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Comments on song "Sorry Sorry"
Sanela Miljkovic on March 22, 2013
Awesome song...gretting from SERBIA ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥
zahidbilalbalouch on March 22, 2013
zahidbilalbalouch on March 23, 2013
I like it but listen to the song bawafa by Imran Khan
Muskaan Sadhnani on March 26, 2013
It`s not a flop movie
bhargavi9243 on March 26, 2013
So..nice i love this song.
Muskaan Sadhnani on March 27, 2013
I 3333333333 this song
Naman Jangid on March 27, 2013
Nice song
sorry sorry.:D:D:D:D:D:D
pOm pY Liao on March 30, 2013
the funniest part ~> 1:11 lololololololol
Chaitanya Kumar on April 03, 2013
cooooooool song & even movie
sanjana sudhindra on April 04, 2013
great song koooooooooooooooooooooooool
rockerchauhan4 on April 09, 2013
my fav. song
Muskaan Sadhnani on April 14, 2013
My fav song
Swapnaneel Baishya on April 16, 2013
I agree...Sorry Sorry by Super Junior was the main inspiration for this
song..i think Bollywood shud copy more n more songs from KPOP coz dere
music is simply awesome
crazycarzy101 on May 20, 2013
At 1:45 the yellow and brown outfit guy is slow and at 1:52 he messes up
Srinivasa Gopalan Raman on May 30, 2013
Hey guys! Thumbs up if u saw Dharmesh from Dance India Dance.
niki vara on May 30, 2013
Even though he does take Indian movies to another level the fact that some
parts are similar to other movies cannot be changed. People would
appreciate these films even more if the ideas involved in the movies were
original and not copied.
Syaza Ibrahim on June 06, 2013
Salman is just too cute!! And awesome! :)
Dimple Rupowal on June 06, 2013
I need to know who the fat guy in the brown shirt is ?
Dimple Rupowal on June 06, 2013
you know who the guy in the brown shirt is ?
ersha kyle on June 07, 2013
Yeah the guy in the brown shirt is a huge
ersha kyle on June 07, 2013
Sorry yeah he's a Ganesh sir a huge dance choreographer
pammy preetie on June 17, 2013
prabudeva look like mj just he is a bit more darker
Ramisa Raihana on July 07, 2013
why was the old dude there in church? i didnt see him in the dance group during rehearsals or performances
khoobsurat82 on August 08, 2013
wonderful movie, all songs very nice <3 i like Prabhu Deva's dancing style
Aliyah Intwala on September 15, 2013
Sorry sorry sorry but kabalakabala is so wrong This song is amazing
Sana Pawa on December 31, 2013
to say sorry in a dance way
Sana Pawa on December 31, 2013
good ♥▼♥
Shera Wizard on December 06, 2014
lol reminds me of Sorry Sorry by Super Junior
‫الجبوري حيدر‬‎ on January 22, 2015
*#سوري** سوري سوري هههههه **#جميل*
makhdoom nawaz on February 15, 2015
Cooool dance remo
Tam Tam on March 10, 2015
يمه ابو الاحمر يموت فديته
‫حـــيدر ااــجــبوري‬‎ on April 10, 2015
yahyaoui mohamed on April 25, 2015
Sorry sorry It's very nice song
‫احمد راضي‬‎ on May 02, 2015
اغنيه +اتفلش اتخبل حلوه #soore soore
avani rt on May 26, 2015
Hit like if u r watching this song in 2015...
pravallika shara on June 26, 2015
one of my fav song.. :)
KALSAN CYBAR on August 12, 2015
wow oooooooo it is the best and funny dance
Hend Ezz on August 15, 2015
اغنية جميلة
obaid alzubaidi on August 25, 2015
Assia Safaa on August 26, 2015
nice vidio
Assia Safaa on August 26, 2015
nice vidio
‫خادمة زينب الحوراء‬‎ on October 18, 2015
روعه الجميع يستطيع الرقص
Aa112233aaa Aa112233aaa on November 26, 2015
انا احب الفلم هذا
Hamza Muhammad on November 28, 2015
good way to Say sorry
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