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Comments on song "Pal Pal Pal Pal Har Pal Har Pal"
ambapd on November 27, 2008
lovelly i miss some one
nemath2211 on March 16, 2009
ohh this is a great song i love her she is so naughty and saxy
123valy4life on March 28, 2009
awesome song...i dedicate this song to anna banana!!! I love you!!!
shobsd on September 02, 2009
Another example of an Indian movie song a rip off of an oldie English classic - look at Theme for a Dream by Cliff Richard.

Another day - I feel ashamed to be an Indian.
maria stroe on October 29, 2009
verry nice.i love this melody
assad amirxaefarouki on November 06, 2009
Such a beautiful son, I have a bit of knoledge of the language so can ynderstand a bit. Peace and love To you all in India.
Me05Deea on December 06, 2009
great song:X:X:X:Xlove it
schuliger on December 09, 2009
That's retarded. Only a portion of the original song was sampled for this song. It's not really a copy as you put it. There are many references to both American and Indian classics throughout the movie. The directors meant it as a homage to their influences. Get it right.
shobsd on December 12, 2009
I'm sure! Because all that I've seen is just multifarious music directors paying homage for over 60 years now.
thinknvote on December 21, 2009
She's gorgeous.. phew!
mokarrom hossain Hossain on December 29, 2009
most fav ...such a terrible song..
alysha oswal on January 13, 2010
because he lied to her about knowing alot about ghandi
mostpowerful on January 16, 2010
he lied that hes a professor, whereas really he's a thug, and his boss has also evicted her from her house, along with the people she lived with. She didnt know all this.
boogerpenut on January 18, 2010
luv it and shut up the ones that say its bad
Stefan Danut Purcaru on January 29, 2010
beautiful woman...beautiful song...
Nazir Khan on February 10, 2010
This is one mellow tune...and so true!
Aha nia on February 24, 2010
i sooo luff this s0ng!! (:
mozheart on March 03, 2010
I'm tired of all the remarks about this tune being a "rip off". So what? It seems that most people had never heard the original anyway. By adapting the tune to these words and to this music, the composers have given it a new life and a wider audience. If you study music history, music compositions are part of a continuum - often imitated and adapted. It is only in this age of extreme "disneyesque" patent and copyright sensitivity that we consider this to be wrong somehow.
Ammar N on June 18, 2010
you are my "Theme for a dream" yes you are...
lool ... Cliff Richard did that in the early 60's
nice romantic song...the movie is good also.
Niversz on June 19, 2010
soo trueee ... :D
luved de track
superasad779 on September 06, 2010
i havent seen such kind beautiful girl. she is sooooooooooo lovely and cute. she killed me
Gaby Borcea on October 11, 2010
is very nice the song!
AJreporter on January 26, 2011
true vidhya is a kerala beauty!!! love her so natural..
MultiKappaman on March 19, 2011
wow!!! beauty and the beast! i always knew fairytales came true!
221farhat on April 07, 2011
slow sweet but nice and simple
Aarushi Sharma on September 10, 2012
Cool ♥ :)
afgm1 on November 01, 2012
It's such a simple yet such a sweet song! <3
reggeaton799 on December 04, 2012
oh my GOD. super song. super cinema. gracia. hi from Azerbaijan!!!
jailrock888 on December 16, 2012
Remake of Cliff Richard Song - Theme For A Dream.
godara8706 on December 26, 2012
i'm in love wid this song ever since i first saw it in the movie.nd i don't care if it's copied...:P
eonorez3 on January 04, 2013
says the guy who is rly sure u are a creative mastermind n can do betterjob --facepalm--
bakerygoddess on March 18, 2013
what does the letter say?
lubbo13 on March 19, 2013
shreya goshal z the bEst..<3
Geetanjali Sharma on May 28, 2013
this is my first callertune .
vijayinvictus on July 04, 2013
grt song 2 start a day with
Cliffina1419 on October 20, 2013
Lage Raho Munna Bhai is the first Hindi film to be shown at the United
Zahid Jillani on January 23, 2014
Nice song and nice movie u people must watch.thk
Zahid Jillani on January 23, 2014
The movie name is
Krishna Veni on April 16, 2014
DR ARTI SAHAI on May 31, 2014
DR ARTI SAHAI on October 19, 2014
huma Khn on December 21, 2014
I like this song very much
Hadi Zainal on December 24, 2014
Guys, try hear this malaysian girl sing this song but its like Alka Yagnik
version. :) watch?v=SCuEuSsAOGM
Shrikant Gokhale on January 29, 2015
Ever Green Song !
chan lee on August 03, 2015
copied from ''theme for a dream'' but nice song :DDD
Gauri Mehami on November 29, 2015
nice song...
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