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Comments on song "Pareshan Raat Sari Hai (2)"
TheJaanis67 on August 27, 2011
This Gazal take me in my childhod whan i lison this ghazal from faar we dont have no radio at that time. now after 35 Year i just feels the same .like i dont have anything ,No Radio no Smile No Colors not even life coz she is not with me. only thing is with me is this Ghazal and same Voice.Old same voice Yap thats it.
Sejal Shah on October 10, 2011
Thanks a lot for uploading whole album.
bhupendra kumar on October 12, 2011
Love you Jagjit singh .. You give peace to my soul !!!! THanks
bhupendra kumar on October 12, 2011
Love you Jagjit singh .. You give peace to my soul !!!! THanks
awadhesh singh on October 13, 2011
phir suru kare yeh jindagi phir koi kahani bane

kahi kho gaye he is bhag daud me kyu na phir jod de
H1LL1NGDON on October 14, 2011
jagjit sahab hum aap ko kabhi nai bol saktai ...
Santanu Roy on October 21, 2011
he was someone who was very close to my heart.
jauharis26 on October 29, 2011
jagjit singh sahab ki awaaz jaise khamosh raat mein phoolon par girti hui shabnam.itni depth ki hamesha taro taaza ahsaas. we really miss u forever
dilip k kumar kumar on November 07, 2011
jagjit sahab ke jaane ke baad pehli raat aise utari jaise din buz gaya
Tahir Iqbal on November 10, 2011
love you and miss u alot forever..jugjit. a voice from heaven, that we
lost it now forever..
Roshan3L on November 28, 2011
pain tears cant understand why really cant believe it q_p
siddiquizafar on December 01, 2011
Thanks for uploading lovely ghazals of Jagjit Sahib. I still feel the pain
of sad demise of this legend. Sir, I want to make request that Jagjit and
Chitra sang a ghazal " Teri Baaten hi sunanen aaye, dost dil hi dukhane
aaey". I tried to find this ghazal on every possible sources of net and
shops but I could not find it. Could do me this favour if you have that
ghazal, kindly upload it and let me know. my email address is will be so grateful to you sir.
antarasangeet on January 11, 2012
excellent Jagjit singh will always be missed.
i personally learnt a lot of ghazals by listening to ghazals sung by Jagjit singh and Chitra singh.thanks to both of them they are my mentors
Sana Fcc on February 07, 2012
cypher8888888 on February 08, 2012
naronaro100 on March 09, 2012
only if i could express what his songs mean to me.
shila27able on March 22, 2012
magnificent collections.Thanks for uploading these ghazals.
Adrien Dsouza on April 01, 2012
This is actually a milestone album...great lyrics and great music. Jagjit
and Chitra Singh at their best...
Adrien Dsouza on April 01, 2012
maq mohan on April 26, 2012
kia batey.sur ke saat...dil to bhar gya .I love u..Asha moni.
sachbinfo on May 06, 2012
Jagjit Sahab, will miss u always. May your soul rest in peace.
mrigmaiden1 on May 10, 2012
I just cannot help myself with the music. I don't know what they are
talking about but it just has always speaked to my soul and I look up
translations when they are available. Sadly though I wanted to lookup the
Guru Granth Sahib Ji but was told that the English translations are lame
and that I need ot learn Punjabi and Gurbhakti. Resources anyone?
Arun Kumar Pandey on June 02, 2012
The first ghazal says if a stone falls on you,let the injury be on me,if somebody blames you,it should be as if it was for me.*@-If we are separated after being one ,we should not be able to sleep and keep on weeping for ever.3-The night is sad,oh star at least you sleep..I have to keep awake till the sunrise,as it is my destiny.4-I am also shocked thatI am away from you,but your situation is not better than me.Oh my rival take lesson from my experience,as i am a couple of years older than you.5
Arun Kumar Pandey on June 02, 2012
First know the result of love and then proceed in this way.Listen to your heart's voice if you don't believe me.6-Repeat of no. 3 earlier.7-Heart has pleasure of retaining the pain of tester yearsIf you wish,i can extend the hours of the nights,as the morning star loves me these days.8-House me on the lines of your palm,I am yours and so make me yours.I am afraid that I might distribute among ll others,if you let me live like that.I will consume poison if you embrace me.8-The night is showing.
Arun Kumar Pandey on June 02, 2012
9-Not very remarkable ghazal sung by Chitra Singh.10-In fact Jagjit singh was such a versatile singer that she was no match as a co singer with him.She was elder in age also,but after the demise of their only son both were shattered completely and ultimately separated.This period of solo singing by Jagjit singh created some of the most precious Ghazals of all times.He toured to Brussels,Amsterdam,Berlin and London Symphony hall live performing and thus became dealing of all the ghazal liking men
0712alimehdi on June 20, 2012
jagjit singh is no more with us. he was one & only and for sure nobody will be like him till the end of this world. my association with his voice since 1980. I WILL MIS HIM REST OF MY LIFE. ghazal lost its king. his voice and selections were speechless and matcless. his compsitions were awsome.
harjot sachdeva on June 23, 2012
Best time is when you wanna spend it with yourself and Jagjit Singh ghazals and no one else. Just touches your soul.
123heeral on June 24, 2012
Thanks so much, you are so wonderful to takeout some time and share these
beautiful ghazals. with the news of his sudden death I cried and felt like
somebody from the family is gone. May his sole rest in peace and will miss
him for ever.
sujat1955 Bhasin on July 14, 2012
lovly gazal no one can beat jagjit singh.grt loss
sujat1955 Bhasin on July 14, 2012
thanks to youtube really i am greatful to you all because of you only i am
so near to my favourite gazal singer jagjit singh.thanks once again .god
bless you sai ram
Roshanara Gillani on July 31, 2012
thanks to u tube my fav jagitsingh ghazalisgood morn all the best keep it
sujat1955 Bhasin on September 25, 2012
where you are we all are missing you
Rizwan RIND on December 05, 2012
we naver forget you jagjit sahib.
Younis Amin on December 07, 2012
where you are we all are missing you
Rushme Subhdr on January 29, 2013
Thanks for uploading the original track !
Asutosh Sharma on March 11, 2013
What is the name of his last albumb,he released before his departure ?
Sumitsarwal on March 19, 2013
This is Just GREAT, all these ghazals, there are so many ghazals I never
had in my collection. thnx for uploading all these ghazal albums n live
Archana Pathak on June 14, 2013
For "Pahle To Apne Dil Ki Raza Jaan Jaiye", Music is undoubtedly inspired
by Munni Begum's "awargi mein had se guzar".
dominic ancelm on June 16, 2013
Hard to think our beloved ghazal king passed away.. what a sweet voice..
tety kossona on June 27, 2013
Μια γλυκεια μελαγχολια!
cypher8888888 on October 28, 2013
download link in description!!
samsad11 on October 29, 2013
I mean "Sajda " album.So I need the link fo A milestone.Does amazon or
E-music have it?.i do not see it.Thanks again.
Pushpa Singh on March 25, 2014
Great Ghazal hurt touching
Mahesh Jha on September 18, 2014
What a great combination of Jagjit and Chitra Ji !
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