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Comments on song "Pyare Panchhee Banho Me Gatee Koyal Raho Me"
CryForCry on December 05, 2009
If the name of the director is SHANKAR -- then this man is talented.
sanoreddy on December 18, 2009
100% Indian!
Nirlep Solanki on January 15, 2010
I was looking for this song for so long. Childhood classic. AR Rehman is
sehgal0006 on April 21, 2010
lovely song .n the vdeo is so sweet!!!
priyanka7725 on September 03, 2010
A R Rahman .. Even google cant find anything bttr than you
mzahidirshad on September 08, 2010
Real Soul of Ar rehman's music..
desiballer2t on October 05, 2010
Love the part where Kamal Hassan as the father is dancing in the mud. Seriously an underrated movie and, as everyone already knows, a true showcase of Rehman's talent.

I need to get this movie on DVD *now*.
kannan k bal on January 03, 2011
yesudasjiiiii rockzzzzzzzzzzzz
kannan k bal on January 03, 2011
musicallllllllllll maestroooooooooo padmabhushan padmashree Dr. k j yesudas
bornomala on March 06, 2011
@coolkirn what do you mean by shankar is superb as director? This was A R
Rahman's composed and directed song. why dragging shankar in it?
DISHA SAMPAT on June 04, 2011
@desiballer2t I agree with u..i brings tear to my eyes when i see this
video... i think we NRI have more feelings for our country India than the
people living there..
Ajay Surve on July 22, 2011
i love d the concept of song...mind blowing.
Biswajit Mohapatra on August 05, 2011
i luv this song since childhood wow it have been over a decade see how
fresh dis song sounds thanks a r rehman ..yesudas.. this innocence is
lost we need to discover it .INDIAN
pariksheetsharma on September 11, 2011
Anna ka Baap !!!
sanjubaba8609 on October 05, 2011
I suggest you please correct your facts.
Anurag Purohit on December 07, 2011
Extremely nostalgic... best part 1:42-2:30... always proud to be a Kamal
fan... !!!
Alon Chuliyil on January 15, 2012
Kamal Hasan, Sukanya and Kasturi in this video
nickdev007 on February 06, 2012
I absolutely love this movie, we really need someone like him to scare our
corrupt politicians, the problem is there is no law in effect in India so
no one is afraid of breaking it.
iffu8 on May 02, 2012
First ever video, I have seen without a single Dislike. Love it! :)
Sunil kumar on May 04, 2012
really Gr8
Chitra Shinde on July 06, 2012
beautifulll song ..reminds my childhood days...
pionyt on July 20, 2012
This is a wonderful song. Now if everyone started truly following that
... :)
khinmay11 on July 24, 2012
Yesudas the Great, love the song
pionyt on August 07, 2012
Can someone please tell me which instrument it is at 1:43? It's not violin
I guess ...
trueKingOfLoss on September 21, 2012
How about go humanity go
saurabh mishra on October 17, 2012
if every Indian started thinking like the old kamal hasan in this movie
India will surly become a heaven.
Krishnananda Shetty on December 02, 2012
it the most beautiful song soooooo meaningful,which is missing nowadays.
anocri on February 02, 2013
What a melodious and heart-touching song. I can keep humming this song all
day. A brilliant movie too.
akshat tiwari on February 12, 2013
this can be some kind of wind instrument like bagpiper, traditional "been"
or may be electronic harmonica but definitely not a violin.. in my
humble opinion.
sanjay vasant shitole on March 07, 2013
this song is very good like dance and music
Sats Beeya on June 27, 2013
2:32 is just amazing of jesudas sir
anatac09 on June 28, 2013
Well said.
Kedar Shukla on October 22, 2013
ye pyaar hi kafi hai ba paisa waisa kya karna? kash zindagi itni asaan
hoti. dukh hai ke kal subah bhi har roj ki tarah paise kamane jana hi hai.
sagar kasbe on January 19, 2014
Kamal sir u r the great
Devanandan .K.R on June 02, 2014
yesudas ji was threatened by the under world for the sake of bollywood
singers during 80's as a result poor north indians missed hundreds of songs
of his heavenly voice. 
Puneet Chhikara on November 22, 2015
Beauty of life.
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