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Comments on song "No Man Will Ever Love You"
Nishtha Lama on April 10, 2012
who could have disliked it? i wonder...i love him though
soysteamer on April 26, 2012
dream performance.
MauryaSenapati on July 05, 2012
go to raghu dixit project webpage >> music. click this song.
Jethro Joshua on July 08, 2012
...tears well in my eyes when he sings ' No man will ever love you like I
do'.. still need to explore the rest of the lyric's meaning..hope someone
will help..
maxine ilabaca on October 31, 2012
shivers, such a beautiful love song sung with loads of passion and truth x
love it
rezdechausee on November 17, 2012
what a voice!
Aalok Biswas on November 28, 2012
Hats off to you Raghu. You, yes you are my inspiration which made me leave
my posh job in London and now am back in India for the time being at the
age of 38 to pursue my childhood dream, MUSIC. You left your job in 10 days
in Belgium and just cos, someone mocked that you are a Bharatnatyam Dancer
and its a girly thing, you prove all of em wrong, as your words make me cry
every time I listen to your mystic voice. God Bless!
Shashi Kumar on December 18, 2012
Ragu Anna namaskara guru mysoreninda super guru nimiinda e nam dessheke
hadu spoorthi thandide thanks guru
Sree Kumar on January 23, 2013
we proud of you ...raghu !!!
T USHER Pillz on February 14, 2013
Legend. Nother unsung hero of India.
Jethro Joshua on February 22, 2013
There are many loves songs we have, but most of them are not from the
bottom of the singers heart because for them it is only a commercial one in
order to make more money. Look at Justin beiber and so on " I love you and
I will love you" songs.. I found no energy in it or emotion.. But this guy
has full of energy while he sings and his love can be seen through it.
Thanks for sharing it.. verily touched by this one. I am a singer --when I
imitate him, an upsurge of love happening inside me.
Major Procrastinator on February 24, 2013
Can't wait to see you at Dhwani 13! :D
Kaushik S Kalmady on March 15, 2013
Only And Only Raghu Dixit can make this song sound like how it sounds.
Harivansh Agrawal on March 18, 2013
you are just awsome man ..after hearing this song only one
think is coming on mind that is no men will ever love you ...
Chris Wooldridge on April 14, 2013
Just watched on Jools Holland myself, incredible performance and voice!!
Such a rich sound. Had to come find and download immediately.
Chris Wooldridge on April 23, 2013
I think I was watching Jools Holland for someone else on the show, but
Raghu stole the show! I'm glad I was introduced to him, and have been
sharing him since. I've probably listened to this song 15 times since my
last post. Makes me feel great inside every time.
Krish Shah on June 14, 2013
he is not just singing he means every word he sings.He sings without a care
in the world.he is kind of lost in his own music and lyrics.Looks like more
than anyone else he sings for himself.
Vinayak Dev on August 21, 2013
Does anyone have a link to the full episode? :)
Zeeshan Saran on September 03, 2013
The Joy on Raghu's face while he sings.."Neele aakaash mei..." Salvation :D
Total Joy :)
Christopher Bate on September 22, 2013
Legend and a really good chap. Album is incredible.
Manish Gowda on January 11, 2014
Proud Indian feeling!!!
maxine ilabaca on March 13, 2014
Not listened to this in awhile, still gives me goosebumps x emotionally
Christopher Bate on June 26, 2014
Utter legend!!
Sagar Subramanian on July 13, 2014
Makes me smile every single time I hear it ^.^ 
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