer on November 22, 2010
@ScreenieMyMusic thanks for understanding.
Saffronwing1 on November 23, 2010
@Scarface9118 Please stop discussing politics and enjoy the song.
Saffronwing1 on November 23, 2010
LOL! All are so young and raw in this!
iLuvDl2unk3nlvlunkey on November 25, 2010
anyone kno wat movie this is??????
abhinavdua on November 26, 2010
@iLuvDl2unk3nlvlunkey Pyaar Mein Kabhi Kabhi
touchme501 on November 28, 2010
u fcuk dhotiharu stop to copy our beautiful song .
suniti100 on November 30, 2010
sweetest song soooooooooooooo swettttttttttttttttttttttttttttttt!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
scandy007 on December 06, 2010
i was in school that time. most memorable song !!!
flyingWIDdaFISHES on December 07, 2010
i wonder if dino looks @ this video now and than lol
anamtaj on December 10, 2010
dats akashdeep sehgal at 1.12 in this song..bwahaha he looks so ugly in dis song...who wud have thot he wud turn out to be dis handsum :P
parmarnitin100 on December 12, 2010
i was in school that time... most memorable sond
havelockify on December 19, 2010
is dat twinkle khannas sis pinky khana
gaitzesle on December 27, 2010
Bai, musu-musu hasi !! musuak euskaldun guztiontzat !! Musuak mundu guztiarentzat... eta bereziki nire adiskide minarentzat !! Maite zaitut !! Eta, behar denean, maitemintzeko bidean... hori baino lehen... musu-musu hasi !!
rabinsays on December 28, 2010
this song is actually taken from nepalese song musu musu hasi by the himalayans group.
Rohma1993 on December 29, 2010
wat does this ''musu musu hasi'' actually mean??
mus1ken on January 07, 2011
@Rohma1993 means little little laughter kinda.. haha
mus1ken on January 07, 2011
he is so the movie, sat all night long and watched
mssuha123 on February 06, 2011
i loved da song 4m my childhood,,, still love it nd will love it 4eva
scandy007 on February 10, 2011
Must watch that Yellow/green girl at 1:48... ;-)
diliprai on February 11, 2011
Lord Buddha was born in Nepal.
KimGyunAh on February 25, 2011
They had to sing this whole song to make her smile? bs
M4TR1X35 on March 09, 2011
YES i finnaly found this song! i heard this song last when i was like, six :D
TheDashing125 on March 10, 2011

kingrapid on March 12, 2011
@KimGyunAh loooooooooooool!
MegaQueen786 on March 15, 2011
I Love This Song So Much Thankyou For Uploading!!
amitsays1987 on March 21, 2011
its form movie Pyaar Mein Kabhi Kabhi... (1999)
monica6186 on April 17, 2011 dis song...its like walking back in memory reminds me of home...
misssandhu86 on May 13, 2011
Where can i watch this film? The sites ive tried so far the video doesnt work..
Shweta S on May 27, 2011
aww dino's so cute! whatever happened to him
Mani Limbu on June 03, 2011
"musu musu hasi deu malai" its Nepali... :p kwl! nice song! memories...
Rohit1684lov on June 25, 2011
a song for those who lost their smile
debayanchkrbrt on July 06, 2011
this is one of my fav wat a song
debayanchkrbrt on July 06, 2011
this is one of my fav wat a song
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