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Comments on song "Pyar Ki Dastan Tum Suno To Kahe"
paradigmnnf on January 13, 2010
Excellent-- one of the rare gems!
paradigmnnf on January 13, 2010
Very melodious and touching...
Zigarwale on July 14, 2010
One of best composition by Hemant Kumarji ,for his own produced film 'Frar".
Thanks !!! .For uploading rare beautiful Song
goodboyla on July 17, 2010
simply magical... legacy for all time
Rmehtacpa on November 07, 2010
Such was the range of talent in Indian Film industy in those days that one may hesitate to give ALL credits at one given time to anyone. What a tune this one is, from not much known Hemant as Music Director.
caarvaak on January 03, 2011
Hasn't Hindi cinema lost the soul.. well, these melodies tell us just that. Regrettably the upload ends abruptly. Can you upload the entire song, pl?
LifeLine711 on January 10, 2011
@caarvaak . This is how it ends in the movie. Thanks for visiting.
caarvaak on January 10, 2011
@LifeLine711 Thank you very much indeed.
vikasvn1971 on February 17, 2011
Thanks Lifeline. Going through the list of Hemankumar's music directed films one can understand that he had a mastaree in the suspense films, This is one of them. thanks once again for uploading..

vinay sharma on July 17, 2012
very touchy song, love u latajee
shail pant on October 08, 2012
Suhanee Ji, Aap itni research aur koshishon ke baad apne viewers ke liye
aisi nayaab cheese pesh karti hain. Aapke channel jaisa koi doosra channel
nahin jo itne puraane real old gems dhoond kar sabke saath share kare. Aap
beshak bemisaal hain. Thank you sooooo much !!
Rose Shah on October 08, 2012
Kehdo...ham sun rahe hein..Hello jee as Shailsaab said your channel
excells in overall performance. you are being multitalented we get the best
of all. the GEM you upload , many are very rare one..i do wrote in my very
first comment long ago "your hard work gives us immense pleasure" the song
you uploaded today is very special & i enjoyed very much. thanks once again
for sharing all this beauty of our treasure. with much much love.
sudhir Pune India on October 08, 2012
wah.thnx !
shail pant on October 08, 2012
Aapka comment is geet se bhi khoobsoorat hai. Please do accept my best
regards with sincere thanks.
shail pant on October 08, 2012
Out of 20 views till now, 16 are mine. I just can't stop listening to it
again again and again. I am grateful as ever Suhanee. Thank you again.
Bharat Gul on October 08, 2012
A lovely song again-- sweet and soothing as we always get from Lataji's
voice in her youth. I think crazyoldsongs told me once who the elegant star
is, but I have forgotten her name. Thanks, Suhanee.
Rose Shah on October 09, 2012
Shail Saab, Thanks for commenting on my comment on Suhanee's upload. it's
your greatness. and i do see most of her admirer & their comments on her
upload. that includes you, Da, Crazy old song, R k Oza saab & Imran saab..i
can't remember but i am missing out on 2 to 3 of our friends. who are real
admirer of Suhanee. after surfing so many channel i found "our channel". i
am hugh fan of her. pleasure to be here & share our Gems.& indirectly enjoy
company of our friends. with best regards.
Rose Shah on October 09, 2012
Shail Saab i usually listen to her upload repeatedly..and being busy today
didn't get chance to listen even second time...discussing some issue so
can't concentrate" but glad to see you enjoyed so much. need to add one
more point. Suhanee, the queen of Y/T is really a very great and very
humble person. many viewers like me, she provides pleasure and keeps us's immense pleasure and consider my self lucky to find her. my
apology to our friends whose name i don't remember. with regards.
shail pant on October 09, 2012
You called it "our channel" and said it all in just two words. Any further
praise and admiration would rather be too less. My best regards to you.
Rajendra Oza on October 09, 2012
Thank you so much, Rose Shah ji. Yes I am a great fan of Suhanee and I
agree with every word that you have written for the appreciation of her
uploads. Regards, Rajendra K Oza
Rajendra Oza on October 09, 2012
Movie: Faraar - 1965 Singer: Lata Mangeshkar Music Director: Hemant Kumar
Lyricist: Kaifi Azmi Actors/Actresses: Helen, Balraj Sahni, Shabnam, Anil
Chatterjee, K N Singh
akarshik on October 09, 2012
Bahut dilkash aur khoobsoorat gana Lata jee ka Suhanee.
Bharat Gul on October 09, 2012
I too like your use of the description "our channel." It makes this
channel , along with a few others where we congregate frequently, a
friendly mehfil.
Rose Shah on October 14, 2012
Thanks Da for your compliment,. i find my self lucky to receive compliments
from you and few other means a lot to me. with best regards,
rumahale on October 17, 2012
As all the learned viewrs have said, it is sweet, soothing and beautiful
song. I have got very good memories of having heard it and appreciated it
too. I could not identify the star. Thank you for excellent presentation.
shail pant on March 12, 2013
When you uploaded this video in Oct last year I heard it repeatedly, so
many times.This has become my most favorite.I do not get tired listening to
it again, again and again.Such a wonderful song.I had heard it first time
when you had uploaded it.How do I thank you enough ? Aap mahan hain Suhanee
shail pant on July 01, 2013
This is so sweet, soothing and loveable.I hear this every now and then,
shail pant on August 20, 2013
Absolutely Mesmerizing !
shail pant on September 16, 2013
So soothing. So meaningful. So magical.
shail pant on October 08, 2013
It pulls me back again, again and again. I am not complaining. I experience
an inexplicable satisfaction listening to this song. Everytime. In my
personal opinion, this is one of your best uploads ! Thank you.
shail pant on October 30, 2013
How charming and so soothing to ears. Do dilon k milne se sau diye jal
jaate hain ... Beyond compare ! ! !
shail pant on January 14, 2014
Hum hain na ! Sunenge zaroor sunenge. Aap kahiye toh.
I love this one so much.
A magnificent upload !
shail pant on May 15, 2014
Wonderful ! ! !
I. M. Ansari on November 16, 2014
Slow fine rythemic song which realy touches the heart . Super triangle
composition of Music, Voice & Lyrics...@#@
Rakesh Kumar on January 22, 2015
such lovely soothing..Thnxx so much for uploading.
shail pant on March 09, 2015
Mesmerizing !
shail pant on May 04, 2015
I fall back here again and again. This song pulls me and mesmerizes me,
Jagjit Singh Ishar on May 08, 2015
Don't know the actress but the male actor i think is Anil Chatterji.
shail pant on July 02, 2015
I love this. Beyond any thing. May be this makes me feel good thinking of
some one I think of - all the time.
shail pant on September 01, 2015
Very soul soothing.Bus ye he to puchha thaa ek din kuchh sharma k . . . . .
shail pant on September 02, 2015
This song pulls me here again and again. I love it.
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