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Comments on song "Samay O Dheere Chalo (Male)"
sharmakdevendra on February 04, 2012
What a wonderful selection of this song. I appreciate your keen eye for the
best of Hindi songs. The pictures you have posted in this video, have
enhanced the feelings portrayed by Bhupen Hazarika.
Mukhtar Lyall-puri on February 04, 2012
@sharmakdevendra Thanks Sharma Bhai, This presentation is in remembrance of
Dr. Bhupen Hazarika who passed away on 5th of Nov. 2011. A great singer and
composer. I have already compiled videos on the same song by Lata ji and
Asha ji. Thanks a lot for liking it. MUKHTAR
Bhupinder Pujji on February 04, 2012
ver great vdo thanks for sharing the song too bhupinder pujji
Mukhtar Lyall-puri on February 04, 2012
@Masami43A Dear Masami San, Thanks for liking my efforts and writing such a
beautiful and nice words on my creation. I REALLY feel honored with your
kind comments and complements appreciating my efforts. MUKHTAR
Mukhtar Lyall-puri on February 04, 2012
Abdul Khan on February 04, 2012
Thank you.Its good and I feel sad for Hazarika sahib.
Mukhtar Lyall-puri on February 05, 2012
@bhupindersinghpujji Thanks for liking the video for this great song.
Mukhtar Lyall-puri on February 23, 2012
@mannsukhlalkekdiya Thank you very much for liking my video creation on a
very difficult poetry of Gulzar sahib. Bhupen Hazarika ji was a great soul.
musafir39 on February 27, 2012
Although I knew Dr. Hazarike as a great lyricis from your pevious video,
thank you for giving me now the opportunityto to hear his unique voice.
Your video creation gives the song a very etherial touch.
Mukhtar Lyall-puri on February 28, 2012
@musafir39 Thanks Musafir Ji for visiting and commenting after a long
pause. Dr. Hazarika a great soul left us last year. Best regards Mukhtar
SPC181 on April 19, 2012
Of The Three Bhupen Hazarika has sung the best.
Vishal Sathyan on August 20, 2012
Was this uploaded after hearing his death?
parag talatia on September 01, 2012
amazing song ever . love it ever n ever ...
Vishal Sathyan on September 13, 2012
2012 is also a bad year for Hindi movies. We lost Bombay Ravi (March 7),
Taruni Sachdev (May 14), Dara Singh (July 12), Rajesh Khanna (July 18) and
A.K. Hangal (August 26).
Mukhtar Lyall-puri on September 13, 2012
Yes you are right.
Vishal Sathyan on September 24, 2012
I forgot Raj Kanwar (February 4), O.P. Dutta (February 9) and Joy Mukherjee
(March 9). Please forgive me Mr. Sheikh.
Shreeram Bhat on November 05, 2012
Is there no original movie clip of this song?
Hargovind100 on July 01, 2013
Beautiful Melody !
Roohi Jaan on July 16, 2013
Great job done in compiling the video...made me watch everyday..thanks
Mukhtar g!!!
Mukhtar Lyall-puri on July 16, 2013
Dear Roohi Jan, Thanks for appreciating and liking my efforts. Gulzar
sahib's poetry was quite difficult to comprehend. Bhupen Hazarika ji was a
great soul who left us last year. YOU CAN WATCH ASHA JI AND LATA JI'S
VERSIONS SAME SONG ALSO. Thanks again and best regards Mukhtar
Roohi Jaan on July 18, 2013
yes i did!...but the video really really impressed me...its like a day
atleast once i have to watch this video.and i can't help repeating it
that time... jaise g nahi bharta aik is must for me..cant live
without itt. its just keep on playing in my mind..and cant help singing
either. thanks again mukhtar g!
Shubhendu Bandyopadhyay on August 06, 2013
my heart bursts out..we had not given him his due... such a great music
director..long live BHUPENda
balwan dhaliwal on March 31, 2014
Nice song
balwan dhaliwal on March 31, 2014
Nice song
sudhir vikram Bhargava on November 10, 2014
Superb .
Krishna Chaudhary on April 10, 2015
Nice song
sudhir vikram Bhargava on June 01, 2015
Thanks .
Eswar Nakka on August 10, 2015
nice song
sudhir vikram Bhargava on October 05, 2015
Magnificent .
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