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Comments on song "Naa Bataati Tu (Na Dhin Dhin Dhin Na)"
Ketan Bhansali on August 02, 2009
wow... paresh n naresh must born in 60's so that they produce the magic
phase of 70's music... its cool dude.. make more... u will rule the
Ketan Bhansali on August 02, 2009
pay much attantion in making of video.. its very ordinery...
AksheeShadow on August 05, 2009
r u freaking kidding me ?? I think the video is amaizng and so is the
music. Its great that they r original and using indian instruments like
sitar in their music. Ipersonally love their music and please broaden ur
horizon before discouraging people. U got better put on utube and let
others decide. Watever
mukesh bundela on August 20, 2009
mr. kelash ur the mr, right 4 this daku haseena
GYOUY on September 13, 2009
Kailash is such a world class singer man he has all the notes just
Harish Rawal on October 04, 2009
absolutely great rythm of the 70s and 80s with a twist of present
age.reminded me a bit of hare krisna hare rama and sholay with gabar
singh.the video could have been in sync.
Preet SG on October 30, 2009
I think he is Sikh. His father's name is Pritam Singh Kher, but he is
definitely Punjabi...
AksheeShadow on November 07, 2009
who cares. gana suno chill maro aam khao gutli mat gino
RAJESHWAR SINGH on November 08, 2009
Teekh bolaya ji
Neha Sharma on November 28, 2009
The video is funny. Lol.
kp kirian on December 03, 2009
lol, i love this song!
saveasav1 on January 04, 2010
Groooooooovy! it, love it, LOVE IT! : )
misterpt on April 07, 2010
although i have no clue what they're singing about, the video was awesome
MultiFatima on April 15, 2010
nice song ;)
Shashwati B on April 19, 2010
What a suuupppeerrrrbbbbb song !! :) LOVE IT !!
keldes2 on April 28, 2010
Wow! Just heard this song for the first time & am blown away!! I'm not even
a big fan of Kher's but this is an excellent blend of East & West. Love the
Indian musical instruments. My new favorite song :-)
Preeti D on May 12, 2010
Love U Kailesh Kher and your band Kailasa. Its superb... Keep It Up
Renzosuken on June 21, 2010
@tikilover3 I agree with the first part of your comment but what can't you
believe? It's the internet! Just ignore it like the scenerey and it doesn't
take away anything
Afzal Bhuiyan on September 20, 2010
A amazing song.
hajrulaswad on September 21, 2010
love it...The video is a short version of Rub Ne Bande Joori! The same
Ssookawai on November 23, 2010
The song is cheerful! Perfect to begin your day with! The video is
creative, funny and perfectly done!I'll share it on my facebook's wall! :D
RAJESHWAR SINGH on December 01, 2010
Simply Superb,,,,,,
Chakdegirl on December 11, 2010
haha.such a nice video...
Ovais on December 19, 2010
ase ek jangli larki mil jae mja...kash!!!!
misterpt on March 18, 2011
haha i have no clue what they are singing about, but i love this song
apache mono on June 17, 2011
Loved it!!!
Khadija Samo on August 07, 2011
hehehe.. lovely song.. ♥ so cool =)
Ashish Tiwari on February 28, 2012
original song is sung by pt. kumar gandharv .
Sandra Carli on September 02, 2012
I personally like this song by him. I believe that creativity is not
limited to one kind of expression and in addition to this, tastes are
Deepanjan Laha on February 10, 2013
Jitni gaana achhi hai utni hi video bekaar hai.I know it's easier said
but is this a concept? Does not make sense at all...:) Does not live up to
the expectations of music videos already associated with kailasa!!
Deepanjan Laha on February 10, 2013
the only thing beautiful is that belly dancer!! :)
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